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  1. Absolutely!! anything from yummy treats to a new bed! lol i treat my pets like apart of the family
  2. Thanks So much!! I really appreciate it
  3. Personally, i like square shape :] But i have heard that having rounded nails are less likely to break? Let me know how it goes for you -Kassie
  4. Ahh,LOL i feel like a kid peeking in a candy store ;D
  5. AGREE with vixie13!!! Looks very cool ;D
  6. OMG, i have mad respect for a man who is going to get fake nails professionally done!!! I suggest gel, and soaking them in nail polish remover until soft(acetone) if you are only suppose to have them on for a week, your nails shouldnt look any different:] Goodluck babe -Kassie<3
  7. Eyeshadow looks amazing! The color is to die for
  8. Love the makeup Hezzie! How do you like the Hard Candy foundation?? i love the eye shadows but wasnt sure about the foundation -Kassie<3
  9. I prefer pencil but if it will help me stay sty free, I AM OPEN TO ANYTHING LOL
  10. Lol It sounds amazing! & I am soo willing to try it
  11. AH lol Congratulations (pat on your back) LOL -Kassie<3
  12. I've done lashed too, but for some reason they seem to big? I have to cut them sometimes:/ What can i do?
  13. @ llehsal- Thanks Any liners in particular you recommend??
  14. Waterline?? & is there a technique for applying white liner/shadow??
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