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  1. TacomaGirl

    Like it, love it, hate it, never watched it--TV shows

    Never watched it Naked and Afraid
  2. TacomaGirl

    Cities by ABC's

    Virginia City
  3. TacomaGirl

    Taget Samples

    My Pond's BB sample showed up in my mailbox no too long ago. You may still get it. Target is slow to send out samples for sure. I loved my sample and just bought the full size. For about $10 it's an inexpensive cream that really goes the distance.
  4. TacomaGirl

    Urban Decay Oz the Great & Powerful Palette

    Picked up a Glinda pallet for $24. I wanted this when it first came out, but the price was higher that my interest in it. Today they have a 6 hour sale (Buy one eyeshadow get a four pan and additional eyeshadow for free) The also have a purple skull, zip up hoodie I wanted. 8 eyeshadows, one hoodie, one refillable pallet, eye pencil and lip color for just about $100 after tax. That's a pretty great deal. Now I just have to wait for my package to arrive.
  5. TacomaGirl

    Urban Decay Moondust Eyeshadows

    Bought myself Zodiac for my birthday. I've worn it several times and have received compliments on my eye make up every time. There is moderate fallout, but it's mostly glitter, not so much pigment. I would buy other colors but only if there was a sale or prom code, not full price.
  6. TacomaGirl

    How Many Eye Palettes Do You Have?

    I have 9 Eye Pallets: Tokidoki: Lion Pappa Vegas Sephora: izak baked color notebook Powdery Eyeshadows and Sparkling Topcoats Stila + bp @ Nordstrom collectible pallete CARGO: Bermuda Kat Von D: Beethoven PACIFICA: <---My favorites by far Mystical Supernatural Eye Shadow Palette Enlighten Eye Brightening Mineral Eye Shadow Palette
  7. TacomaGirl

    Circular Swap Round 4: PacNW

    Ugh, that really sucks. You did a great job starting the box and put some fantastic stuff in there. I would have thought that getting the box from a moderator would be the most reliable way to go. I hope tgooberbut can get you a replacement box. You deserve it.
  8. TacomaGirl

    Circular Swap Round 4: PacNW

    Hey Souly, did you ever get the box?
  9. TacomaGirl

    All day wear at a reasonable price

    All day wear at a reasonable price
  10. TacomaGirl

    Beautyfix soliciting???

    I've been getting at least two phone calls a day from this number for at least a week. Arrgg!
  11. TacomaGirl

    Circular Swap Round 4: PacNW

    I PM'd MissLindaJean yesterday to see if she had received the box. Sent it out on the 20th and delivery confirmed on the 21st. Since I haven't seen anything posted I was wondering myself. Hopefully all is well.
  12. TacomaGirl

    Circular Swap Round 4: PacNW

    I'll be putting it in the post on Monday!
  13. TacomaGirl

    Circular Swap Round 4: PacNW

    I picked up the box from my Apartment's main office today. It came yesterday while I was at work, but by the time I came home from work the office was closed. There is some great stuff in this box! It's a large flat rate box and I just barely got it to closed. What I took out: What I put in: Sorry that pictures aren't the best. The lighting in my living room is terrible.
  14. TacomaGirl

    Circular Swap Round 4: PacNW

  15. TacomaGirl

    MakeUp Talk Mavens

    I was selected! I was eyeballing this exact display at Target the other day. I'm really looking forward to trying it out.
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