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  1. WOW, this is really cool!! I also would have loved this as a kid
  2. I just found Maybelline BB cream here in Japan, do they have it there? I won't be going back to NY until July, so I don't know. How do you wear TM and concealer? I have undereye circles which need to be concealed, but I don't know how to apply the concealer and the TM without the concealer either being wiped off or standing out like a sore thumb..
  3. Where is a good site to order Retin-A online? I really want to try this.. I have fine lines around my eyes and on my forehead (hitting 30 this year ::cries: and I really want to try this, as nothing so far has worked for me.
  4. Neither do I! I also don't generally use lip liner, and I always forget to curl my lashes.
  5. Kristine, I write two blogs with my friends (posted above) and we're based in NYC. I'm the only one who is in Japan half of the time, but I often go back (I am in a few weeks.) I'll follow you.
  6. I live near a DHC store, and I've been taking DHC's supplements (sold only in Japan so far) for a while, and I've received several samples of their medicated Q10 line, as well as their Deep Cleansing Oil and their Olive Virgin Oil. They're only samples, and therefore don't last long, so I haven't seen any differences yet, but once I finish my current cream I will give theirs a try
  7. *follows everyone's blogs* My friend and I do a fashion/beauty blog, http://allglitzedup.blogspot.com We also do a nail/manicure blog, http://apolishedlife.blogspot.com
  8. I just hit the pan on my Barbie Dream Pink face powder (Japanese product).. this stuff is really amazing, you apply it after your foundation to give it a natural look (to make it look like it isn't makeup.) I need to go get me more!
  9. I used up some DHC skincare samples, one DHC face cream, and a Neutrogena face scrub.
  10. I'm with a lot of you on the eyeshadows and foundations.. I seem to have an endless supply! AND YES, things I try to use up (lotions, powders, blushes) just won't go away!
  11. I also voted some makeup. I think it brings out your eyes nicely without making them look overdone:)
  12. Wow! That is an amazing color combo!
  13. Thank you! I used AC #68, it's a low-cost Japanese brand Here's the swatch! Thanks Vixie13! Really great manicures everyone!!!!
  14. What a coincidence, I just did a blue zebra manicure! I'm sorry it's so big :: I couldn't get it to be smaller..
  15. I got laughed at (and made fun of, actually) once for my Juicy rain boots by some guy on the street because they were pink.. (pink is my favorite color) it really did hurt my feelings and made me wish I opted for the gray (not because I liked them, but because they were a "normal" color, so to speak) and I'll admit, I haven't had the guts to wear them again since It's making me second guess myself, making me wonder they really are silly or if I am just thinking too much about it. I've decided to give them another shot, since they do keep me dry when it rains, and I love Juicy! Basically, in other words, I know how it feels!
  16. WOW I haven't seen UD polishes in ages, I LOVE these. When I go back home to NY this July I'm looking for these. Thanks for sharing!
  17. I think the rubber is ok, but I agree about the sheets thing on the tweed/matte polishes. My favorite is still shatter. I have the new silver shatter, but I still need to get the black.
  18. Wow, that looks really great! I need to try that sometime, I've been meaning to but I was always afraid that I'd mess it up ^^;;
  19. I'm currently in Japan and nail design (especially 3D) is huge here, so I have been wanting to try my hand at it. This is my first 3D type manicure, granted it's just gold bullion/balls/whatever lol, but I will be getting more and more intricate as I practice. I already bought acrylic powder and liquid, just need some molds..and I will be going nuts! Anyway, here it is! What do you think of it? Excuse the chipped thumbnail..that's where I broke it rather high two months ago and it's still growing out :: For this mani I did get a little inspiration from one of my Japanese manicure magazines, the basic design, but to mix it up I changed the colors, reversed the patterns on two nails, and re-arranged the placements of the gold balls and stripes. I called the gold balls bullion in the title, because well thats what they're called here, and well, I don't know what else to call them.. they aren't really beads, as they have no holes. After my base coat I applied the base color, OPI Tickle My France-y. Its a great color, a mauve-y nude, which works so well with other pink and purple polishes. I then freehanded (let me tell you how hard that is.. and I did mess up and fix it a few times) the diagonal hot pink (no name) polish edges, purporsely reversing the sizes,(look at index and middle finger, for example, the bottom corner on the index finger is bigger, while the top corner on the middle finger is bigger) and I reversed the pattern on the thumb and pinkie fingers. Next, I took a nail art brush and painted stripes, reversing the placement on the nails of course of Sally Hansen Teflon Tuff Nail Color in Secrets Frost. I LOVE this holographic polish.. I need more!! ::hint hint:: After that, I placed the gold bullion in alternating places on the nail (seeing a pattern here? ^_~.) The spacing/placement on the nails is on purpose, no gold beads are missing/placed incorrectly. Finally I topped it off with Coffret D'or gel topcoat. Whew, that was a lot! Thank you for reading!!
  20. I use (and really like) a cream makeup remover from Shiseido, but I'm in Japan so it's easy to get. I don't think I've ever seen this particular product in the US :/
  21. I had mine done once by MAC when I did a charity fashion/flower show. It came out really good!
  22. Until recently I was on a no-buy for two reasons, the first being I just had too much of the same stuff that I really needed to use up (well.. still kinda sorta do ^^; and the second reason is the fact my best friend and makeup partner in crime will be visiting me soon, and I know we will go on a buying spree ^^;; so yeah, just wanted to clear out some room for the new products that will be making their way in soon!
  23. This is a great thread! From my stash, today I used: Stila one step corrector, Benefit FY eye, New York Color black liquid liner, Maybelline mineral powder foundtation, Barbie Dream Pink face powder (Japanese product.. it's awesome!!) Maybelline expert wear blush in berry sorbet, Too Faced lash injection mascara, a clear sally hansen gloss and a random Japanese dollar store equivalent sparkly eyeshadow
  24. Hi everyone! I'd love to participate in an international swap! I currently live in Osaka, Japan (originally from NYC) so I have access to lots of fun Japanese cosmetics, as well as American ones (I go back home for visits fairly often.) Starting to blog Japanese product reviews on http://allglitzedup.blogspot.com (new blog..so not so much on there just yet). If anyone's interested, let me know!
  25. This sounds like fun! Here's my twitter where I follow makeup talk: http://twitter.com/#!/KitaRei/followers Here's where I follow makeup talk on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=507630538
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