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  1. I tried the Sally Hansen, but they just didn't give me the quality look that I get from incoco. And they don't conform to the nail size either, but yeah I think that they lasted a while too. It would be nice if they had some standard shades and some nice french tips. I also spent a fortune on OPI and Brisa gels systems. Those are my second fav. But they peel off. When you get around to trying your incoco, I found that buffing the ridges (per instructions) is best. I also love the way that they can be stretched to size. To take care of any over hang, I use one of those metal cuticle pushers (the square flat side). It makes a nice clean cut along the edges. Or, if your nail are sharp enough that will work too. For the tips, I just fold it over and rub and gently pull until it breaks free, cleanly. I can't seem to get a real nice cap using the file. And even though it doesn't require it, I use the seche vite fast dry top coat. Every since I started usng these, I haven't changed. I have even taken to buffing my nails while I am soaking in the tub, then I apply them while watching tv in bed. It's nice to not have to worry about spills. Everyone that sees my nails can not believe that they were not done at the salon, and even though I say that they last for two weeks, there have been many time when I have gone for 3 weeks. I only had to replace them because of the new growth. So, I guess these are my "holy grail." lol Oh, FYI, don't expect to save the extras. Even though they provide that silver strip to save the leftovers, mine always are way to dry to use. So, one pack is pretty much just one mani. But you can always do a mani/pedi at the same time, to prevent some of the waste.
  2. I get A FULL 2 weeks with incoco. I have tried everything and these last the longest for me, and I am hard on my nails. (I have natural nails). For me the OPI last the best if it is on acrylic, but since I weaned myself off of artificial nails 5 years ago, I had to find something different. It took me a very long time of trial and error, but I have been using the incoco for the past year. And I have been known to be very hard on my nails - working in the flower beds, scrubbing tile grout, ect. These don't chip. I do also use a good fast drying top coat, too. Don't get me wrong. I still have a collection of opi, china glaze, ect., but mostly these are just used for my pedicures now. jmho ;-)
  3. I am looking for something that doesn't burn, but is strong enough to get everything off without having to scrub. Actually, I would love something creamy that just sits there for a bit and then wisks everything away with a cotton ball. I am currently using neutrogena eye make-up pads, but they are no match for my eyeliner or the shimmery eyeshadow that I prefer. I used to use jergens lotion, but that burns like heck! And since I have become so aware of my eye skin (every since I looked in the mirror and saw a few little crows feet, eek!), I am trying hard to not stretch the eye area. So, I need a different eye make-up remover bad! Also, if anyone knows of a good eyeliner that is creamy, flows on easily, and removes easily without ending up smudged all under my eye, I would appreciate that, too. I just bought the Urban Decay to try, but haven't gotten around to that yet. I am hoping that it will come off easier than my old liner. Thereby reducing scrubbage.
  4. Thanks. I will definitely look into the the lightsheer. The yag started at my obgyn office. They do a lot of things there for women besides the standard obgyn stuff. But I wasn't happy with the yag, so I switched to a laser clinic that I frequent. (a little lipo and botox). They used the gentlase. But I stopped after my package ran out. I do have a plastic surgeon that I can use, but the clinic is so easy. (close to home, friends with several people - so I get in at a moments notice). But I may need to find someplace else if I decide to go with a different laser. My obgyn did 8 weeks, but the laser clinic did 6 weeks, but yeah I think 8 weeks is better. And since winter is approaching, I think I will be on the look out for those deals!
  5. So you ended up getting about 12 sessions for each area???? And how long has it been since you discontinued the other areas? I may need to go back and try it again. If I can get that kind of results, I can stick with it for a couple of years. I did my sessions a little closer together than you did, maybe I will space it out a few more weeks. (I used a yag and a gentlelase for different areas)
  6. The best thing for acne scars is fraxel repair. It's a laser treatment that runs about $1000. I have seen people with amazing results, but you are still young yet. You may get ome improvement with time. Aside from that, professional peels would probably be the next best treatment. Check out realself.com for reviews on treatments and answers from real doctors. I actually found a plastic surgeon through this site that is wonderful, just 15 mins. from my home, and I didn't have a clue where to go before researching through that site.
  7. Already started the retin-A, and i hope that works. I am going to try some chemical peels too. I don't want to botox my crows feet just yet. I am afraid that it will make the lines under the eye appear worse. Right now, if I can lift my eyebrows just a tad, I will be happy. I feel fairly confident in the retin and the chemical peels. If that doesn't work, I may try fraxel lasering around the eye. I believe it's what they call a Madonna eye lift. Right now I am 3 days out from my botox, and I see a very small amount of lift, slightly more in the right eye than the left. It's only noticable to me. I only let them botox the outer brow just to see if I am going to get good results. I can always go back in and let them inject the inner brow area, if i need it. And i probably will need it. Hopefully my eyebrows will end up exactly where I want them.
  8. I have the tria,(newest version) and it is not anywhere as powerful as getting it done professionally. At the most, it reduced the amount of hair (use it on underarms). But it has never had the results that I got from a professional laser session. However, as I mentioned before, even the professional lasering didn't result in permanent hair removal for me. Although, I will say that my tria allows me to go for a full week between underarm shaving. But since you don't have much body hair, the tria might give you better results than me.
  9. I would like to tell you my experience with laser. First of all, I have light skin and dark hair (very good canidate for laser). I went for 6 rounds and between each round I noticed a lot of reduction in hair. I went from shaving daily to maybe once per week, and even then the hair was minimal, until after the 3rd session, when I remained hair free. However, within 3-4 months of my last session I was back to the same. I don't know what would happen if I had continued, and have even thought about going back again. But I have come to the conclusion that the laser is just temporary, and I think that I may do regular sessions during the summer - if only for a nice hair free period. But I am not expecting permanent results. Sort of like a very expensive wax job with the hope that it will end with a little less hair than I started with. All in all, the waxing is much cheaper, and for me the pain is about the same degree. But that is very subjective. If cost isn't a factor, I'ld say have a go at it. If it works, great. If it doesn't...... well at least you can say you tried, and you will probably still get some temporary results. If cost is a factor, I'ld go with the waxing. Anyway, that's just me. I have heard others say that the laser worked for them.
  10. Hi everyone. I am relatively new here (only a few posts so far). Anyway, today I did 3gs of botox on each outer eyebrow (brow lift), and was wondering if anyone else has done the brow lift, and if so, how did you like your results? I am told that I won't see results for at least 4 days, so I am anxious. I am 38 yrs old, and really don't have many wrinkles, but I have noticed lately that my eyelids are starting to lose their tightness,and decided to try a botox brow lift to improve it. (( ( My husband says that he can't see it, but you know how it is, we are our own worst critics. Also, what have you all found that works for those beginning crows feet and under eye crinkles? I am just now entering that neverending battle with gravity, and want to know what you all have tried that proved successful. (photo included to clarify)
  11. rakin

    Peeling Nails??

    Biotin. 1000mcg per day. You won't see results until the new growth reaches the tip.
  12. rakin

    incoco anyone?

    I have been on a quest for the past two years to find the best diy nail polish/system, ect. before that I was religously getting acrylic french manicures every other week (for 10 yrs). I have since tried just about every polish, gel, ect. that I could get my hands on. So far, the best thing that I have found is the OPI soak off gel. But I would love something easier. So I have noticed the trend toward Minx, and decided to try the Sally Hansen (similar although much cheaper) Salon Effects. They are okay, but I am a die hard french manicure type of person. About the wildest thing that I wear is the occasional pale pink polish. (Maybe at christmas I will go all out and do a day of ruby red) ;-) Any who, has anyone tried the incoco french manicures? And if so, did you like them. I have just order 3 sets of them, and am hoping that they will be a bit better than the Sally's but also give me a nice pink and white set.
  13. Hi all, I've been surfing this site for a while now, and finally decided to join. I find it quite hard to resist voicing an opinion on many questions, ;-) especially when I come across a topic that I feel I can help with. But I also would find it helpful to get some input on a few questions of my own. So, I am now official!
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