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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. I’m thinking I may just stick with the ELF brushes. But I’m going to upgrade. I currently have the Essentials line of brushes, so I’m going to get the Studio line now. I’ve always had good luck with their stuff, so I’ll stick with them. I did however pick up a brush set today at Ross. They are an early Christmas present! The box says they are by Philosophy. Black handles, with some rhinestones around the ferrule and pink bristles!! I had to have them, even though it was $13 for a set of 6. Oh well, they were PINK lol. ;] Off to check out the H&M brushes. =]
  2. I need some new make-up brushes. Mine are getting old and I'd really like to replace them. I have ELF brushes and some random brushes. I'd like to buy a set, but I could do random brushes again. If I get them seperatly, I'd like to pay no more than $3 a brush. If worse comes to worse, I'll just pick up another set of ELF brushes. I also need a new Kabuki - Mine is shedding ... everywhere. Thanks!!
  3. I have a few NYX products and they are some of my favories! I just recently got the Pearl Eyeshadow Base and I will never use another. I also have some of their Ultra Pearl Manias and them daily. I have one Chrome Eyeshadow. ( I definitely need more of these! My NYX Wishlist includes: 1. JEP in Milk - After all the great reviews, this is a must get for me! Everywhere I have looked for it, it has been sold out. ( 2. Chrome Loose Eyeshadow - The only one I have of these is 'Platinum'. It's usually my go to highlighter. There are so many more of these that I want to try. 3. Pearl Eyeshadow Base - I already have this, and I want more. I love the way it makes my eyeshadow look! I have other bases, they hold my eyeshadow put, but either they crease or just don't make my eyeshadow pop! 4. Diamond Lipstick - I'm not really a lipstick wearer, but there are a couple of colors that I'd love to give a try, specifically Sparkling Nude and Sparkling Flamingo. Maybe they could change my mind about wearing lipstick! 5. Volumizing Doll Eyes Mascara - I still haven't found a mascara that I reallly like yet. I love the length of my lashes, they just aren't very thick. (Thanks Dad ;o) )
  4. The stuff from TKB - I think it is Mica(?), but do you have to buy stuff to add into it to make it an eyeshadow or can you use it straight out of the bag/container? I'm off to check out the other places mentioned. )
  5. I have some of the NYX pigments ($3-6), some LA Colors loose eyeshadows ($1), and the ELF Mineral Eyeshadows ($3). I'm looking at getting some of the Jordana Loose Eyeshadows ($2). I have a small budget, and I'm a pigment/loose eyeshadow type of person. Where can I find other pigments/loose eyeshadows for cheap that are still good quality? I want multiple colors but can only spend $3 - $6 per pigment.
  6. I'll admit it. I am a SUCKER for animal print. It's like a weakness. My current wishlist includes the Too Faced On The Prowl set, the individual Too Faced Bronzers/Blushes with the animal (leopard) prints.Even the NYX Tango with Bronzer in Leopard Gets a Tan (which I believe is a dupe of Too Faced). I already have the Hard Candy Eye Tattoos in Animal Print. Any other items out there with animal prints? Zebra, Leopard, Tiger, Cheetah = Love at first sight!!
  7. My Favorites are: (1) Makeup Brushes 101 - When I used to buy makeup, I would just use the brushes that came with it. After I started to get serious about makeup, I really wanted to get some 'real' makeup brushes. With so many brushes on the market, this article helped me really narrow it down to the ones I need most! (2) Top 10 Makeup Tips for Summer - The weather in Florida is nearly a never ending summer! This article gave me some great tips for keeping my makeup where it belongs (which is nearly impossible with our humidity!) and on how to choose appropriate products for summer. (3) Organize Your Glamour Mayhem! - I'm really OCD about my makeup storage, and I'm always looking for tips on organizing my collection of products. I got some great ideas from this article. My life tends to be hectic, so when it's time to get ready, having everything in it's place and within reach makes the start to each day better. Plus, when the day is winding down, I can sit down at my vanity and reflect on the beautiful day I had! *Also, I liked you on Facebook! Didn't even know Makeup Talk had a Facebook!*
  8. I was browsing the Forever 21 website looking for a some new clothes/accessories. I went to the accessories section and noticed that they carry makeup/beauty items. Some of the packaging is super cute. I'm honestly thinking of getting a few of their makeup items. Has anyone ever used any of their makeup? What did you think about it? Is it worth trying?
  9. That, unfortunately, is out of my price range. have to keep it under $5. The lady I baby-sit for occasionally knows someone who sells Avon. I'll see if she has a spare catalog laying around somewhere. I'll def see what is available.
  10. I have one lip liner that is slowly dwindling away (ELF Lip Liner with Blending Brush). Now, don't get me wrong, I really do love it. I just want to see what else is out there. As this is the ONLY lip liner I have EVER owned. O.o Any good recommendations on an affordable lip liner? I'd like to get a 'collection' of different colors going as the ELF one only comes in Natural.
  11. I had a lipstick lid that polish had spilled on and when I soaked it in the remover, the lid was all cloudy and nasty looking. I would up taking an old rag and rubbed the remover on it lightly and got it all off.
  12. Thanks for the tips, everyone. I'm going to try everything in the morning. I totally love my pigments, but when I set the jar down, I want it to let go of me! Makes it so easy to spill it.
  13. I have some of the NYX Ultra Pearl Mania pigments. When I took the label/barcode off, it left this horrible sticky residue behind. How do I get it off? Alcohol does not seem to be working! (>.<)
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