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  1. Hmm this is the only Memebox I'm not super thrilled about. Perfume is really kind of a personal thing, and I already have way too many to get through in a single lifetime. The hair perfume sounds interesting, but I always spray perfume in my hair to begin with. The lashes look like something you'd find at the Japanese dollar store, and they'd only work with certain stylized looks. The body powder I'm fine with, so long as it's not glittery--I can just use that as a mattifier/setting powder. The lipstick looks like it's good quality, but I have sooooooooooooooooooooooo many red lipsticks from years of subbing various sample services, and I just don't do red lipstick. Oh well! I only got the box for like $12 so I'm not devastated or anything . But seriously, I must have 20+ red lipsticks from sample services, that I just don't wear. Not to mention all the red lipglosses--Ipsy went through a phase where, for like a whole year, everything came with a red lipgloss of some sort. I'd love some peachy-nude or berry lipsticks, but all I ever get is red.
  2. Are most memeboxes generally good about having versatile skincare products? I just got my Luckybox #2 (first memebox!) today, and I love it sooooo much! Tempted to get a second box, but I don't want to get a ton of products I can't use (which always seems to happen when subs include skincare stuff). I have dry, sensitive skin, but I managed to accrue a mini drawer full of random acne products from various subs . I don't want to risk $30 if it's going to be stuff I can't use.
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