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    Microbiology, Cosmetic Chemistry, Make Up, Fashion Design, Choral Singing, Web Design, Corsetry
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    Marathon-watching of shows such as: Doctor Who, Torchwood, Arrested Development, How I Met Your Mother, etc when I'm not working as a lab technologist. ;)
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    1.OCC's Fondue and Botanical Lip Tars
    2. MAC Danger Zone mineralize eyeshadow
    3. MAC Full Chocolate lipstick
    4. Pigments. Particularly OJ MAC
    5. More Z-palettes!
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    NYC, OCC, Urban Decay, MAC, MUFE, Ben Nye, Inglot
  1. Dunno whether I should be happy that my job causes my nails to look even more ridged and fragile and good for the study on nails I did, but I was super excited about the package I just got from the UPS man now. 5 products are skincare (3 of them by lancome) the other 3 items are makeup by lancome: eye quint in earthy tones, hypnose star mascara, and artliner. Can't wait to start using this stuff! (For reference I've been signed to this program for ten months and this is the second time I've qualified for a study and gotten stuff so it'll definitely happen, worry not. Just seemingly not much in the beginning.)
  2. How many eyeshadow palettes do you have and which ones? 19 (but only 16 I currently use) + 7 in an Inglot Tower + 6 I hope to sell Of the 19, 4 of them and my Inglot tower (7 10-pan freedom palettes) house pan-only shades or depots (like all my mac shadows and some nyx). These are usually for when I'm traveling to another state for more than 2-days. Of the rest of the palettes, which are smaller, I usually bring like 1 or 2 with me to work if I haven't had time to get ready in the morning. That's their purpose. So they all get used at some point during the week. And then there's like two palettes I don't use. One is an ELF palette with not so great pigmentation that I got for free with a code, and it's more like a decorative thing, and my Vice palette because I got turned off from ever using it after it became a sold out LE item. Is there a point where you stop yourself from buying more than you already have? Do you use the ones you have frequently enough for them to be worth having? I'd say this is the point I've stopped myself at. I have just the right palettes I wanted for all the specific travel uses I need. At this point the only thing I'm considering is possibly transferring my 67 Inglot shadows from the 'Holy Tower' into something way less heavy and more portable like the Makeup Forever empty magnetic palette that I bought and have yet to use.
  3. Oh boy. Keep in mind, much of this accumulated from when I worked and had my kit. Now that I don't, it sits here nice and pretty waiting to be used (including my poor brushes). I'm not counting samples, misc. items, moisturizing, cleaning, or lashes, or I will never end this post: Face Primers: 2 Foundations (airbrush and moisturizers, all OCC): 9 Concealers: 2 (for self, MAC), 3 (palettes, MUFE), 2 (wheels, Ben Nye) Setting Powder: 2 Blushes/Contour: 28 (Nars, Too Faced, Inglot, Tarina Tarantino) Lip Liners: 28 (NYX, Too faced, OPI, etc) Lipstick: 51 (MAC, NYX, Inglot, etc) Lip Tars: 74 (OCC) Lip Glosses: 25 (NYX, MUFE, etc) Eye Primers: 3 (Too Faced) Eyeshadows: eff this! lol 102 depotted and/or made for magnetic palettes (Inglot, MAC, NYX - on magnetic palettes). Premade palettes: 15 (Urban Decay, Sugarpill, Sleek, Lorac, Bare Minerals, Stila, Too Faced) Eye Shadow Singles: 56 (NYX, Urban Decay, MUFE) Loose Powder: 75 (MAC, OCC, Fyrinnae, Shiro, Selfies) Glitter: 22 (OCC, Claire's Stacks) Eyeliner: Pencils: 38 (NYX, MAC, Urban Decay, Prestige) Liquid: 9 (MUFE, Revlon, etc) Pots: 7 (Inglot, L'Oreal, MAC, Bobbi Brown) Cream Eyeshadow: 14 (Maybelline, NYX, Nars, etc) Mascaras: 6 (Dior, Stila, Covergirl) Brushes: 63 (OCC, Royal & Langnickel, Real Techniques, ELF Studio, Urban Decay, Essence, MUFE, etc) Other Creams: Palette: 1 (MUFE) Wheels: 4 (Ben Nye) Sticks/Pots: 4 (MUFE) ^ I think that counts for everything I leave at my disposal, lol.
  4. I want to say bold brows. Bold brows help frame my face better against bother brighter and darker makeup (which is my norm when I'm not at work). Actually, no, technically I should just go with the word bold. My lips are usually right in your face bright, it's never the same color, sometimes is colors most people would never use, but that is just how i work. Also I have thick glasses frames, so it off-sets the bright in the eyes giving me the allowance to make my lips bold as well/.
  5. I'm only ever hesitant about buying old "new" products if its a liquid formula, and the ingredients very clearly fell out of suspension. Granted this can happen with new makeup too, but in certain cases like with foundations and such, it just won't work as well. Otherwise, if it's new and very clearly unopened and unused then I don't have a problem buying it. Because most of the time, products go bad through use (how often you open and use the item) as opposed to how long it's sat there on the shelf.
  6. In truth we can't give you an average in income. This is where you'll need to do your homework and find out how much MUAs make for bridal work in your specific city (as this will vary from place to place). You don't want to undercharge or it'll screw every other MUA over in the process (including yourself in the long run). However, don't overcharge if your skills are still developing. This is something you'll have to figure out for yourself. Now, though you want to do this part-time, I would say up until that point start getting your portfolio well put together. Work with some photographers in your area on a TF basis (which can help you out in the long run if some of them do wedding photography and can refer you to their clients). Network on your spare time so that when you do decide to pursue this full force you'll have contacts.
  7. I always highly suggest either Inglot or NYX. NYX makes ridiculously bright mattes that just wear so well. I do suggest looking through beauty stores for the NYX mattes because quite a few seem to be discontinued from the website.
  8. For me there are a few: Milani Sun Goddess eyeshadow: and eyeshadow that most other shimmery/metallics should ever hope to be. Lovely buttery texture, zero fallout, and with oily lids I could wear it for hours upon hours with no creasing. MAC Chocolate Love: why did they discontinue this before I had the chance to buy it? WHHHAAAYYYYY? MAC Danger Zone Baked e/s Trio: Incredibly pigmented, not at all dry like most baked formulas. I wish I had the chance to buy this because for a photoshoot once and MUA used the trio on me and it looked ridiculously good.
  9. I'll never understand the point of buying fake mac if you know you're buying fake mac. If you're sincerely looking for cheaper makeup, then go to a place like Inglot where at least you don't have to worry about what random fake manufacturer in whatevercountry is putting into the product you're buying. Besides, MAC has been building up a bad reputation as of late for repromoting the same things multiple times a year and bumping up the prices. Why in heavens would you want fake MAC knowing this? Either buy real stuff or buy from another brand. It's that simple. Besides, no matter how good your fake is, anyone who likes mac will be able to tell you that you own a fake. So it's fooling no one.
  10. I always found clear as a way of sheering lip tars. Like if you wanted just a light hint of something on the lips or cheeks then you use clear to sheer the color out. Otherwise, it functions as any other gloss. If you wear it over your lip tar, then wait for the color lip tar to dry down and then apply the clear.
  11. Could also depend on your usual makeup look. Usually with bold lips you never want to do bold eyes or cheeks. Unless you're into the editorial fad. But also I feel that you have to be very okay with the bold look and really attempt to own it regardless of what other people may think (or judging yourself based on their opinions). I'd say, experiment at home and post some pics in a thread and see what the makeup comm has to say. We're way cooler than the general public anyway.
  12. I wear purple pretty often. But a couple times have left home with green or blue. Ever since Inglot launched their line of blue lipsticks I've died and a half because there's literally a blue for every tone. And finally I can wear one nicely.
  13. I think making your own makeup is a cheaper option, but it's also a good option for people who really like to customize their colors. I've done it. Bought a bunch of pigments from TKB mixed them and made some utterly fabulous pigments the way I like them and in colors I haven't often seen (like a true shimmery dark blue without glitter flecks). As mentioned above, it is rather messy though. But perfect if you're one of those artsy types that liked making a mess in art classes in school.
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