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    Hi! I'm never too sure what to say about myself. I'm pretty easy going, I like to have fun. I'm happily married to an amazing man. I enjoy doing my make up and creating different looks to match my mood.
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    Photography, traveling, make up; watching movies
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    Support Staff in a group home
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    BH Cosmetics 120 palette 2nd edition
    By Lauren Luke Palette (any of them)
    Stipple Brush (a good one)
    Nyx pigment powder (orange and yellow)
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    Jeep Wrangler
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    "Twilight Saga"; Sookie Stackhouse Novels; Anything Dean Koontz; I love to read so I have lots of favorites
  1. Hezzie

    December 2012 Ipsy bag

    It was nice of them to send me a bag??!! That makes no sense. I paid for it, it got sent back to them, I didn't get one. They damn well better have sent me one. Its not like they're sending me something for free.
  2. Hezzie

    December 2012 Ipsy bag

    yah its not my first time moving I do understand the concept of forwarding my mail and I did do that but it doesn't apply to whatever type of system they use, it doesn't get forwarded it gets sent back.
  3. Hezzie

    December 2012 Ipsy bag

    I am very unhappy with Ipsy right now. I have never had an issue with them before. Well, I moved on December 1st and I changed my address with Ipsy right after that. And my husband gets a bag in his name, which we never changed the address for. We thought it would get forwarded this month and he would change the info when he had a chance. Well, we were wrong. After we investigated we found out that both bags got sent back to Ipsy. Easy fix right? Send out new bags to us. Well, I sent them two separate emails with the tracking information so they would know what I was talking about. They got to me on one of them after I complained on their Facebook wall, and this is what I got: Hi Heather, I'm so sorry to hear you did not receive your December Glam Bag. In looking at the history on your account, I do show that you updated your address, but it was after the 1st. We send all orders to our warehouse to begin processing on the 1st of each month, so we ask for everyone to make sure their address is correct on by that date. I'm happy to make an exception and send you a replacement for this month since you have been such a great customer. Please confirm your address for me and we'll get it out to you as soon as our warehouse is back from the holiday break. Best, Jennifer First of all, I couldn't change my address on or before the first because I hadn't moved yet and I couldn't change my billing info either.Secondly, she acts like she's doing me a favor. I paid for the bloody thing! And it was sent back to them so they're not out anything. I'm still waiting for a response on the second bag.
  4. Hezzie

    Nail Polish and Men

    Hi Jake!! That's so fun!! Its always good for couples to have something special that they can do together, no matter what that might be Thanks for sharing
  5. Hezzie

    Let's Get Fit Together!

    Finally getting back to the gym!!! I just moved and its been so crazy for like 2 months. I haven't gained any weight but hopefully now I can get into a routine and start losing some more. On a good note, i tried on a shirt that I haven't worn in like a year, and it looks awesome on me!! I couldn't be happier. I loved it when I bought it but it was too tight so i never wore it, I'm glad I saved it lol I hope everyone is doing well and I hope you all have a Merry Christmas if I don't talk to you before then!!
  6. Hezzie

    December 2012 Ipsy bag

    I'm not too sure how I feel about the highlighter papers (??). But I love Nyx so I'm looking forward to that.
  7. Hezzie

    Ipsy/MyGlam: November 2012

    I like to use the big fluffy one to blend my eyeshadow together. No color on it, but just go over the whole eye after I'm done to get rid of any harsh lines. It works great.
  8. Hezzie

    Ipsy/MyGlam: November 2012

    I already have one of my bags but the other is yet to arrive, i thought that was pretty strange seeing as its going to the same address but maybe cos its a new subscription. I got the brow gel so i hope the mascara is in the other bag. And I'm not a huge fan of getting nail polish in my bag but i actually like this polish.
  9. Hezzie

    Let's Get Fit Together!

    Congrats!!! Thats awesome!!!!
  10. Hezzie

    Let's Get Fit Together!

    Its been a very crappy week here on the East Coast. And I have been sooooooooooooo busy getting things together for our big move that I haven't been to the gym this week. I did make an amazing quinoa and roasted pepper chili, it come out awesome. I hope everyone is having a great week!
  11. Hezzie

    Ipsy/MyGlam: November 2012

    I was just thinking that I hope I get the brow gel then I remembered that I have two bag coming this month so its totally possible I'll get both the brow gel and the mascara Cant wait!
  12. Hezzie

    Ipsy/MyGlam: November 2012

    RIGHT???!!! LOL
  13. Hezzie

    Ipsy/MyGlam: November 2012

    I don't really say much on this forum but I have to totally disagree with the "subtle hints of racism towards Asian". They produce fake MAC products (FACT) which can be dangerous, and they produce other fake products (google it, its common). To call someone racist for stating facts is just not fair.
  14. Hezzie

    Let's Get Fit Together!

    I have asthma so I have breathing problems too, as a matter of fact the day I was running this 5k i was starting to have an asthma attack b4 the race began. I hurt everyday, i'm sore all the time but I work through it. Something has to twig in ur brain to make u want to do these things, and a lot of ppl do. I don't like thinking i'm exceptional because I don't want ppl to think they have to b something special in order to do these things, anyone can do it.
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