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  1. So I decided to just go for it eventually and we started going out at the Christmas party which was lovely but we broke up near the end of January but dont worry we were both happy to stop, I guess your heart can lead you the wrong way sometimes x
  2. Aw no sorry I don't know them. Not that I'm packing now but when I do what kind of clothes should I pack we go on march 28 and come back on April 4 what will the weather be like kind of thing?
  3. What's there name ? And thanks to everyone else hopefully I'll enjoy it I've been before do I kinda know what to expect x
  4. Closer now seriously excited now!!!x
  5. would this be about a little boy called kieran that is in our class? x
  6. some more: i hate weddings,old people would poke me saying it'll you next' but they stopped when i started going up to them at funerals saying 'it'll be you next' if you friend request me on facebook and you profile picture is a car i'll assume you are a transformer awkward moment when wikipedia has copied your homework unless your name is google stop pretending you know everything cop pulls over a drink driver Cop :have you been drinking? Man: no Cop: papers Man:scissors,i win i dream of a better tomorrow where chickens can cross the road and not have their motives questioned dear internet users, one day you will regret not reading me! yours faithfully ,Terms and Conditions i don't make typos i make new words when i was a kid i used to sing- a b c d e f g h i j k elemeno p if couples that are in love are called love birds then couples who fall out should be called angry birds on the 12th day of Christmas my facebook gave to me 12 dudes im blocking ,11 friends just watching, 10 corny topics, 9 busted barbies, 8 friends complaining, 7 stalkers stalking, 6 party invites, 5 dramaaaa queens, 4 game requests, 3 photo tags , 2 friends a poking and a creep inboxing me
  7. im not wearing either of them but my bestfriend(annaxox) is wearing the blue one x
  8. oh well mines is nicer! kidding on haha you'll look stunning!x
  9. thanks:) i'll let you know what i decide to do x
  10. rest in peace and a massive thanks to all soldiers who fought for our country so we could live in a united world.<3 good luck and thank-you to all those who have left their families behind to fight in Iraq wars and others around the world, fingers crossed you will return home safely,you are doing such an amazing job! <3 sympathy to all the soldiers families who live in fear of bad news, stay strong!<3 get better soon to all those in hospital with injuries due to war<3 to uncle craig ; thinking of you everyday, all of us are so proud of you, hope your okay and when you come home i'll be waiting with a huge smile and a big hug!love you millions x
  11. oh im not sure, what would i say because i dont want it to be awkward? x
  12. we're always talking and he asks for hugs and that sort of thing but you know boys x
  13. i like a boy and i think he might like me back but im not sure, i dont know whether to tell him or not? im not really good at that sort of conversation:L help please?x
  14. shes stunning with her middle parting!x
  15. i'll post loads of photos dont worry haha:L,ive heard that too but im still really looking forward to it:)and thankyou xx
  16. im buzzing for the paris trip even though its in march:L! Anyone been before?x
  17. im not sure yet? was thinking a gypsy or policewoman.my best friend is going as dorothy from the wizard of oz i'll post some pictures:)x
  18. thanks for the video thats really helpful:)! i went into town with some friends today and saw some lovely purple feather earrings that would match the dress perfectly but if i choose blue i'll probably make my own so thanks for the details and i definitely will put pictures on!x
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