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  1. The palette & the lipstick set is now on Sephora!
  2. Will be on their website Oct 1 also I believe!
  3. So glad the boyfriend was able to help me get the Benefit Cheeky Sweet Spot on Friday because it's selling out fast everywhere!
  4. I believe if you go to Kohls to order it at the Kiosk, it's free shipping
  5. the Autobalms is pretty much the size of my license.
  6. haha! they do! I love the small palettes they come out with because it's easy to take on-the-go and the snowflake design is pretty awesome! it's totally fine lol. & thanks! I get what you mean, I felt like the Balm Voyage was a total miss for me because the pigmentation was lacking compared to previous palettes I had from them.
  7. The Mont Balm is pretty nice, especially for the price point. The swatches above, were swatched with an eyeshadow brush (not with fingers) -- I know because it's mine lol.
  8. Saw this too! I don't know how to feel about it though since I still haven't touched my NAKED 3 since purchasing it last December
  9. I find that this always happens to Maybelline lip products. Most my Maybelline lipsticks start forming those little white dots on it in 4-6 months.
  10. I got the Dream Walk campaign, but I decided to decline it. However, I did accept the Paula's Choice Acne kit campaign!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by eastofthesun Eugh, this is really annoying. Why couldn't they just rename them or something? Don't make the mistake I did- I went to Ulta to see if they had any of the older ones in stock, and happily I found one in the old packaging. I happily purchased, and when I got home to take comparison shots for you guys.... I noticed that the old package had the new, matte version. EUGH!!! I might just have to reach out to Ebay for the old, glittery version. It's not just the glitter, it's the depth and hue of the color. EUGH!!!! I'm really angsty for some reason! Here are the shots that show you don't blindly follow the package: L: Old packaging R: New packaging L: Old packaging R: New Packaging L: APPARENTLY NOT OLD ENOUGH packaging R: New packaging Close-up L: Old pack R: New pack. It looks like they are different, but it's kind of hard to tell.... still neither is the original version which is darker, plummier, and sparkly. Swatch wrist!!! The original Blushing Bride is the darkest one there, the third shade down my wrist, with the little sparkles showing. The pinkier swatch to the right of that is the new version of 'Blushing Bride' which I opened and swatched to show you how different they look side-by-side. This is bull! I think the original version looks better on me.... I'm going to find you! And Tarte- you're on my naughty list! Aww, I guess they changed the shades in the original packaging within the last few months too, which is probably why they're claiming it's the same, but I agree it's nothing like the real Blushing Bride. I have it and mine is packed with shimmer.
  12. I don't have a new packaging version of this, but I did a comparison for Tarte's blush in Flush. I immediately noticed the new packaging flush was different, but when I reached out to Tarte, they said the old one & new one are exactly the same shade.. which I have NO idea what they mean by that because it's totally different. Here was my comparison from a few months back:
  13. I was SO close to ordering it, but I decided not to especially after reading this blog: http://victoriacbeauty.blogspot.com/2014/01/too-faced-chocolate-bar-eye-palette.html (not affiliated) I have the nude palettes they compared this palette to and I guess even though it's only around $30 with coupon, I don't really need it.. even though I want it. :x
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by rbreit93 so i receive the part of my order that they sent a tracking code/confirmation email. I finally got on a chat and asked about the other half, and soon after that, received a tracking code and email for that as well. the first half of my order came in and it was in a box, with the pink tissue paper, and i received exactly what it said it carried. all my other previous orders came in a box with the tissue paper as well...so i don't know whats going on with the other weird bubble mailers some of you guys received. O.o they did charge after shipping, but pricing is still really weird, i think i might ask them about it as well, even if its a few dollars off, it should'nt be that way--i agreed to pay a certain amount, and that's what i expect, y'know? The first time I ordered, I got a bubble mailer with the items wrapped in tissue paper & the sticker em on it and was stuffed with tissue paper. For my Cyber Monday order, it came ONLY in a bubble mailer with no tissue paper or anything at all, so some corners of the lipstick boxes were pretty dented in.
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