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  1. I am a little late to the party... but I absolutely love MAC's wipes. They smell sooooooo good and are awesome at taking everything off. Their eye-makeup remover is also good. It comes in a purple bottle and you only need a drop for each eye. I feel like they have such bold colors that have great staying power so, their removers have to be good.
  2. This is so gorgeous! I love your hair color too! It all works
  3. Welcome! I love this forum for all the same reasons. This is definitely a place where you can feel free to share your ideas, ask questions or just post a photo of your latest look. Be sure to check out the FOTD (Face of the Day) board. That one is my favorite. I love looking at everyone's creativity.
  4. I think it's a great idea. It's nice to be able to have a beautiful dress that doesn't cost more than 200. As a recurring bridesmaid, it can be expensive to be in someone's wedding and this is a great feature for David's Bridal. To have an exclusive name like that will only bring them more business.
  5. I love the shades of green, strangechild. Your eyes look beautiful! What did you use on your brows, pencil or brush/paint? Either way, they look really good.
  6. I am loving that foundation! I was just at the MAC counter Sunday, but I will have to wait till my next paycheck to grab the Studiofix. I reached $100 and all I bought was bronzer, a new brush (150) and the makeup remover wipes (100ct). I'm on a little budget and I won't let myself spend more than 100 per visit. I save foundation for only special occasions because it feels heavy on my face in the summer. It looks so good though!!! Your complexion looks great!
  7. I think SPF should definitely be an option that is offered to her. You can offer her a moisturizer with SPF that is light and safe to use under makeup. I work with the Eucerin Social Media team and I use the Everyday Protection Face Lotion that has an SPF 30. I love it because it saves me a step as it is a moisturizer with the benefit of spf. I use it in the morning and I am happy knowing that my face is protected on my walk to the subway to get to work. This is something that should definitely be thought about, especially if the wedding is outdoors or if they will be taking pictures outside. You don't have to be at the beach to be at risk for incidental sun exposure.
  8. Good luck! I looked at your site. You are really talented! I work in social media, you should definitely take a look at marketing/social media and PR agencies too. Some of them have creative departments that need talent like yours. I am in the US and would recommend that you look at a company like Jess3 that works with a variety of brands. Have you tried any temp agencies or anything?
  9. Depending on how comfortable you are with going outside the norm of black and brown... you could try light blues or even a grey/silver color. It could really make your blue eyes pop. I love MAC fluidline. Try MAC's Blitz n Glitz, a little different than a black or brown. Def let us know how the hunt goes and which colors you liked the best. Good Luck!
  10. Hi there- Exercise and learning portion control will help you see results sooner. It is amazing what exercise can do for you, even light walking if you do it for 45 min can make a difference. I had the best results when I cut out carbs significantly. Sometimes, it helps to do short term goals and take it a week at a time. You can challenge yourself each week to give up something that you normally have too much of, like bread. I work on the social media team for Wasa crispbread. It's a Swedish flatbread that is a great source of fiber and therefore has a smaller carb count than regular bread. There are many varieties and you can top it with light spreads like light cheeses or hummus. Whenever I start a diet, I swap out my bread for Whole Grain Wasa. I usually have it in the morning for breakfast with some peanut butter and feel full until lunchtime. Good luck! It definitely helped to have a support system. So, stay motivated and feel free to message me if you ever need a pat on the back.
  11. Thanks for the "welcome" messages! Hope you're all having a great week! We made it to Wednesday so it's almost the weekend again! haha
  12. This little girl was on GMA this morning. Her YouTube channel with Makeup tutorials is too adorable! I tried to post a poll in Makeup Talk but I am new.. so it is awaiting moderation. If you're taking a break today, watch her. It is really adorable and she's using new product lines from MAC to NARS. Her mom is def awesome for letting her play with the "good stuff" Have a beautiful day!
  13. It definitely looks like you would need something like MAC Fluidline in Blacktrack to put these on. It stays in place and is fluid enough to create the shapes.
  14. Hi everyone! Not sure if you saw this little girl on Good Morning America today, but I think she is adorable! Her name is Maddy and is 5 years old. She has a YouTube channel with fun makeup tutorials that to me are obviously for her "playtime." They had a PhD discuss women's studies and the negative ways society "sexualizes" young girls. I think this is okay because it is obviously "playtime" for her and her mother is the one posting the videos. What do you guys think?
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