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  1. I am about to drop my job and go back to schooling, and my desires are to be... well, a makeup artist. I have always, always wanted to be, however, I am a realist, and I want to get into a job where while I could love it, I could definitely make a career and money off of. I love the idea of learning makeup, but I also want to go beyond that. I want to be able to do pretty much what you see on Face Off. Stuff to that level of artistry. I live in a town south of Boston and if I wanted to go to Empire Beauty School, there's one five minutes away from South Station, so it would work pretty well for me. My question is, would it be worth it to me? .... Actually, let me ask a few questions: - Are there that many opportunities that present themselves that go beyond salon work? - If I couldn't find anything and had to resort to salon work, on average, how much do salon workers make an hour roughly? (Excluding tip obviously) - How much do kiosk workers at say, Macy's or Lord and Taylor typically make? - How many years would I have to attend to get the best of the experience and learning? - Is(are) the job(s) more stressful or actually fun? - If you seriously were to recommend going, would you say this is a career thing in the end, or more so a hobbyish thing? Any other information to help me would be great, like scholarships to get in on and so on. I need pretty much all the help I can get. I am already in the red for being transgender, so I want to make sure I'd be pretty secure going this path. I am currently saving for trans stuff, so yeah....
  2. I was just up there in September with three friends for Canobie Lake Park. One of them works there (CLP) and lives in NH. She's a sweetheart. :3 ... I loved the scenery up there! Looks like a very nice "countryside" state from what I have seen. Hoping to go to CLP with everyone again next year.
  3. Wow.... 10 miles of me? Care to say the town, or no? Not prying obviously, lol. I just hope to God you aren't in Brockton. I worked in Brockton for two years. It's a scary, scary place.
  4. Honestly, nothing. Last year I tried, I got criticism. Eh, whatever. I have my conventions.
  5. I don't buy anything without having some person-to-person satisfactory talk first. For a few years now, I have been looking at possibly getting something on the lines of this, and I don't know if anything actually works. Like... http://www.gnc.com/Biotech-Corporation-Natural-Curves-Breast-Enhancement/product.jsp?productId=2134255 http://breastfemino.com/ .... I've googled around, and people do swear by them. Breast Femino is one that seems to have been the "it" booster in 2013. How well do any of these work? It's easier to me, asking here than getting false reviews claiming "amazing results" when I can get real people here telling me. Thanks!
  6. What are your favorite amusement park things to do? Rides to ride? Boardwalk games to play? =]
  7. Thanks for the kind words. ... Yeah, I'll find someone eventually, once I get over this bump.
  8. See, with other trans people.... at least the ones I have met, they have all been very .... negative, no matter what I say to them, they shoot it down, and I can't take that... so I figured instead of looking for transfriends, I would just let the trans (or whoever) friends come to me and call it a day. In fact, one of my closer female friends came out to me as a FtM just two weeks or so ago. I was happy for, now, him. Totally okay with him too, because he's not doom and gloom, but he does have fallbacks. He's always very happy with us though, and always wants to hang out. =] Yeah, I am sure, but I need to accept myself first before I can settle down with a guy/girl. That's my thing. I did try OKC for a bit, met a few people... even on voice chat with a guy right now, but I don't feel anything beyond a possible friend. It's awkward. Not because he is a guy, but he's completely anti-me. Scifi bores me and he loves it, as an example. Yeah too, I checked that site. That's all I found, lol.
  9. Hmm... checked the boston Pflag stuff and nothing coming about outside of some gala they had in April. To be honest though, like I said, it's kind of a thing that I don't like talking with communities, because most just get on my nerves. :/ ... I've even hung around with another transperson in Boston once, and she was great up until she broke down. I tried hard to comfort her, but she kept saying she wanted to die. I kept trying and trying to comfort her more and more, and even to this day, she messages me on Skype claiming she's going to the Golden Gate Bridge to jump... (thankfully, I never told her that San Fran is looking to get a net put up so that can't happen, but that's how she wants to die...) ... and to make matters worse, I have a friend I talk to online who is super doom-and-gloom with it too. I try to cheer her up all the time, and she actually at one point got ME depressed, and I flipped out and stopped talking for a week. ... Does it make me rude and hateful to not want to be around these kind of people and want to .... I dunno, be stable with myself? ... I mean, technically. outside of love, I feel great. I'll eventually have to see a therapist, but outside of that, I'd really not want to take part in any of these events where I will see people like this. I greatly commend people who can be around them, but me? My energy runs on the energy of those around me, and when I am with depressed people, I get that way too, and I don't like that. I am generally a very, very happy and fun person to my friends, and those friends are all I really need and want at this time. Again, I am sorry. It's prejudice to assume everyone in this position is like that, especially since I AM (despite my rant) a very happy-with-my-life transperson. It's just love. I can't be comfortable with it. I wish I could be comfortable with it. Like you said though, I just probably have to wait.
  10. Thanks DoS. ;-; ... I appreciate the kind words. Yeah, the sex part is really killing me. See, to be honest, part of that "purity" I have there is what's biting at me. I've never had a BF/GF in my life. Like I said, I am 27, and that's a long, long time for never so much as having a date. Deep in my mind, I think my mind is telling me that relationships and sex are mixed into the "bad" and when I get with someone, I'll break that purity I like knowing I have, but I shouldn't feel this way. I've had guys interested in me, but the feelings aren't mutual. I think once I get the full transition, that I would be more open to this. I think it's also discomfort as I am.
  11. I used to play games.... all my childhood up until February 2013. I was playing Ninokuni: Wrath of the White Witch, and once I got to the Casino, I just quit. I used to follow gaming news on Andriasang, Kotaku, and Siliconera. I dropped games in total, and focused on my work and my life. In March of this year, I stopped by a gamestop just to browse, and noticed that Deception 4 came out for the PS3. Never even knew it was in development, and I freaked, since it's one of my favorite series of all time.... so, a week later, I had to buy it (along with the two Atelier games of Dusk, since I love the Atelier games too) and I played both of them for a shared total of a month's time. Just short of platinuming Deception 4, and stopping possibly midway through Ayesha, I stopped gaming again and haven't played it since. .....excluding free time at work, I have a hacked PSP, so I play NES games here and there.
  12. I have a Fossil Crossbody bag. Saddle brown leather. Sucks only using it when it isn't raining though. :/
  13. 1 - I am a male-to-female transgender. (All my friends and a handful of family members know, though I have a hard time hiding it now.) 2 - I like men. (No one except maybe 3 people know I do, and they are only online. I hate this part of me.) 3 - I cosplay. 4 - I don't have a license and never have had one. (27 years old) 5 - I'm afraid to have sex.
  14. I took your advise. I hope it comes back nice. >_<
  15. Not just visiting for a meetup, but more so, just curious of the number of Mass residents here. I myself am from Whitman. =]

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