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  1. I keep going back and forth with this one because I am told different things all the time. Is it best to use a sponge for application of liquid foundation or is it better to use your fingers? I was told by make up artists that it is best to use your finger (as long as you wash your hands) because it applies better and that you don’t waste the product on the sponge absorption. On the other hand, I was just told by another artist that the sponge is defiantly better because it applies more evenly and gives the skin a more even tone. Does anyone have advice on this? Or does it really just come down to personal preference?
  2. The ends of my hair are really dry, but I want to avoid getting a hair cut because I am trying to grow it out. Is there a product that I can apply to my hair that will seal split ends and make my hair look more vibrant? I was hoping to find a intense hair mask of some sort.
  3. I always get white deoderant marks on my tops. Even if I put the deoderant on after I get dressed, I always have that white stain on my shirts. Anyone out there have advice on how to avoid this pesky problem?!
  4. I have heard that extra virgin olive oil is suppose to vanish your stretch marks. Is there any truth to this before I start dong this?!
  5. I am debating getting eye lash extensions but I am unsure about them. Are there any negative effects? Do they get in the way? Any advice?!
  6. Is it true that trimming your ends miniumum every 3 months allows your hair to grow faster? If you keep cutting it, how will it ever get longer?
  7. I was reading an article on this topic and I always think its a nice reminder for us ladies that try to eat well... and fight the signs of aging at the same time! So next time you choose something to snack on, try one of the below rather than junk food! Enjoy : ) Avocados Walnut Green Vegetables Water Berries Green Tea Red Wine Beans Melon Dark Chocolate
  8. I saw this dry shampoo spray product today that you can spray into your hair in case you need to save time and dont feel like washing your hair. It's suppose to soak up the oil in your hair and leave your hair looking freshly washed. I was about to buy it, but had second thoughts... does it really work??! Because if it does, I think its a great idea!
  9. I used to use the sponge wedges, but then a makeup artist told me that's waste of product and that I should just use my fingers. Does anyone else do this?!
  10. I just bought the Perricon MD Vitamin C and I have been using it for about a week, but I havent really noticed any real results. How long do you normally wait to "notice" a change?!
  11. I have an ingrown hair near my bikini line and it HURTS so much! What can I do to get rid of it? I am scared to touch it because its inflamed and tender. Any secrets of getting rid of this?
  12. I have 1 eye lash that somehow has gotten twisted and is now sticking out in a different direction. I tried wearing mascara and using a curler and nothing seems to help! Its driving me crazy! Is there a solution here? Or should I just pluck it? (I am scared to pluck it)!
  13. I was always told that you should never pluck above your eye brows, but I went to a new lady for threading and she went crazy up there! I didnt say anything because I was too shy, or thought I was out dated with my "no touching above the brow rule"! Does anyone else pluck above the brow line?
  14. I always put eyeliner on my lower eye lid. Does anyone else do that? I like the more dramatic effect that it gives. Is this ok to do? I am not sure why or how I started doing it!
  15. My hairdryer just died after having it for almost 6 years! Does anyone have any recommendations on a powerful hair dryer that leaves your hair looking fabulous?
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