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    Clinique (skin care & foundation), Physicians Formula, Revlon (lipsticks & glosses)... and Urban Decay is my newest discovery. Also love Wet n Wild. I'm in love with their eye makeup.
  1. I checked in the Attleboro area and got nothing Hezzie... sorry Both our Walgreens and Rite-Aids carry WnW but nothing new came in. I still need to check KMart but I'm not too optimistic at this point.
  2. yeah if the dramatic look is your normal look, go with it. I would be a tad more conservative in dress...
  3. In our household, I do prioritize. My husband does come first. That does not mean my children come second though - it just means that I'm very much aware of the importance of my husband and I being close/happy/connected as far as my children are concerned. I put my husband first out of love for my children. Children crave and need stability. A happy marriage provides them with that. For me, this is one of the greatest gifts I can give my children. Seeing my husband and I love each other unconditionally and really show that love for each other will only give them more confidence in the love we shower on them as well. Thank you Janet. Well said.
  4. There are 6 there? Seriously? I might have to drive down and take mom to lunch one day.
  5. I of course will do the same... I hit up Walgreens in Attleboro and Norton today... nothing. Rite-Aid in N. Attleboro & Plainville didn't have any as of Saturday...
  6. they've changed the Water Babies Formula... For years it was all I could use and this year I suddenly broke out in hives like I got when I used the other Coppertone products. I tried Baby Banana Boat on a test patch and got hives... getting ready to go the organic route... not looking forward to shelling out for it either.
  7. I went out today and scouted out some dupes... I'm going to swatch them out tomorrow to see. They are pretty colors at any rate - very similar shades. I think there might be a Revlon one that I picked out that was nearly identical. I wore it tonight for a bit, but the lighting was bad so I couldn't tell for sure. I loved the Formula of Loreal Endless... but admittedly it was drying on the lips - Other lipsticks go on so smooth and light in comparison.
  8. My 2 y.o. has already found her way into my makeup. She LOVES lipstick. We normally keep the door shut but its been 90 here lately so we have all the air conditioned rooms opened for airflow.
  9. Hezzie if you find them - you seriously NEEED to tell me where you get them!!!!!!
  10. I think she might have had an issue with her daughters not being careful or something - I recall her daughter digging in to hard in one of her favorite palettes. Your studio is awesome!
  11. yes - but I don't think I ever paid more than like $8/tube just because I used coupons and stuff. I might have to shell out - I just need to decide whether or not I REALLLY need it or can make do. I'm thinking I need it - it really is the perfect shade for me.
  12. would you buy up as many as you can find (and reasonably use)... or try to find a current duplicate of it? My reason for asking is that my all time favorite lip color ever... Loreal Endless in Moonlit Mica is impossible to find in store these days. This has been my go to for the last 6 years and I purchased my last tube at Walmart about a year ago... haven't seen it ANYWHERE since. I've seen some other colors from this line at Big Lots, but I don't see anything close to it in stores... they have a Mica color in their Color Riche line which is similar, but just not the same. I worry about buying from make-up retailers I'm not familiar with - and also, how long will it last unopened...
  13. funny you mentioned this because I ran across them looking at their lip balms! They also had some discontinued contour blushes that looked tempting. I did see the Fantasy makers too. VERY tempting. I think a you tube guru mentioned the site... I'll see if I can dig up anything for you. eta: also saw that they take paypal so you can always file within that window if they don't deliver.

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