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  1. Hmm this is the only Memebox I'm not super thrilled about. Perfume is really kind of a personal thing, and I already have way too many to get through in a single lifetime. The hair perfume sounds interesting, but I always spray perfume in my hair to begin with. The lashes look like something you'd find at the Japanese dollar store, and they'd only work with certain stylized looks. The body powder I'm fine with, so long as it's not glittery--I can just use that as a mattifier/setting powder. The lipstick looks like it's good quality, but I have sooooooooooooooooooooooo many red lipsticks from years of subbing various sample services, and I just don't do red lipstick. Oh well! I only got the box for like $12 so I'm not devastated or anything . But seriously, I must have 20+ red lipsticks from sample services, that I just don't wear. Not to mention all the red lipglosses--Ipsy went through a phase where, for like a whole year, everything came with a red lipgloss of some sort. I'd love some peachy-nude or berry lipsticks, but all I ever get is red.
  2. Are most memeboxes generally good about having versatile skincare products? I just got my Luckybox #2 (first memebox!) today, and I love it sooooo much! Tempted to get a second box, but I don't want to get a ton of products I can't use (which always seems to happen when subs include skincare stuff). I have dry, sensitive skin, but I managed to accrue a mini drawer full of random acne products from various subs . I don't want to risk $30 if it's going to be stuff I can't use.
  3. I want to get one of my relatives a 3-month sub to Birchbox as a 'stocking stuffer' addition to the regular family gift exchange--but I don't want the other relative (teenage boy) to feel left out. Birchbox Men is literally twice as expensive, so that's out of the question. This is kind of a long shot, but are there any other sub services a teenage boy would enjoy? I don't think he's really into food, but he likes technology..
  4. I haven't shopped online at Sephora in a while, can anyone recommend me any codes you like? preferably VIB, if any exist.. other than using one or two VIB codes a year ago, I literally haven't benefited from being VIB in any way lol. I live in the 'burbs, so the handful of VIB events in my area are still inconveniently far away. I still occasionally view the daily Sephora emails, but I haven't seen any online or in-store perks for VIB's. I wish their sites would display VIB codes like it used to
  5. Just for comparison, since I got both today. Below is the Ipsy bag: cute bag, full-sized Pacifica rollerball perfume, Mirabella lipstick (probably full size), full-size Zoya nail polish, big St. Tropez bronzing lotion (not pictured, but the sample is 1.7oz), mini concealer pan and this is my May Birchbox: a rollerball pen, Beauty Protector heat protecting hair spray, a perfume sample, COOLA SPF lotion, Sumita eyeliner. keep in mind, the mini SPF bottle is literally the same height as the Zoya nailpolish. it's really a matter of personal choice--I think both are great, but Ipsy always wows me with how much they send (much larger samples). Birchbox points are great though; every other month you basically get $10 in credits if you review the products.
  6. Just look at previous bags to get a general sense of their monthly contents. I think it's great if you like actual makeup. The bags have very little variation, so there's not much customization going on (unlike Birchbox--although I reaallllyy don't believe their beauty profiles mean anything); the plus side of this is, you won't get like an $8 bag while another person gets a $40 bag in the same month (i.e. no bag jealousy). The downside is, there's no point in having 2+ subscriptions. If you get skeeved out by relatively obscure brands like Mirabella, you might not like Ipsy. They do feature a lot of great name-brand products (e.g. The Balm eyeshadow, UD eyeliner, etc), but you'll get more of the obscure brands (obscure doesn't necessarily mean shady or bad). However, you always get makeup, and they're great about introducing a wide variety of products in fun colors (i.e. last month I got a bright blush I would have never purchased on my own, but I ended up loving it). Just a head's up--if you abhor lip gloss, you might get disappointed by Ipsy. I think I have like 8+ different lip glosses from them, over the course of a year or so lol.
  7. I'm not a big fan of the original Naked palette, as most of the shadows are shimmery (some have really chunky glitter). I think the N2 palette is a little more versatile, in that it has a matte highlighter and a matte black. The Lorac Pro palette is my personal favorite, and the eyeshadows seem to blend more easily. The shadows are more warm/mauve-y than UD's Naked palettes though, so I don't know if you would consider them neutral-toned. I have yet to try The Balm's palettes, but they seem to have great reviews .
  8. They have consignment stores specifically for designer items you might get more for it there. You could also ask your friends/sisters. my mom gives me bags she doesn't use anymore, and I give mine to my sister lol. is there any way to clean the satin lining, without having to wash the whole bag? I'm pretty careless and always spill/stain the linings--I don't want to risk drying out the leather though.
  9. thankfully it doesn't appear to be an actual oil. but I agree, I hate hair oils! based on my profile, why would a straight-haired girl who only wants volume, need a hair oil to smooth/weigh down hair? from birchbox alone I've gotten 5 different types of hair oils, from Shu Uemura to Kerastase to Olie to Caudalie to Macadamia Oil. I mean I literally get them every other month . anti-aging stuff was the main reason I quit Sample Society--I gave it a few months, and like half the products in each box were anti-aging (not to mention, all the Oscar de la Renta grandma perfumes). not sure what it's like now, but I don't think I'll miss it lol.
  10. ughh she just changed the box on my account--but she clearly didn't read my email, as I specifically noted that I still received one item different from the card that came with the box. wish they were consistent with these things! oh well
  11. Has anyone else ever received the wrong box? If so, what is Birchbox's policy--do they just give you like 50 BB points or say "sorry, nothing we can do?". Funny--not only did I receive the wrong box, I partially received the wrong contents, according to the slip of paper it came with . I was really looking forward to trying the Supergoop CC cream (I'm lazy about SPF lol), but I received the Mirenesse glossy kiss in "Scarlett" instead. Which I think is a bit of an improvement from the box I was supposed to get, but I don't wear dark red lipsticks. I'll probably put it up for trade or something.
  12. I think it looks gorgeous, but it could potentially be too costumey for an everyday look.
  13. I don't think you're ever too old as long as you pull it off tastefully. I mean, you don't want to look like this: be mindful of your work atmosphere though. as long as your boss is lenient go for it .

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