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  1. how you choose you handbag? do you guys think brand is important than the other issue? for me, when i choose a bag, I always look at size first, that’s really a personal preference, I need a lot of space because I tend to dump things into my bag. I love my hermes constance bags . This bag just make it so easy to bring my files. The fact that the file case is attached means that I have enough space in the other compartments for my wallets,etc. and I don't need to carry the files in my hand or in a separate case.
  2. To me, the love for my parents, I won't give up myself when thinking of them, what's your?
  3. I am going to get marry, he is not rich, just normal guy, don't drink and smoke , have nice temper. But marry him is the best thing in my life, when he propose there is no ring no rose, but few words touch me enough to marry him. He said, I can't give you expensive brand like Chanel,I can't give you less expensive like Celine, but what i can do is to give you love and happy no less than getting the expensive thing. I don't know why, I cry when I back home. the wedding would be in 2 months, I feel lucky to meet him. Girls share your sweet love!
  4. Wow, those are dream dress for every girl!!!
  5. wow, the ring are so so pretty!!
  6. I am planing a small wedding, marry him is the best thing of my life, I don't care anything else!
  7. I am going to get marry soon, planing a wedding and Honeymoon are so tired, I am totally stress out. Would you tell me where is the best place for Honeymoon in Sep, how to save money, how to have fun. PS: I want to look sexy during Honeymoon, do you think the following dress is cute and sexy enough? 1. Rose short dress (I love the color) http://www.anntaylor.com/ann/product/AT-Weddings-%26-Events/ANN-Bridesmaid-Dresses/Tiered-A-Line-Dress/264082?colorExplode=false&skuId=89852989&catid=cata000012&productPageType=fullPriceProducts&defaultColor=5000 2. sexy dress http://www.karenmillendressesuk.com/karen-millen-jewelled-dress-p-443.html Sorry I asked too many questions, just want a perfect wedding. Share me with the links if you have idea about the Honeymoon (oh, I am new here, would I be spam if I post link? I don't know how to post pics, sorry)
  8. I was asked as a bridesmaid 2 month before the wedding.
  9. Replica things are common, I usually won't buy brand thing, the original are too expensive for me
  10. I like the first one, looks perfect on you!

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