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  1. I am selling off some of my Urban Decay 24/7 liners from my UD 40 liner vault. They are new, unused, but because they come from the vault set, they will not have boxes. Asking $15 each. They retail for $20. Free shipping.
  2. Hello Makeup lovers, Its been a while sicne Ive been on here. I was wodnering if anyone would like a bunch of makeup pressing tools and ingredients. I was ambitious once but clearly have no time to use this stuff. I'd rather someone make use of it. Any one interested? i will put pix up when I get home tonight. I have pressing tools, the tins and presser, I have pigments and binding ingredients.... most of these I bought from Coastal Scents and TKB.
  3. For the first time in a long time i think i am above the influence of my UD addiction. I can do without these products. I have so many things already , they are going to have to blow my socks off for me to buy more.
  4. How does this compare to gel overlays and acrylic as far as damage underneath? I am looking for something new. My nails grow well and are strong. I have never had fake or acrylic nails. But at work my nail polish cannot last a day without chipping ( not sure why) but the minute i get there it chips. So i am looking for something that can hold up to my work but wont damage my already healthy nails.
  5. I think i'll try that sometime soon. I'm not a fan of liquid eyeliner usually because it doesnt play well with my eye lashes. My lashes always get in the way.
  6. angels41105


    If you like neutrals i would try something like Costal Scents Warm palette. It has a lot of variety within the "neutral" scheme. Like take a classic brown shade, you can have undertones in it, purple undertones, warm ones, gold etcs. You might want to look at things like that, there are many variations on a single color. You call yourself pale but are you a cool, warm, neutral or beige undertone. Your first picture looks like you'd be a cool tone, but it might be the lighting. For foundation i use revlons color stay. They make them for Oily skin and it lasts. I looooove that stuff. It has a lot of shades to choose from too. If you feel your face is dull or washed out, try something like lining your water line with eyeliner, top and bottom. I know for me, that is the one thing i must do. Even if i wear no other makeup, i have to line my water lines or i will look tired.
  7. I have 2 BH Palettes, 4 Costal Scents palettes. Urabn Decay BOS 1,2,3& 4, Naked 1& 2, Smoked, Mariposa, Black, 15th anniversary, Delux & Vice palettes ( most of which i depotted into Z-palettes). Plus, 4 Z-palettes worth of UD single shadows. My BH and CS palettes have themes, like warm, matte, shimmer, metallic, etc. I find myself reaching for them most often actually. Which is sad because i love my UD eyeshadows. At this point i feel like there's not been anymore palettes that have come out that I need. I have palettes and themes that fit whatever mood or mode i'm going for on any given day. Enough to create any look i could want.
  8. I have all the original star dust UD shadows. The pay off wasnt great. The pictures here seem much better. I know UD changed the formula of their shadows, maybe they did that for these too
  9. have we discussed the possible interpretations of the cut out design on it??? just sayin
  10. marbling has been hit and miss..... i need more practice maybe
  11. i dont even have thier holiday palette yet, mostly because i dont shop at sephora and i havent used every color in the last 2 i bought ... sensory overload UD. Slow down
  12. my CVS and Ulta dont seem to have them
  13. i'll most likely be buying it, becuase i cant help myself.... and no longer try lol

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