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  1. I love makeup but with my busy lifestyle I have little-to-no time for it, so my routine is usually wash, tone, moisturize/ primer, eyeliner, mascara, out the door. If I have more time I add shadow and bronzer to the mix. Either way, pretty low maintenance and nothing on my actual FACE except bronzer sometimes. I am the kind of girl who buys a mascara (Lancome or other department store) and nurses it until it is GROSS. I was at the mall and made a mental decision to buy a new mascara and saw this mineral makeup kiosk and said, "I would like a mascara, what kind do you have?" She showed me this new one, it looked good I decided to buy it (no matter the cost) and then her sales pushiness came out: "Well, you know the price of this mascara is $54 but if you purchace any of our kits, I'll give it to you free.." I said, "This mascara is $54?!? I was expecting $35 tops..." 1/2 of me was like ohh that sounds great. 1/2 of me was like RUN. She did a makeup demo by first cleansing (no wash cleanse which is great for when I am in a hurry -which is always!), toner and moisturizer. I asked how much for these three things, because they smelled and felt and looked great. She said $100, NO THANKS! She puts the makep on me and does her blah blah blah stuff, in my head I am thinking, "My face better look like a model or I am not getting any of this stuff." She hands me the mirror and I was like, "Um, wow, it actually looks REALLY good!" So I bought the cheapest kit which she knocked down to $72 and threw in the mascara. I was dissapointed I had to get 2 foundations instead of 1 and a bronzer, but I actually use the darker foundation as the bronzer and the lighter color as the foundation. The blush looks really good and the eye shasow is awesome. The brushes that came with the kit are crap and shed all over my face, but I have good brushes, so I don't care. The mascara is awesome. Most mascara is "starchy" after it drys. This stuff stays flexible. Love it. So, I felt that stuff was over priced and did my research after getting home. I didn't get totally ripped, but I wish I haggled her a little more. I will go back next time I want something showing on my droid the online prices from those discount prices and tell her if she can't do lower I will just buy online instead. Really bad notes: My pores showed through horribly. The foundation looked good under the mall lights but looked fake out in my car mirror when I got outside. That was because she put the darker color all over my face and I only use it as a bronzer. So that was just her bad makeup application technique. The pores are still a problem though. I asked my husband, hey, honey, don't I look great today (nudge nudge), he said, you look great every day. I'm like, are you telling me my face doesn't look any different? He said, kinda. Well men just don't see anything, I swear. I went from brown to blonde hair and he didn't even notice. Overall I like it for the ingredients, and how it looks, minus the pores. Hate the cost and sales people.
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