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  1. I used up a lot of products this month, very happy! Usually I go months without finishing anything.. 1) Clinique mini lotions x 2 (one finished and one combined with another to make tinted moisturizer, but it still counts as I tossed the packaging ) 2) Nail polish remover 3) Rose bath petals 4) L'occitane sample leave in conditioner 5) Pumpkin Pie body butter 6) Not exactly finished, but combined two almost finished blushes into another blush (used new pot, now powdered) and threw out packaging for both so made some room there. 7) Sample size face powder 8) Travel sized shampoo and conditioners 9) Biore nighttime undereye patches 10) Cleansing face wipes I did buy some things, but they were necessary as I ran out (I'm justifying purchases for only this purpose) 1) Shiseido face powder 2) Biore nighttime undereye patches Need to buy: face wipes
  2. So here is what I finished off the list! 1) Generic drugstore makeup kit blush (Ok combined that and one more broken blush into a new color.. but still! Threw away some packaging and saving space) 2) Crayon nail polish remover: Will be back to update my full list
  3. Wow, nobody has posted in this thread in a long time! I've actually been working on my own project pan for some months now, but I'd like to post here for support and to record my progress. Here's my list (I chose my oldest products, will do the same from now on) and my goal is to finish all. 1) Mini Too Faced lash injection - just about done, should finish soon.. 2) Awake aqua trans powder- 1/2 done. 3) Generic drugstore makeup kit blush- 2/3 done. 4) Sally Hansen clear lip moisturizer - came with a nail polish. 3/4 done. 5) Generic drugstore makeup kit eye shimmer- 2/3 done 6) Crayon (Japanese "dollar" store brand) roll on pink eyeshadow: 1/2 done. 7) Generic makeup kit concealer: 1/2 done 8) Calgon Morning Glory lotion: 1/2 done 9) Crayon nail polish remover: 90% done 10) Avon marshmallow lip balm- 1/2 done. Let's see how things go, I'll take pictures with the next round I choose to finish
  4. I'm in I have so many products I want to use up before buying more. I won't need to buy many things for a long time ^^;; So many pretties out there, very tempting. I've been resisting for a while, but I don't know how much longer I can hold up! I'll do my best
  5. I got some products in a trade with Lilwen, they're awesome! Not sold in the USA unfortunately, but ironically the lip stain is made in the USA!
  6. It doesn't hurt to ask though. I live in Osaka right now, and my birthday is in September. I visit home (NY) 2x a year, and last July when I was back I went into a Sephora and told them since I'm living overseas and am a member, I won't be back in time for my birthday-the girl was super nice and said that it was no problem, and gave me my gift two months early! I'd say just ask, it's worth a shot.
  7. I just saw this on yousoldtheworld's blog! I am looking forward to joining the next round
  8. Very cool idea. I like it.
  9. I own two nail polishes with my name, Zoya Renee and Elegance Renee (super vintage lol)
  10. I've lost a brand new Nars Orgasm blush... I've dropped and broken a piece off the bottom of a glass foundation bottle, and shattered/spilled countless eyeshadows >_<
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by lolaB I love my Helmers because they keep my polishes dust-free and safe from the sun. Plus they double as furniture. I'm thinking of doing something like this with my Helmers: Source: nailnoob @ MUA This is awesome, I NEED this in my life. I wonder where you can get that top piece of wood?
  12. I have the purple, I got it in the Duty Free last month. It's called Young Punk, and it's amazing! I blogged all about it ::winks::
  13. Thank you!! I'm glad you got it to work playedinloops
  14. I agree that they are SUPER late on this one, but I also like the nude/orange look.. hmm
  15. It would have to be my UD Midnight Cowboy 24/7 shadow pencil. It's so pretty, has the perfect hint of sparkle, and looks amazing with my blue eyes.
  16. Thanks for sharing! I got the liquif-eye shadow collection, considering liquif-eye is $17 alone, $20 for the set including an eyeshadow palette isn't bad at all! My friend got the everyday amazing eyes set. yay!!

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