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  1. katherinetea

    Do you have a media kit for your blog?

    ladygrey, You could consider just putting demographics together. Something like 50% from United States, 30% from Canada, %female, etc. You can get some of that data from Google Analytics.
  2. katherinetea

    Preferred platform, Blogger or Wordpress?

    I started with blogger and I still use blogger, but Wordpress is definitely better. It allows to you customize with whatever you want. I have some websites on wordpress and they do much better. It's just that I blog for fun so I don't think I will move my blogger.
  3. katherinetea

    Do you have a media kit for your blog?

    I have a simple one page media kit with analytics information and demographics information. That's about it. It takes a few minutes to write up if you really think you want one!
  4. katherinetea

    Business cards?

    I love that code block (sorry, no idea what it is called) on your business card. How did you get that done? Is that the type that if you scan it, your website will show up?
  5. katherinetea

    Post Your Beauty Blog Link

    Hey everyone, I am a fellow beauty blogger and would love to network with you! I would love to follow new blogs, leave comments, etc. My beauty blog: Handmade Reviews (http://www.handmadereviews.net) My twitter: @handmadereviews Also feel free to tweet me your blog if you want me to retweet it or anything.
  6. katherinetea

    Hi MakeupTalk members!

    Hey everyone! My name is Katherine, I have been reading around for a while but haven't really joined and posted up until now. I am really excited to discuss beauty and makeup things with you guys. I write a beauty blog for fun so it's always nice to learn from everyone here!
  7. katherinetea

    Difference between dating and going out.??

    Glad you got it sorted out. It was very sweet of him to "ask you out" on a date and then asked you to be his girlfriend. He kind of took it in steps and considered your feelings.
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