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  1. That would be alright. Would the shaft absorb any color at all?
  2. I'm looking for as bright a red as I can get
  3. Hello everyone! So I'm looking into dying my hair red again. I used the Ion Color Brilliance Permanent dye about a year ago. Since then, my hair has grown out a few inches and the color has faded quite a bit. My natural color is a dark brown (up at the roots) and the part that has been colored before is medium brown (the shaft). Now here are some of the questions I had: Have any of you used a really good red boxed hair dye? I want to do it myself because I have long hair (and inch above my belly button) Will the dye take to the shaft since it has been done multiple times? Any tips for a good even color? Or an at-home color in general? Thank you!
  4. I found this link on pinterest. It has some DIY scrubs you can make that are supposed to help. I haven't heard anything about if they work or not, but it might be worth a try? Â
  5. Hi ladies, I'm looking for a good matte eyeshadow palette. Just some neutrals, high end or drugstore. Thanks!
  6. I've been seeing a lot of things on Pinterest lately about straightening your hair naturally. They say if you mix 2 teaspoons (maybe its tablespoons, I'm not sure) with one cup of water and spray it on damp hair and let it air dry, you can avoid using heat. Have any of you tried it? And if so, did it work? I want to try it, but I'm afraid it will make my hair sticky.
  7. So I just recently got a Hot Tools 1 inch curling iron, and I'm wondering how I should use it. Do you have any tips for different ways to do voluminous curls, tight curls, or just every day curls? I'm looking to get a couple of different looks.
  8. I have this problem, and I still can't find the perfect way to do it. I've been applying my mascara and curling it after it dries, but I've heard that it's bad for your lashes:( It works, but makes if a little clumpy, too.
  9. Lately, I've had some real trouble getting my eyelashes to curl. I pumping it two or three times, but that doesn't seem to do the trick. I tried holding it down for 20 seconds, and the curl fell right out. The only way I've had any luck is letting my mascara dry and then holding it down for 20 seconds, but I'm sure that's awful to do. I've gone through 3 different curlers and nothing is doing the trick:( What should I do?
  10. It was online, but only for their chat party. It sold out before i could place my order:(

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