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  1. To reiterate from my 1st post Foxxy, the rep did NOT tell me where the box was sent. I did indeed find that out ~ thru the tracking #, but what I'd said is that she'd given me the name of the person it went to (& she admitted to it). That IS a privacy issue & the fact that she CC'd me in on the email ABOUT me to her management......well, that's just not very smart. I'm not giving up hope on them yet; I would love to be a subscriber w/ them, that's why I signed up in the 1st place. We'll see.
  2. Not true, the tracking # only provides the city/state it was delivered to. I found out the womans name from the BB rep, because she TOLD ME. Also, Birchbox wouldve been the 1 to actually adress the box; USPS doesnt do that. Therefore, this was a BB fault, not a postal fault. The rep then sends an email to her management team & copies me in on it ~ see below ~ ********************************************************************************************************************* Hi Girls, Thought I should reach out to you about this - see my email below. It was in response to her tweet. She's right - The woman above her was named XXX on the office ship file. I was positive I didn't mention the name, but I must have. How can I rectify the situation? I'm so sorry - I feel pretty stupid. I wanna make it right, but I don't wanna engage with this woman, because she's pretty twitter happy. Ideas? I'm so sorry ********************************************************************************************************************* Somehow I dont think that email was meant to be sent to me.
  3. Birchbox has major privacy violation issues! My 1st box was sent to Virginia (I ...DONT live there) AND the rep TOLD ME the name of whom it was sent to. THEN, the rep emails Birchbox's grandpoohbahs asking what to do & COPIES ME IN ON THE EMAIL. To her management ppl (she said I was 'tweet happy'. Nice) !!! Yes, they're sending me another box & to be fair, refunded my $10, but this is bad business!!! I was SO looking forward to these samples every month but what other mistakes have they/will they make? BAD BUSINESS!

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