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  1. Regardless of how I'm spending V-Day, I want me some Lush!
  2. All these vendors are on Etsy. Serpentspirall – Makes the best dupes for Nars The Multiple that I have found, and they smell like Mm-mm-mm chocolate! TAT is super-quick—typically four days from date of order to my mailbox, and we are on opposite sides of the country. Mojospa – HUGE lip gloss pots, excellent-quality perfume oils, long-wearing lip tints, and delicious bath salts. TAT was around eight days, but then I ordered around Christmas so that might have slowed things down just slightly. Pink Bow Boutique – The best thing about Amy is that when you have an inquiry, she is immediate in following up on it—I have never had to wait more than half an hour for a response to any question. Her products are great too—if you like Jo Malone’s Lime Basil Mandarin, I urge you to check out the Pink Bow version. Her TAT is around 2 weeks, I have never had to wait longer. A Wing and a Prayer – Artisanal perfumes of the highest quality. They have a very “classic” feel to them, like something you can imagine an old-school film diva wearing back in the black-and-white heyday. They are a little on the pricey side, but there are great specials—I bought a set of three 1/8 oz sprays for $15. Etherealle – Inexpensive mineral makeup. Great package deals and some of the best lipstick I have found from an indie. Erzulie Cosmetics – Very fast TAT. She has something called Goddess Glow, a pink and slightly-shimmery lotion which will perk up tired skin without turning your face into a disco ball. I use it in place of base and love it. There are also great-quality lip-and-cheek colors and eye pencils.
  3. With all the fandom-inspired stuff out there, I would love to see how an indie perfumer would treat The Jetsons, specifically the episode with Jet Screamer. I want to know what a perfume called Eep Opp Ork Ah-Ah would smell like. (Edited for boneheaded spelling blunder!)
  4. Would anyone like to give a nice new home to a 1/8 ounce bottle of Sultana, which is a Lush dupe made by Sucreabeille? I like it but my husband is head-spinningly allergic. It has been applied once. Please PM me! ETA: we have a taker, thanks!!!
  5. The Cake is a Lie by One Hand Washes The Other, and Sweetness by Little Batch Apothecary. Both smell like a glazed lemon poundcake. OHWTO's is lighter and slightly less lemony, or at least it is in the solid version. Both have great staying power.
  6. As far as I know you need a membership for the birthday gift. I tried a few weeks ago to get it, having forgotten I redeemed in November. They looked me up and said it was redeemed on such-and-such date. One store had so many problems with multiple redemptions that they now ask for ID. A membership is free, though. You do not need one to get samples. When I go in I usually tell them I want to try a new base or perfume or whatever, to rule out allergies. (This isn't exactly a lie. My husband is so sensitive that my products can flare him up badly.) They have been very good about sending me away with several good-sized samples.
  7. Sephorahas pretty much gotten wise to people cashing in on birthday gifts, especially those going back for seconds. They keep a person's redemption date on record now, and if you don't have an insider membership they make you take out one. Some around me want to see ID too. (Edited because spellchecker mistook Sephora for Deborah.)
  8. Proszę! My pleasure! Tater is SO inexpensive, and you get a lot of product for what you pay for. I have a blush of hers that has so much product, I might be able to use it every day for the rest of the year and not use it up. Her shadows are packed full as well, and there is a lot of lipstick in the tubes. Part of why it's so inexpensive is that she does not print labels for her products (except for a little piggy sticker on some jars) thus reducing her overhead. Ingredients can be found on the Etsy page. I have used them for a couple of years and can vouch for the quality.
  9. I know that Laszlo products are supposed to be the shizz, but I refuse to waste my discount code on any cleanser that requires a user manual.
  10. French Girl Organics (on Etsy) has a great tint called Rose Noir. If you are familiar with Clinique Black Honey, this will give you a great idea of the kind of color and coverage to expect. They also have a pretty red one called Cerise. Both have good color and coverage, enough to tell it's really a lip color and not a Chapstick with a wimpy sprinkling of mica in it, and they're very kind to dry lips. There's also Tater Rounds Beauty (also on Etsy) and they have lip colors with a more opaque coverage. I find them to be very creamy and moisturizing and wear vey well. They are also insanely inexpensive--I think I paid $12 for a set of three, and there are a ton of shades available.
  11. Will receive - Lashfood Would like to trade for the Manna Kadar ETA - trade tentatively made--just waiting on my bag now!
  12. I think it depends on the red. A couple years ago Ipsy sent out one appropriately called Hot Mess and it was exactly that--a thick, orange-based red that walked into a room five minutes before the rest of your face. I really think that a good color-matching makes a world of difference, as does the finish of the lipstick. Someone intimidated by a full-coverage, in-your-face matte red might be right at home with a lighter glossy stain or a subtler finish like Lipstick Queen Medieval.
  13. I am loving the color of the year Marsala. I am not loving the big-ticket price tags in major stores. Would anyone have any suggestions for some rich homemade Marsala goodness, preferably something multi-use that can work with both eyes, lips and cheeks and is sheer enough that my pasty-vanilla face can rock it? Many thanks!
  14. I can tell you with confidence that Queen Bee Apothecary (Etsy) has an Alkmaar dupe for several different types of items. Under their About listing, you'll find an exhaustive list of scents, including many Lush dupes. I haven't tried their version of Alkmaar, but I've tried their Karma and Avobath (Avobomb?) dupes and they are incredibly true to the real scents and very long lasting.

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