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  1. bellagia, that is one amazing train and beautiful dress
  2. Finally found my perfect nude shade yesterday, after a year of endless searching! I am SOOOO happy!! I got the Buxom Big & Healthy Lip Stick in "Marrakech." It's matte, so it has staying power, but it does feel a tiny bit dry so I use Rosebud Salve (can't live without that stuff!) over my lips to condition them. LOOOVE the color! The "Sydney" shade is also very pretty, and a little more of a pinky nude, if that's what you're looking for.
  3. I sometimes use Ardell (from Sally's or Target) or MAC but mostly get my eyelashes online because there's more selection and I hate driving to the store only to find out what I'm looking for is not there, which is too often the case.. plus, online eyelashes are usually cheaper. Sites i recommend for eyelashes (both ship super fast) MadameMadeline.com - i think most people know of this site. Good if you're looking for Ardell eyelashes. FalseEyelashesSite.com - my FAVORITE site so far bc they have lots of MAC and MUFE dupes (saves me a ton of money), they have sooo many styles (both normal and crazy ones), and IMHO, the site is just a lot easier to navigate than Madame Madeline.
  4. So far, i'm pretty much unimpressed with the Falseies mascara. The commercial is SO over-hyped, but we all know that no mascara can give you crazy big eyelashes like they show in the commercial, right? ;P the one thing i'll say about the Falsies mascara is that the waterproff version DOES NOT BUDGE. It's great for long-lasting wear and maybe even going into water with (beach or pool, although I haven't tried yet). But it's one pain in the butt to remove it at night. Still on my quest to find my HG masacara! Maybelline Falsies is not it, though.
  5. fake eyelashes are the best if you want to go for something that dramatic and separated.... i kinda don't know why you would only want 9 eyelashes, but this site has lot of what i think you're looking for (i hope the pictures show up! i'm a newbie here so im just hoping the pics will work but i'm not sure.. ) M060 there's one with 7 hairs. lol M075 and here's one with 6 hairs, lol. too few? and here's one with .... 11 hairs?
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