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  1. thoughts and prayers with you. Hang in there and should you ever need to just talk to someone, about anything, we're all here for you.
  2. Day 30...probably won't be in tomorrow since it's saturday so checking in today! Did well on no spending money. Did ok on cleaning, need to do more of that. Did not do so well on the working out...I'm often so tired that I just straight up forget to. Anyways... been a long week and glad it's done. Will take the weekend to reflect on what I want my goals to be for february, but glad we're already 30 days through!
  3. Same here on my upper arms and legs. @@turntrekgodhead careful with coconut oil. It is very comedogenic (Rated 4 on the comedogen scale), and could break you out. If you're looking for an oil to help, I would go with jojoba which is closer to the one we humans produce, or something like argan.
  4. For me it includes anything I wear "outside" Anywhere people will see me lol. For lounging around the house or working out, I do not count my PJs or yoga pants and tshirts, but the rule is I can't wear them to go grocery shopping or anything.... I also don't include anything like undies, and while I tried to curate my jewelry a bit to make it easy to pick and choose, I didn't quite include them in the 30 pieces. Same with my 3 bags...curated but not included. Just clothes and shoes. Maybe once I get a better handle of what I need and how big my closet really needs to be, I might make my selections even smaller and start including jewelry and bags into my capsule.
  5. Do eeett!! Thank you! Yeah, the being practical with a small space is kind of what kickstarted the change for me. I don't think I'll look back! ahahha @ calling you momma! thank you! it was a birthday present from el hub. I put it in its dust bag a few days after taking this picture and probably need another dust bag for the black bag (a vintage coach leather bag i found which omg so gorgeous), but I need to have it taken in to have the leather treated since it has lost some of its luster over the years (from the tag...it's from back when coach still had their bags made in the US...so at least 20 years). It's such a timeless piece, though, that I don't want to just have it collect dust. Yes! the laundry is so much nicer now that there isn't giant LOADS every Sunday haha. If only I could do the same with my makeup ;--;
  6. Thank you! I am the same. It took me well over a day (and a lot of back ache) to clean it out, but walking in just seriously makes me feel so much lighter every day too lol. Good for you on donating stuff! As for ironing stuff, I have found that if I hang it as soon as it's out of the drier, it greatly reduces the need to iron my clothes... but I get ya, I mostly go for items i don't need to iron when I'm buying clothes (which is rare) because I'm just lazy.
  7. aw thanks. it was tough to go through and purge stuff. I ended up with 4 bags headed to goodwill. but it felt good! Minimalist does not mean black and white! I am just one of those crazies that prefers blacks, whites, tans and greys during winter and spring. Come late spring and summer time I'm all about the color! It's more about paring it down to a rotation of pieces that you can wear for a season (and can complement each other). bring in all the color you want! I think come summer I'll be on the hunt for a sequin-y shirt...I love those. I also am an avid thrifter (most of the items you see in that image are thrifted, and man did I do a back flip when I found that eddy-bawer tan jacket (sleeveless) for $3 in brand new condition. Thing is originally worth like $120. =/ I never buy jeans out of store. Around here I can find some amazing jeans in great condition, and i always blow through jeans, so it feels like a waste to pay $50, you know? And I feel ya, when I found un fancy I read the whole thing in two days >_> color me obsessed hahahaha. Thank you! being stunted by wardrobe indecision is the worst ;-; and this is the first year I've kind of freed myself from it by seriously paring my wardrobe down while still giving myself choices (and surprisingly, there's a ton of outfits that can come out of a small wardrobe). and LOLLLL there's no way I'm comitting to a capsule makeup wardrobe. I'd go batty.
  8. hah no kidding! and the capsule wardrobe is changing how I look at my clothes! Though I have to say, I am very different with my closet than I am with makeup -- whereas makeup is an all-shiny-all-day-long love/hate relationship where I buy too much shit and can never make up my mind on what combo to wear (certainly don't have any go-to looks). ...clothes I wear until they basically fall apart, I hate shopping for clothing and I have no problem having a "uniform" of sorts, to the point where my other clothes get neglected. So for me, it has really helped! this is what my closet looks like now: This was post-clean out. before this, it was PACKED to the freaking brim, shoes everywhere, could not see my bags because they were up higher due to baskets being where the bags are now. Now this is all I have in there (have added two shirts, but that's about it), and it's making changing a breeze...everything goes with everything for the most part, and walking into my side of the closet feels luxurious and I breathe a sigh of relief at how minimal it is. I love it. If you're interested in the concept of a capsule wardrobe, check out un-fancy.com, the blogger there makes some amazing stuff happen with a basically 37 piece wardrobe.
  9. Had no actual goals for days 21-30, but after my little birthday exception to the no-buy, I'm back on the horse. One thing I managed to do was get my vanity dusted and cleaned up a bit, and it's surprising how much change a little wood polish and duster can do to make me feel a lot more excited to sit down and get ready in the morning. I also went through a week ago and totally emptied out my closet, then picked about 30 pieces of clothing/shoes/jewelry after having learned about project333 and the capsule wardrobe. It's amazing how, when my options are limited, somehow my outfits get more polished and fun. I've received non stop compliments about my outfits, which is hilarious because these people have seen those same clothing items over and over without commenting, but when paired differently to complement my figure, everyone notices. since my clothes are now mostly neutral or grey/black, it has allowed me a whole lotta room to go experiment with the makeup...bold eyes or bold cheeks or bold lips. Pretty fun. I think I will take this idea of a capsule wardrobe into spring and re-do it once the weather warms up. EDIT: I'm with you @ ! Maintaining the tidiness is 10x harder than cleaning in the first place. That's what I'm also working on. I fell off my working out bandwagon, it's just something I seriously struggle with, so for the next 10 days I'll give it a hard try again. x-x. I'll also try to start organizing other areas of the home like i did my vanity and closet... it just makes everything much more pleasant. And of course, as always, no spending money. that's the first rule of the game!
  10. things I've hit pan on lately: - urban decay naked eyeshadow - maybelline color tattoo in bad to the bronze
  11. I count everything. it's certainly not a competition, so don't worry, no one feels that way. For me the reason of counting everything, foils included, is that I am a slowpoke at finishing things up...even the sample sizes. My eyeshadows in particularly I counted individually, even if they were in palettes. It's easy for me to deceive myself into thinking " the naked palette is ONE palette, not 12 shaddows!" but it IS 12 shadows and those suckers are almost full size shadows (1.3g vs. 1.5g from the singles), so to me, they're individual shades. the numbers look significantly larger but at the same time also more realistic...i can finish ONE eyeshadow in a year, I can't finish 12 in a year...so to count the naked palette as 1 item is kind of unfair to me and setting me up for failure as I project pan my stash, if that makes sense. That said, this is what worked for me! Your stash, your rules if it gives you severe anxiety to count, then just don't. Group them like @@SneakyBurrito did to get a sense of how much you have, and then maybe take a photo of each category. then you can compare the photo to a new one at the end of the year...see if they got bigger or smaller.
  12. ya...it feels like a pretty big deal lol my husband is 8 years older and just shakes his head at me, but aaahhhh!!! Thank you hon!!! thanks!!!! ahahaha same! Mostly my birthdays are about catching up on all the sleep i've been missing for a while. haha! thank you, sweets!
  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAY!!!!!! I hope you have a good one. And yeah, 365 day no-buy is def. going to be a big one since we've only been at this for 22 days but I am confident I can do it! Birthday presents aside, I haven't really felt the urge to shop, and am learning more and more about myself in the process.. Obviously I've been rediscovering and experimenting with my stash a lot longer than just 22 days, since I really cut back in 2014, but I've learned my likes and dislikes and what I really need vs. the wants gimmies.
  14. Well, I broke my no-buy temporarily. The reason being my birthday, which is around the corner, and a few husband-ok'd presents (we share our bank account, and he knows of my no-buy, so we agreed my birthday could be a small exception). I bought a few things, one of which I needed and several of which I did not. The one I needed was mascara (desperately, since my very last tube was pushing 8 months old), and the rest were blushes, which I most definitely did NOT need. That said, total was $100...which is fantastic compared to last year's birthday-time splurging that was many more times that. I'm proud of myself for exercising restraint in the face of an opportunity to shop, unlike before...zero restraint. it was a free-for-all. And so back on the horse we go for the remaining of this year's no-buy.

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