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    A 40-something year old gay crossdresser who adores makeup and all things feminine. It took a long time to admit and embrace who I am, but I have known all my life that I am a woman inside and I love that part of me more than anything.
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    Shopping, gardening, reading
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    Office manager
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    Too long to list!
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    VW Passat
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    The Notebook and Pure Country
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    Rock mostly but I also enjoy classical and country as well
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    Nicholas Sparks and a variety of Guidepost books like stories about angels among us type of stuff
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    I served in the military.
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  1. jlp0370

    Best way to make smaller shoulders?

    I agree with many of the comments and advice given here. You really do look just fine already; confidence in your presentation is just as important as your figure. I am a crossdresser too and I have to deal with similar challenges; I use some of the same techniques proposed such as camouflaging with effective types of clothing and, again, attitude in my presentation. It has worked for me for a long time. Good luck and don't be too hard on yourself. Enjoy your femininity and have fun! Hugs, Jen
  2. jlp0370

    New guy member saying hi

    Hello from a fellow crossdresser! I am so glad you found our wonderful site; the ladies here are very warm and welcoming. Good luck and best wishes as you begin/continue your journey into this wonderful world! Hugs, Jen
  3. jlp0370

    male looking for makeup help

    I agree with Carol; main stream MU stores such as MAC, Merle Norman, Sephora, etc are usually very good for makeup advice. Some wig shops are really good too; I've had lots of luck with them. I also second Carol's recommendation for seeking out stores that specifically focus on transformation services. Good luck and enjoy yourself! Hugs, Jen
  4. jlp0370

    Crossdressing curiosity????

    I have crossdressed as long as I can remember and cannot imagine a life without it. Unfortunately, my wife does not support this part of me but I still try to be as ladylike as I can at all times and I dress every chance I get and I get out. That hasn't happened much lately but I think about it every single day. I truly enjoy my femininity and wish I'd had the courage in my early years to tell my parents and then just be myself but I was scared of beaing beaten to death. Dad was a firm disciplinarian who I did not dare cross. He was (is) a big man and I am blessed with being the smallest male on both sides of my family for many generations and I have been told by many that I look and am built just like my Mother. So, I am usually confident when I go out; I simply try to be myself and it has worked for me so far! I have two wonderful daughters (17 & 21). I think they both know about my fem side by stumbling into things I didn' t intend for them to find but we've never talked about it. I feel for you Lori; I would have to walk a mile in your heels! I hope you get to live the joy you seek! Hugs, Jen
  5. jlp0370


    Welcome ladies; I don't get on here as often as I should, but you are definitely among friends here. My wife knows but doesn't really support my fem side; she actually ignores it but that's ok. Anyway, the ladies here are wonderfully welcoming. Have fun!
  6. jlp0370

    Drag Queens and Rockstars

    What a great thread! I agree with the comments on Chad Michaels, I would love to look an eigth as good. As for Bret Micheals...love his look and I always thought he was cute!
  7. jlp0370

    hey ladies just a little intro

    Hi Alayna, Welcome to MUT; I'm a crossdresser too and I can tell you this is an absolutely wonderful forum. The ladies here are all wonderfully helpful! Enjoy your stay! Hugs, Jen
  8. jlp0370

    Please help me look more feminine!

    I agree with the advice given above; maybe try some softer, prettier colors, work on your eyes and smile! I love your hair; you are on the road to sucess. Good luck!!
  9. jlp0370

    Hi from NoVa!

    Thank you to ALL of you wonderful ladies for the very warm welcomes; I look forward to participating! Hugs, Jen
  10. jlp0370

    Hi from NoVa!

    Thank you so much for the warm welcome Amanda! I look forward to having a great time here! Jen
  11. jlp0370

    FOTD- October 17, 2011

    Happy Birthday Jean! I adore your look; I'd like to steal it too! Beautiful creativity Corina and RainbowBrite; I love both looks! Awesome work Hezzie; I'm envious! Amaranthis, that simply looks like absolute fun! Great work ladies! Hugs, Jen
  12. jlp0370

    Hi from NoVa!

    Hello all, I am delighted to find this wonderful forum! I stumbled onto it while researching on Google. I am 41 years old, married and have two daughters. I enjoy shopping, reading and running. Nothing beats a girls day out shopping! I absolutely love cosmetics and the great variety it offers us. I look forward to participating, learning and sharing. Thanks for reading! Hugs, Jen
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