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  1. " I tend to do weird things when I'm bored" ----hahaha I sooooo relate! But see! ...Look what awesomeness happened ^ My favorite is prob the cupcake one...wayy too fun
  2. Yay I actually made the deadline! So i used my neighbor as a model again The flower on the shoulder is done in a black eyeliner. The design on the side of the eye is a mix between the black and a white eyeliner but the color on the eyes is just a white shadow mixed with a grey glitter. She has the most adorable shaped lips lol!
  3. Wanted to try this look on my neighbor. She has these adorable shaped lips! This is Delila, (she's only 15 yrs old can you believe it!) My neighbors are basically an extension of my family, we have the best neighbors ever...soo lucky. First one is my entry...second one i doctored up a bit. May not have turned out exactly how i hoped, but we had a fun time anyways!
  4. Whoa that's pretty cool... Thanks to those who voted for me!!! I actually did this theme in a smaller group similar to this one when I first started doing makeup and I just wanted to give it another go. I think I have the picture around somewhere if I find it i'll post it haha. I think I can do better the second time around I can think of a few faces i'd really like to see do this one....but i have no idea what their usernames are lol Hopefully we just get more and more entries as time goes on One last thing Happy Thanksgiving!
  5. Same here! These have been so fun and a great excuse to just practice makeup. I have so many ideas always floating about aimlessly in my head, these are a great form of expression. Hope to see more and more people join in and see what you guys are capable of. So many of you have such amazing talent it's crazy!!!! I wish I did more with my makeup.....some people had mentioned starting a youtube channel but eh, I don't think I'd be very good at it haha! Anyone on here have a youtube channel? I would be interested in checking it out.
  6. Im glad I got to enter this one before we got hit by hurricane sandy. I just got power back but we made off really lucky. Some damage but we're safe, at home, and our water is clean so Im thankful! Anyone else near the storm? @GlitzGlam -I agree the eyebrows are very unique, my favorite things about this look have got to be the lips Awesome job! @Rae1216- Aww, it does look interesting but it is very hard to really make out the details because the picture ended up being a bit dark. I'm so glad you decided to enter though, and would like to see more, so if possible stick around and try the next one too! The more the merrier @CallmeMrsAL- I love that second photo haha, you can really see the blending between the colors...however the first picture is nice because you can see the cheek color better in my opinion. You do pull it off very, very well! Good luck everyone!
  7. I do apologize for them looking so grainy. I had no more batteries for my digital camera so used my old laptop's webcam to snap the shots lol. Oh well, gotta improvise right? Editing done was cropping and brightening because it was just way too dark before. Can't believe my bindi's actually came in handy after all these years! haha. So i used Fit Me foundation and concealer... i believe that is from Maybeliene? with NYX powdered metallic pigments, yellow and orange. Elf black mascara and eyeliner with red Make Up Forever eyeliner. Random dollar store lip gloss (Melon scented...very important)
  8. Hey! No ranting here just honestly wanted to post a new thread that may help anyone thinking about getting a dog. I'm specifically promoting Greyhounds in my post but pets can make a huge turn around in your life in such a positive way! Such unconditional love! Even if Greyhounds aren't your breed may I suggest really considering rescuing? There are tons of animals in rescue shelters waiting to be taken home. Anyone who is thinking about a larger breed dog however keep reading and I'll inform you on my experience so far with my own Greyhound. If you have any rescue stories of your own, or advice for pet owners or soon to be pet owners please share!!!!! This is Mariachi. We (my boyfriend and I) call her Mare for short. She is 7 years old. We adopted her when she was 4. She lived in Florida and was used for racing. She has tatoos in her ears by which we can go online and see where she raced, who, what place she got (5th was her best) If she was a great racer, they would have kept her for mass breeding. She was not however and thankfully passed a test which saved her life. She was healthy and friendly enough that she could be adopted out. However thousands (yes thousands) are killed each year. Some states have banned the tracks, some have not. Not all tracks are bad!!!!! There are a few very reputable tracks which take terrific care of their dogs. But there are many more which treat the dogs horribly. Going as far as drugging the dogs to rig races. A man a saw recently at a Greyhound event had this cutie black and white greyhound with horrible scarring around the neck. He continued to tell me an awful story of when he was in Spain about a year ago when he saw the dog he was walking hung on a tree. Realizing the dog was still alive, cut the rope and saved this greyhound. Here, the owner was using the dog for hunting and since the dog was getting old had no use for him anymore and hung him on the tree to die. There was no law against this where they were. I was so happy to see the greyhound so happy and healthy!! I had no idea how many different shades Greyhounds come as, and apparently the actualy "blue" or "grey" Greyhounds are actually more rare. Mariachi here is considered to be red, and actually have been asked by little kids if she's part deer! They are white and black and some amazing brindle patterns. Mariachi is about 63lbs of lean muscle and can run about 35mph now, but at her peak could have ran about 45mph! WARNING: Huge couch potatos!!!!!! After getting their walk or run in they will just basically lay around the house all day. Mare will steal all the blankets for herself. She is also not very good with other breeds of dog! This is not uncommon when getting a Greyhound, after all they only grow up usually with other Greyhounds. Smaller dogs will tend to look like rabbits to them haha! So there is a TON more that can be said about Greyhounds and my adorable girl, but I'll leave the thread open to some discussion. Want to keep this positive so please voice your input about your experiences. Also any Greyhound specific questions you'd like to ask me, go for it and i'll try to answer the best I can. Have a beautiful day everyone!
  9. Wow, looks like a great basket. Nice variety of different products, some I have never even heard of honestly. Sparitual and Dr. Teal's brands I'm unfamiliar with. Others like Nexxus and Redken I know quite well. Sampling these would be great, i love to know how i'm going to like the product before going out and buying. It would be a lucky person to win this!

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