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  1. The instruction packet that came with my 12.5% tca peel says to wait 2-3 weeks before resuming glycolic or lactic acid treatments, or any chemical product that could irritate your newly peeled skin. Nothing specific about salicylic acid, though.
  2. Hi again. I did a second peel 3 days ago, using the 8% tca. Left it on 5 min, then did a second layer. I actually got some light frosting in a few places, and this time, the peel burned. I neutralized the frosted spots right away with baking soda solution, then neutralized my entire face after 8 min. Did my own concoction of the antibiotic ointment and anti-itch cream all over for the first 2 days, then switched to just moisturizer (generic Cetafil). I had to mow today, so waited until after 6 pm, used spf 110 sunscreen, big sunglasses, and a hat. I'll let you know if I get any hideous sunspots. I felt a bit like a vampire, avoiding the sunny areas and hiding in the shade as much as possible. I've got some light flaking already, and things seem to be going as they should. I really like what the tca is doing for the texture of my skin
  3. I got my body lotion off of Ebay, not sure of the vendor's name. The label says "Sharon Marie Skin Care Glycolic Lotion, All Natural, Fragrance Free" I got an 8oz bottle for about $20, so not cheap, but then I only use it twice a week. You have a choice of 5%, 10%, or 15% glycolic acid. I was a bit wary of buying an unknown product like this, but my skin feels really soft after. I did want to get some of the Alpha Hydroxy brand stuff, but they don't seem to make a body lotion. Some people are using their foot cream as a body lotion, with great results. I could only find the smaller bottle, though, and it was almost $12. The stuff I got was cheaper and I'm happy with it.
  4. I'm on day 8, and most of the flaking seems to be done. I don't see a huge improvement in my skin, but at the low level of the acids I'm using, it's supposed to be a process and not an event. Next time I'll do a second layer and see if I don't realize more noticeable results. Just got done washing my face, and noticed that it looks pretty darn good. The rough, wrinkley skin under my eyes (that made me look about 100) is gone and my skin looks fairly smooth. We'll have to wait and see if it's microswelling, or if it will stay looking this way. Regardless, more peels are in my future. By the way, the 10% glycolic acid body lotion is awesome! My skin is SO soft after I use it.
  5. Thanks for chiming in, Andi The argon oil mixed with anti itch cream worked great, and my skin was very soft the next morning. I continue to flake, bit it's very slight; more like a mild sunburn than anything else. No more itching, either. Going to work yesterday, I used Neutrogena's 110 spf face shield, eye make up and lip gloss. Today I wore full make up. The liquid make up did accentuate the flaking skin, but no one ran screaming or even said anything about it. Guess it wasn't too horrible. The skin under my eyes looks rough and wrinkley, like it may peel in a few days, but it's never been tight and shiny. Maybe not using the alcohol has something to do with that? I'm back to using my regular moisturizer at night, along with the argon oil. For next time, especially if I leave the peel on longer and do a second layer, I'll get some cetafil moisturizer, as I hear it's very mild. It will be Aug 1 before I can really tell how well the peel worked, and whether or not to do a second one. The directions said to wait at least 3 weeks between tca peels if the results are not 'enough', and to wait 10 days to determine how well it worked. Since this is such a low level peel, and I haven't been doing them for very long, I can see doing 3 peels 3 weeks apart, then waiting the requisite 3-4 months. Incidentally, I've also purchased a 10% glycolic body lotion. It seems I'm hooked on the ahas.
  6. I've posted on Andi's thread, but don't want to monopolize hers,so started a new one here. Thanks to her original post on her 15% tca experience, I was brave enough to start using peels myself. I had been using an otc peel system (Revlon?) which was nice, but didn't give the results I was looking for. I went to MUAC like Andi suggested, and started with a very low % lactic acid, worked up to 30% glycolic, and jumped to 8% tca last night. I also use Renova (prescription retin-a type product)a couple of times a week, in between my glycolic peels. As suggested, I did a test patch of the 8% tca before actually doing a full peel. First time I tested on a small patch of skin, near my ear, for 5 min, neutralized with the baking soda sol'n, then used bacitracin for 24 hrs.Turns out I'm allergic to bacitracin, so I broke out in a rash. Just to be sure, I did a second test patch, on the other side of my face, and used a prescription antibiotic ointment (mupirocin). This time, no reaction. After waiting a week, I did a full peel using 8% tca for 5 min, on my whole face. I should mention that 5 days ago I did a 30% glycolic peel and left it on for 8 min. Before the peel, I prepped my face with a very gentle cleansing using generic cetafil, dried, then covered nostrils, lips, and eye sockets with vaseline. Carefully put on the acid with a q-tip, left on for 5 min. Experienced no discomfort, or even tingling. Carefully neutralized with baking soda solution (2T to 1 1/2 cups tepid water), then gently washed with MUAC's green tea face wash (which I got as a free sample with my order). Covered my whole face with the prescription mupirocin. My face itched. The more time passed, the tighter it felt, and the itchier it felt. I wondered if I was becoming allergic to the mupirocin. After about a hour, I checked my face, and I had 3 bright red patches; one under each eye, on my cheekbone, and one on the side of my face next to my eye, up higher on the cheekbone. I wondered if I had prepped a bit too vigorously with the recent glycolic peel 5 days before. Anyway, the redness was gone by the next day, but the itching was getting a little worse. Since MUAC suggests having anti itch cream on hand, I decided to improvise. I mixed the anti itch cream, the mupirocin antibiotic, and MUAC's rosehip scar cream sample (I love their scar cream; it makes a great moisturizer and is very emollient). After re cleansing my face with generic cetafil, I dried and put on this mixture. I want to mention that after washing my face, it felt itchy again. After I put on the mixture, it felt itchy--at first. After about 5 minutes, the itching subsided. I really don't know what the itchiness is all about, and maybe Andi can chime in and make a suggestion. Anyway, it's the day after, the redness is gone, and my skin just feels a bit tight and looks slightly more wrinkly. Peeling for this low level of tca seem to vary quite a bit, so I'm not sure what to expect at this point. I do have to work tomorrow (and this was supposed to be a 'lunch time' peel) so I will most definitely wear a strong sunscreen for my drive to work, and at least eye make up and lipstick. Am considering wearing my Bare Minerals makeup, as it's supposed to be very gentle. I did purchased a vinyl-cling sunshade for my driver's side window, to help protect my skin from the sun during the commute. I welcome any helpful hints or insights. I'll update as possible. Thanks Edit update; Just took a shower and washed my face, and it's already starting to peel and flake slightly. Maybe that's why it feels so itchy and tight. In places, my face has a slightly whitish cast to it, which is probably dead skin waiting to flake off. I'm experimenting now with mixing argon oil and anti itch cream, and using that on my face. The argon oil is supposed to have antibiotic properties, so I thought it would be good to try.
  7. Thanks, Andi. I think I'll continue with the 30% glycolic for a bit before using the 8% tca. Is it ok to use Renova (Retin-A product) after glycolics? Also, I wanted to say that this whole process began for me by wanting to get rid of some ugly 'freckles' that were popping up in places I'd never had them before (cheeks and forehead). I got Murad skin lightening serum, which took a bit of time, but worked WELL on the freckles and melasma I've had forever. It was after I'd been using that that I stumbled upon this thread and started using the peels as well.
  8. Age Sheild Face spf 110
  9. LOVE the Healthy Defense Liquid Moisturizer in spf 50
  10. Pantene always dries my hair out badly. I've been using Nexxus Color Ensure, which at $13 a bottle isn't cheap, but it's excellent for color treated hair. It's the only thing that keeps my hair from turning to straw, and you can get it at Walmart.
  11. I love AG Fast Food
  12. I use this scrub once or twice a week and get great exfoliation from it. It doesn't seem to dry my skin out, and it's cheap, too.
  13. I've recently started using MUAC's peels, and am very happy with them. Why don't you email or call their customer service and talk to someone there? They'd be the best to recommend a product appropriate for your skin type.
  14. Hi Andi, Just wanted to thank you for posting your experience for all of us to learn from. I hadn't even considered peels until I stumbled across your post by accident a few months back. I went to Makeupartistchoice.com, and hesitantly bought a low level lactic acid peel. I then moved up to a 30% glycolic acid peel and am up to 3 min with that one, but want faster results. I've ordered the 8% tca peel, as it says it's still a very mild peel for beginners, and doesn't have a great deal of down social down time. Do you think I might have better or similar results with trying a higher % glycolic, or will the 8% tca give me better results? I'm using it to brighten my complexion and diminish crow's feet.
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