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  1. Ok ladies, So I know most of us use them even they have been outlawed from the nail salon. But most of you are probably smarter about than me. Just want to know has anyone else out there taken a huge chunk out of their heal with one of these things? And if so how long did it take to heal? I am going camping on thursday next week and need to be able to walk on it, as I absolutly can not right now..OUCH. I am thinking that since this area forms a callus quickly it should not take too long?...HELP...
  2. Do you think mine will start to be on the mends withing 5 Days?..and what did you do to take care of it?
  3. Hello, This is extremely emberassing, but I will spill in hopes to get an answer that will help without calling a triage nurse and looking truly stupid. My question is directed to the one who took a chunk out of her heel..OUCH. I can relate I just did this to myself last night, took a chunk out of my heel and it bled for like 20 minutes. It hurts horribly and I am debating on going to the doctor even though im pretty sure there is nothing they can do for me, just want to make sure I am doing everything I possibly can. I am going camping next week on thursday morning and am hoping that it will be well on its way to healing by then. Can anyone shed any lite on this? Oh and to answer the question about whether a cheap one will do, it is isn't the shaver it is the blades that matter. I bought my old one at a beauty supply store, I broke it. So I bought one for three dollars at walmart, worked horribly, but i switched out the blade with one I had bought at the same beauty supply store and it worked just as good as my old one. Be careful if you buy a cheap one as I found out the hard way that the blades are crap and will cut you because you have to work so hard at it...lol. So buy good blades but feel free to put them in a cheap shaver. Hope that helps...I will be looking forward to an answer...Thanks girls
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