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  1. Very interested! I'm getting both the scrub and Anarchy and would like to swap for the mask + 69!! Choo-choo-choose meee
  2. I don't have my bag yet, but since the combinations mystery was solved, here it goes: I'm getting: MT Charcoal Scrub, would like to swap for the Pumpkin Mask UD Lipstick in Anarchy, would like to swap for 69
  3. Yves Rocher, baby blue Luminelle eyeshadow... also, getting the catalog in the mail and clipping the little coupons, and gluing them to the order slips... good times Most of the time I just did it for fun but once in a while my mom let me order a few things... like crappy roll on lip gloss.
  4. I used up my Wet n Wild eyeshadow single in Brulee... I can't find these anywhere anymore. Should have stocked up. It was my favorite e/s to blend our and highlight because it's so close to my natural skin tone, and it was cheap AND cruelty free ;(
  5. it's like a marker!!! it's color-changing though and i googled an image of the "in the sun" color and that's acually pretty. but yeah. not for me. i'm sooooooooooooooo sad i didn't get the macaroons though. everyone always complains about food items as extras but i'm one of the few who LOVES food items in my BB >.<
  6. i got my birchbox! i'm a wee bit disappointed. the item i really didn't want (have it already and don't like it) is the one i got -.- so sad i didn't get the vegan macaroons :( i already have the simple eye roll on and don't like it, unfortunately. ahava makes me break out and i don't like hot pink polish. all 3 items will be up for swap. if anyone's interested, i'd love to swap!
  7. me toooo! when do you think yours will arrive?? :]
  8. my box is 0.6460! i may get it tomorrow but it'll probably be thursday... unless the PO is really fast, haha. i can't wait to see what i'm getting! i had such a lovely birchbox last month and i feel like they really stepped up their game in the last few months.
  9. I skipped last month but I'm thinking about getting this month. Is there any other spoiler other than the tint yet? I'm on my phone at work, sorry! ^.^
  10. I got my box today! Absolutely love it, definitely one of my favorite boxes and the best one this year! The mini eyeshadow has a really nice color, it's a shimmery champagne and I love tiny things so it's right up my alley The primer feels more like a moisturizer but I'm excited to try it out. The Wish shaving cream smells and feels divine, I need to research if there are other scents and try out more. I didn't try it yet for actual shaving but it felt super nice on my hand. The shampoo is not something I'm out of my mind about but it'll get used for sure. And lastly, I always need nail files cause I lose mine all the time and the one that was sent is really cute and pretty!! I'm excited, can you tell?
  11. i organized a narrow top drawer with 5 of my boxes. 1 for my pillow/foam rollers 1 for my hair flowers that don't double as decor 1 for my jewelry 1 for all my hair stuff like bobby pins, duckbill clips, side combs, etc. 1 for my favorite nail polishes Works out great because the sized match up well with the length of the drawer. i'll post a picture when i get home!
  12. oohhhh, that's interesting! i haven't seen this! thank you for letting me know now i'm off to look at january and october... Quote: Originally Posted by tdero I used it as a base today with brown overtop as suggested and its very pretty that sounds great! if you happen to have a picture of it, i'd love to see it! ^.^
  13. Ah, I actually did like Be Delicious when I had it a few years ago. Maybe I'll just order myself the rollerball next time after all. I'm waiting for BB to send me some sort of code or run a promo Do they send out codes past the one year mark? I can't remember if I got one or not for 1 year 3 months.. I think I did.
  14. I am waiting on my replacement box and I'm getting a nail polish. It shows up as the teal-green color in my "Box" tab. I'll be happy to trade with you if I indeed do get that color (or any color besides red.. I really want Mamba!). My original BB never showed up, by the way, I don't know what happened but it should have been delivered the day of the big snow storm and said that it was indeed, but I never got it. IDK what the sub of our regular mailman did with it I hope I get my replacement box soon. It's almost time for the march boxes already D: I know, I know. Not BB's fault. Too bad I'm still not getting a Skinny Chic sample >.< Can anyone tell me a perfume that's similar/wider known? I really want to try it but I don't want to just buy the roller ball without knowing.
  15. My box is missing says it was delivered 2/8 but it's not there. Asked my mail man, he said there was a sub out for him Friday. Nothing in the postal office either, he said it may be lost or was sent back. I thought it was snowed in but we cleared our house and around this weekend, plus, the box fits through the mail slot (easily). ((((( I emailed BB but... Yeah. It's not heir fault obviously.

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