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    I'm a hair and makeup junkie. I love to play with all sorts of make up and hair products. I'm also a stay at home mommie to 3 beautiful boys. I love to make people happy and feel beautiful on the inside and out :-)
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  1. Dragonfly - yes we recommend you use Saran wrap to hold it so yo cann.comfortably move around with the wrap on. I didn't sweat with the wrap plus saran wrap on. Of course everyone is skeptical, so you can beleive what you will. I've tried the products and they are working for me. I wouldn't promote somethinf that didn't work... but like I said believe what you will... Some people need more motivation to work out and eat better, like me... I use to work out 6 days a week, diet and not changes in my tummy area... and there are people out there who don't have the time to work out or just plain lazy... I didn't pay $99 for mine.. I joined and paid 59...Might not suit you, but it suits alot of other people... Darla - it's designed to detox your body through your pores, and doesn't work the same for everyone.. not everyone losses what they want and not everyone is consistant with it... but like any other weight loss program of course you HAVE to keep a healthier lifestyle...
  2. Dragonfly - This isn't a WATER WEIGHT loss like you are describing. With these wraps, you cannot sweat or it will interfere with the products getting pushed back out your pores. These wraps are desgined to detox your body, shrink your fat cells causing you to lose inches. AND WATER is a must, you have to drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces to flush out the toxins. So, do the wraps work? Yes they do... Are they water weight? NO they aren't. Any weight can come back without any lifestyle change with any weight loss/inch loss program you use, even lipo suction, the fat will come back if you don't change your life style..
  3. Oh how cool you won it! I would definitely try it for the minimum amount, 45 minutes... especially if you're sensitive to certain things, only do it for 45 minutes... I had a friend buy one and she was also sensitive, but she didn't get an allergic reaction... it just depends I guess... Hopefully you'll have a good experience with it =) Let me know if you need some pointers....
  4. LOL... yes these are MY personal results... lol I could post the pics before i cropped them, but they are huge pics and i haven't sized them down... But I wouldn't lie about these... i was really embarrassed to even post these to my FB page... I let myself get too comfy with food...not any more though! I'm going to get my sexy back! LOL
  5. Did my picture not come up?? I'll post it again...
  6. Hey Dream! It basically works as a detox. Detoxing your body from the outside in, and shrinks your fat cells so you end up losing inches. Results can last 2-6 months or forever if you keep a healthier life style... I lost a total of 6" and i actually just did my before and after pics... i'll post it for you to see... dont be gross out because my stomach is not pretty LOL
  7. I am the exact same way! Like when we are having a girls night out my make up at the end of the night is a hot mess LOL... and I do use Smashbox Photo Finish primer, foundation, powder and a finishing powder... i think the finishing powder helps a little bit, but i tend to sweat a lot too so i feel your pain!
  8. I think a good curler would help. Have you thought about "perming" your eye lashes? My cousin did that and it kept her lashes curled for a few weeks without having to use a curler. Mascara wise i dont think i've used one that actually curls my lashes, but I do love L'Oreal's voluminous, and i recently just tried the Cover Girl's Natrualuxe Mouse - I love it! it comes off easy at night time, no need to dig in to get the mascara out and it stays all day.
  9. So I was recently introduced to the It Works! Body Wraps. I actually tested one out yesterday but I won't know my end results until 72 hours after my wrap. It's basically a detox from the outside in, and it's suppose to help you lose inches off your abdomen area, legs, arms and chin. I only used it for my abdominal area. I was wondering if anyone else has seen or tried out this product? I would love to hear reviews! Thanks This is what the package looks like.
  10. I have 120 color palette from BHCosmetics... price was fairly inexpensive... colors are ok, some colors you really do have to dig into it like Bonnie says... but overall I like it, it has a bunch of colors you can play with...
  11. I have soooooooooooo many eye shadows and have spent so much money on them , i couldn't throw them away just because someone said so! lol I don't use all of them but I love having different eye shadows laying around... The only things I probably do throw out are the usuals like foundation, powder, mascara, eyeliners... i don't wear lipstick so i hardly have any of those...
  12. I like to use liquid eye shadow when im in a rush, just as an all over base... or sometimes i'll even use it as a base primer type deal...
  13. wow that's a steep price... I can actually say that I'm a virgin to UD... But seriously what do you need speakers and a usb cable in a makeup palette?? Cut that price down to 45, lose the speakers and usb cable and we're good to go... But i do love Cobra and Hijack... my loves for blues and browns never fade lol

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