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  1. i was eleven ... it wasnt full tongue make out but it wasnt a peck it was mostly lips but lasted quite long but moved not just stood there but i was walking into town from school with my friend who was 2 years older than me i was in 6th grade and he 8th it was raining hard and alot by the time we were where we were trying to get we both were soaked so we went undercover for a little and he started screwing around with a pay phone i told him to stop wed get in trouble he didnt so i went over and pulled him and said stop again so he hugged me around my waist where every girl dreams a guy would hug her and held my hips and said "would you be mad if i kissed you" and i said "n-" before i could answer he went for the kiss it was so romantic and he was soo sweet but now hes an ass hole and man whore i only wish every girl had someone like that to share that moment with we were only friends though so it sadly turned into nothing more than a kiss and our friendship for the next year and half ! dont worry girls who are still waiting! it will happen and it will be the best PS. my first "kiss" on a dare was probably when i was about eight one of the neighborhood boys and i got dared too kiss lol
  2. well i was in grade gour when i started getting interested before that my 2 sisters who are much older and my mum would put make up on me for fun but i remember grade four i started asking my mum if i could get some make up she said no of course but i am very persistant so she said very little why dont you ask ur sisters if they have some old stuff so i did ask they didnt so i went and bought some lick smackers eye shadow pallet and some tinted lip gloss that was good for me i got my fix until grade six i started wearing everything pretty much but i did it tastefully i did not wear foundation i wore a little powder concealer because i didnt want to have a shiny face and no liquid liner only pencil on the bottom also no crazzzzyyy red lipstick or anything and i wasnt aloud to wear it to church my mum tried to not let me wear it to school but me being the 11 year old snot i was(still am 2 years later) i didnt listen and finally my mum was kinda like its better then drugs... its not messing with her school work so whatever and grade seven i started to wear foundation BUT only mousse i did not like liquid and im alot more experianced with all that stuff liquid just gives you NARSTY cake face i use whatever i want to now but my parents cant really stop me lol but i got my period before grade four and everyone told me i was a women now and all that kind of thing so i thought i had to grow up but i look back MAN I WISH I HAD MORE OF A CHILDHOOD! since i was little i was trying tobe like my sisters who were sooo much older so i didnt really "play" i did art and sang and modeled i loved the modeling i wish i still could but i am much too self concouse and feel there are too many thing that are wrong about me... but im okay i guess lol
  3. i personally LOVE tampax pearl COMPAK they are waay better they get bigger all around (including longer) so u have to put them up quite high but i have never leaked with those but with tampax pearl plastic oh god i leaked almost every time they seriously expand width wise and sometime hurt not usually but they have the bread and it just draws all the .... periodness... there and down the strin and out not to mention the braid makes you itchy and its BLUE?!?!?! a little concerning. so i wil NEVER buy regs again only compak of tampax brand ps the compak have a "skirt" which i dont even feel cuz the muscles just dont let it go around anywhere and everywhere lol
  4. i honestly think mine beats all of yours no offence but.... warning: graphic!!! so i was at home most of that day it was a heavy day not really a big deal just alot cramps stuff like that and BAM things turned into a monsoon i took one of my mums super plus tampons and a extra absorbency and my mum was in the front yard i was gonna go talk to her and heres this guy from telus trying to sell it to them i might add this guy was young veryy hot had a cool car and everything so i thought whatever i should be protected for a couple hours and my parents started really looking into this and talking to him so they invited him in so that was all fine and everything well i was standing in the doorway from the kitchen and dining room and my mum went to get something so i was there it was awkward and whatever all of a sudden i feel this drip od my toe and im thinking "what the hell is that?" (i was wearing a dress) i look down its blood i start to feel it come down my thigh so im squirming and it felt like forever and my mum finally came back and i just said really fast "ill be back in a minute..." pretty well ran to the bathroom it was dripping onto the floor like looked as if someone was dying i thought okay ill clean this up after i get in the shower ill lock the door it will be fine... i decided on not coming out untill the guy was gone incase he saw so i sat on the toilet took out the tampon that looked like it was bleeding not me put in the toilet wrapped up my pad threw my pantys in the sink of water and i can reach the faucets from the toilet so i turned the shower on hopped in there stood in there for at least a half hour just blood and clots coming out it was horrible so when i was done and the guy was gone i called for my mum to bring me a towel when she came into the bathroom my head was poking and i said "DONT STE- too late..." she had already stepped in the blood so she took her flip flop off and left it in the bathroom i felt horrible and promised i would clean it up and she said no i will hunny its okay so i put in another super plus tampon and a big pad we go to the store because there was like one super plus left and OF COURSE she had to be on her period too so we went to the store faught about which ones i needed balhblahblah so i got the ones i like and dont normally leak those worked well after that i was mortified me being 13 having this happen... it happend about a month ago even now i can look back and sorta laught but at the same time have the embarrassed feeling again...
  5. i persanolly would freaking LOVE these but then again i am REALY open about my period compared to most girls my age(12-14) im 13 and ive had mine since i was 8 but really like someone said "just left it in my room for me to find" would be awesome and i most definatly disagree about "the cute pads/tampons being pointless" well i personally love for the first three days to take tylenol/advil + pepto bismol/gravol because i puke and not eat but for the other 5 days of it i love doing girly things my nails facials anything that makes me feel feminine or clean so the "cute" ones are an awesome idea as for the chocolate and menstrual book i think it could go without BUT i think just putting a little notebook to record there cycle and things like that i think its better than having a book on "female menstruation" i find that awkward like its intimadating the medical words and stuff we do need to know like our uterus and overies and all that jazz but call it something else and find stuff that makes it feel like its chill not science class and the wipes those make me personally feel dirtier when im on the rag because you feel wet and kinda like "OMG IM LEAKING!" feeling to who ever said i already have a purse i think she was meaning more so a little makeup bag of somesort am i correct? thats what i would do if im not correct because my mum when i got it my mum took me to the store because i only had one of her huge ass pads what i thought was a maxipad which is actually a smaller pad than maxis (ive NEVER used a maxi and NEVER will but ive seen them) i was only 8 so i had a little body! lol bottom line great idea! just modify it! good luck ps ebay is kind of a weird idea id go more street market local ads on the internet stuff like that!
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