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    My name is Brittnay, I'm 23. I enjoy doing makeup but usually very dramatic makeup. I do a lot of online challenges which has led me to win some pretty cool stuff. I have done things from weddings to kids parties haha. The crazier the makeup is the more fun I have doing it.

    I live in Pennsylvania with my boyfriend of 6 years Jama. We have a cute little rescued Greyhound named Mariachi :D
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    Besides makeup lets see... I love to read. Specifically about World Mythology or Psychology. I'm also obsessed with checking out National Geographic for news about deep sea creatures or new species.

    I love being outdoors in the woods hiking or canoeing, biking around and like playing some sports like Badminton, Volleyball, Chinlone/Sipa/Sepak takraw...whatever you call it depending on the region.
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    I am a part time makeup artist and part time babysitter for my 2 cute little nephews!
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    Feel free to check it out. Hope you enjoy.
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  1. " I tend to do weird things when I'm bored" ----hahaha I sooooo relate! But see! ...Look what awesomeness happened ^ My favorite is prob the cupcake one...wayy too fun
  2. Yay I actually made the deadline! So i used my neighbor as a model again The flower on the shoulder is done in a black eyeliner. The design on the side of the eye is a mix between the black and a white eyeliner but the color on the eyes is just a white shadow mixed with a grey glitter. She has the most adorable shaped lips lol!
  3. Wanted to try this look on my neighbor. She has these adorable shaped lips! This is Delila, (she's only 15 yrs old can you believe it!) My neighbors are basically an extension of my family, we have the best neighbors ever...soo lucky. First one is my entry...second one i doctored up a bit. May not have turned out exactly how i hoped, but we had a fun time anyways!
  4. Whoa that's pretty cool... Thanks to those who voted for me!!! I actually did this theme in a smaller group similar to this one when I first started doing makeup and I just wanted to give it another go. I think I have the picture around somewhere if I find it i'll post it haha. I think I can do better the second time around I can think of a few faces i'd really like to see do this one....but i have no idea what their usernames are lol Hopefully we just get more and more entries as time goes on One last thing Happy Thanksgiving!
  5. Same here! These have been so fun and a great excuse to just practice makeup. I have so many ideas always floating about aimlessly in my head, these are a great form of expression. Hope to see more and more people join in and see what you guys are capable of. So many of you have such amazing talent it's crazy!!!! I wish I did more with my makeup.....some people had mentioned starting a youtube channel but eh, I don't think I'd be very good at it haha! Anyone on here have a youtube channel? I would be interested in checking it out.
  6. Im glad I got to enter this one before we got hit by hurricane sandy. I just got power back but we made off really lucky. Some damage but we're safe, at home, and our water is clean so Im thankful! Anyone else near the storm? @GlitzGlam -I agree the eyebrows are very unique, my favorite things about this look have got to be the lips Awesome job! @Rae1216- Aww, it does look interesting but it is very hard to really make out the details because the picture ended up being a bit dark. I'm so glad you decided to enter though, and would like to see more, so if possible stick around and try the next one too! The more the merrier @CallmeMrsAL- I love that second photo haha, you can really see the blending between the colors...however the first picture is nice because you can see the cheek color better in my opinion. You do pull it off very, very well! Good luck everyone!

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