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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by Esthylove I'm adopted too! I'm really thankful that I was! Me too! And I am totally thankful every day!!! As for raiding my mom's makeup... not really because she really didn't use that much. But my older sister..... that's a different story. I totally used to raid her makeup draw in her room. She was really into makeup when I was little so it was like a candy store. But I totally had to sneak it, because she hated it when I would go into her room, never mind into her draws...lol sometimes she would come home when I was in the middle of getting made up and I would have to scramble to get everything back in time.... a couple of times I ended up having to climb out the window...LOL
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by TammyH2144 This is my Easter mani... Revlon SH White on White, Cafe Pink, Rimmel I Lilac You and another Rimmel that I dont have a name for (the blue). My first gradient... I really need to practice this, but I like it for a first try. I think they look awesome! I really love the colors and the gradient came out really well! omg... you should have seen my first attempt at a gradient - I couldn't get it off fast enough..lol
  3. your skin looks soooooo pretty!! I have dry skin too and was afraid of trying this foundation because of it... but I heard from some others that it worked really well with dry skin... from your pic it clearly does! I actually tried to match up the KVD colors when I was at Sephora last but could not find a color that worked well with my skin tone... As for the Ben Nye powder... I have not tried it - but I definitely think I will!
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by SunshineCitizen Hi! Thought I'd share my Easter mani that I have at the moment. The past couple of weeks I wasn't able to find time to do my nails, so I was really excited to create this Easter bunny nail art after a nail art hiatus If anyone is interested there is a tutorial for this nail art design on my youtube channel, I know that for the skilled it really isn't a problem to do this freehand, but i always struggle painting my right hand so I am really fond of making my own DIY nail art stickers to use. Nail Polish used: essence base coat 24/7, NYC , white acrylic paint for the rabbits, and acrylic paint for the pennant banner, Gabbriella Salvete top coat omg....sooooo cute!!!! I love them!
  5. omg...its so hard to say. I really love purples and I wear them anytime of year. I like greys too, but they have to be the right shade. In summer I love coral and certain oranges but it really depends on my mood. During the winter...it is so fun to play with the more darker shades.
  6. I've been using Makeup Forever's HD foundation for a long time and have always really loved it. I have not had any problems with my skin at all, but I know my sister used to use it and she stopped - and I think it was because she was having some problems with blackheads as well. She has been using Tarte Amazonian foundation and really loves it -she gets full coverage and it seems to be kind to her skin. She has been trying to get me to switch - I actually tried it at Sephora 2 weeks ago and I really loved to color match - I'm thinking of giving it a try.
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by ScoutSays Small Marshall's buy this weekend. Got this Pixi Seasonal Reflection Kit (originally $22.00, now $5.99) and this super cute ceramic stacking owl measuring cup set (originally $18, now $7.99). I love Marshall's/Home Goods! omg...that owl set is soooo cute! I wanted to stop at Marshall's this weekend... we went right past it, but despite my pleading, my sister wouldn't stop
  8. Originally Posted by TammyH2144 I like this one! Is it grey or more black looking? I'm trying to find a nice "grey", but sometimes they just turn out blah on my skin tone. I know exactly what you are talking about....that some "greys" that look really pretty in the bottle end up looking totally blah once on. This color is definitely grey and not "black looking" at all - although the intensity of the grey color definitely changes in the different lighting. Last night when putting it on it was a bit darker, but in the sunshine today it definitely looks lighter - but both are really pretty and "alive". I really love this color - its the best grey I have ever tried for sure! Quote: Originally Posted by Christa W It's definitely one of those that looks different in different lighting but it's gray. Here are two examples of the same polish. I hope it helps. In a lightbox, it looks more charcoal or graphite I think. Reminds me of pencil lead. In direct sunlight. As you can see it lightens up quite a bit. I don't have Dahlia which is the black pixie dust but I do have the Nicole by OPI version which is similar and side by side they look nothing alike. This is one of my favorite polishes. But I am a sucker for gray polish. I definitely agree that the color really depends on the lighting - those 2 pics definitely shows it. It looked more like the first pic when I applied it last night, but right now it definitely is much lighter - like the second pic. I'm definitely a sucker for grey polish as well
  9. Quote: Originally Posted by Bikerchic I'm not wearing Zoya at the moment, I've got Butter London Inky Six on my fingers and Cake Hole on my toes. But I do love me some Zoya! I think my faves are Storm, Dream, and Neve. I also really like Trixie and Cassidy. I LOVE my Zoya Neve.... my absolutely favorite polish!!! Now that I'm thinking about it...i'm going to put it on when I get home..... my nail are actually looking pretty good for the moment so I cant wait
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by elfbarbie07 thank you! I have naked 2+3 and I decided now was the time to get 1 while I had the coupon and before Ulta raises the price. i definitely rely on the naked 1 a lot.... the warm neutral colors just seem to be perfect for me. I also really love 2 as well with its more drastic light and dark shadows - I have been wanting to get 3 but have not as of yet... I should really be looking for a coupon!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by elfbarbie07 I just ordered from Ulta... oops. Now I seriously need NO MORE MAKEUP ORDERS. My mom is like "didn't you just order from ulta?! and sephora..." and it's highly embarrassing. So no more. I hope this shows up without being huge... so oops. Hehe.....I've said the same thing so many times before... lol my mom used to definitely flip out over my addiction! anyhow... good luck! I just wanted to say that I have the Naked pallet and it is awesome so you will definitely enjoy it and I also just bought this past weekend Danke-Shiny Red polish from OPI's Germany Nail Lacquer collection and am wearing it right now... awesome color - very vibrant!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by MeaghanBrown I've been using the green covergirl, and sometimes use the orange one. I do want to use others, but they're so expensive yeah... I know what you mean... the higher end mascara's are sooooo expensive. I really can't believe how much I spend on them.. I try not to think about it.
  13. Hi and welcome! What an awesome goal... I think you will meet a lot of like-minded people here!!!
  14. I like my nails longer...but not too long. I used to have a horrible time with biting my nails, so I could never keep them long, but I managed to get over that with a lot of work!! so now I really enjoy keeping them long. But I must admit, I spend a lot of time with them, keeping the edges smooth and the cuticle soft and clean.
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