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  1. I usually use a lotion that will help in maintaining a good moisture for my skin. During winter, I eat a lot of good fruits and stay warm as much as possible.
  2. Of course yes, If you don't know how to use an SPF50 then instead of protecting your skin, it may do more harm. You should read instructions on using it and why should you control yourslef on using it on your skin.
  3. Hair threading is becoming very popular in the Western areas right now. Before they don' consider it much, but now - whoa - the popularity is no doubt making it the best options for those looking for it. And guess what -results are really great.
  4. Proper diet does not mean following certain food limits or setting something from an expert. Proper diet is somewhat following the food pyramid needs, having proper exercise, enough sleep, balanced meals, and self-discipline.
  5. If any type of cream does not work, maybe use herbal solutions. I mean try using papayas by rubbing it on your sunburned skin, or whatsoever you can do for it to recover your skin appearance.
  6. Hmm. I have never heard of it yet. Is it a new brand? Of what beauty products? I don't usually use products that are barely known to other people as well. I kinda scared of using such products.
  7. You can try use OLAY anti aging cream - probably will help you out on your problem. Aging the most common problem that we will all encounter. What we can do is to reduce signs of aging ..
  8. You might have some allergies, or rhenitis, or maybe some respiratory problems? Since such fragrances itches you expecially on strong odors, it maybe that you really have some lung problems. Better consult the doctor about it to make sure.
  9. My mother gave me a silk pillow before with really good quality fabric. I loved using it and up until now it's worthy using it. I still have the pillow and looking forward to have lots of it.
  10. I love the styles of the hand bags.. Probably make it more personalize as well will make me love them more and buy all of them.
  11. Brushing your teeth before going to sleep is very important and everyone should be doing it out of being a habit but a must. It's proper hygiene. If you don't want to probably develop bad breath in the future, you should start brushing your teeth before going to sleep now. Or else, [stinks] .. This may also, in the near future, if you have a partner already, may disappoint him or her. Here is a plus for you people who don't brush their teeth: http://www.stepstoahealthiersalinas.org/brush-teeth-sleeping.html
  12. I guess I know what those people who don't want to smell like Snooki are telling about. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/11/08/the-scent-of-snooki-funny-or-die_n_1082171.html In my own view, she looks great, as long as she changes. Yeah - she should change- There is still hope for her anyways.
  13. Hmm. To help you out, I browse the Internet for some helpful tips, possibly helpful tips for you to get rid of your dark circles. Here:http://www.eyedarkcircles.com/99/how-to-get-rid-of-dark-circles-under-eyes/ Have some time to read it, it's not much of an effort but it might help you out. Thanks,
  14. Ahm, why not try Victoria's secret? Probably it might smell very romantic for your boy. Well to give you a broader list of choices, I would like to share you this one if you haven't seen this one yet. Thanks! *link removed by mod*
  15. Wow you know what I loved using the Laneige Snow BB Cream SPF 41 PA++ too. I actually had different types here in my houses - though I don't use them all, but I just really love it.
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