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  1. Hi guys! I just came across a great new site called Artscow and they are running a promotion right now where you can get select custom photo items including makeup bags, keychains, etc for $0.99 with free shipping. Here is a link to the items you can get for that price: http://www.artscow.com/photo-gifts/99cents-gifts All you have to do is enter this code at checkout: Z099PLAY3DZ66 I just ordered one for myself After you place an order they send you a ton of coupon codes by email for free stuff... all you have to do is pay shipping. Anyways thought you guys might enjoy this kind of deal!
  2. Hi ladies!!! Just received the box this afternoon... thanks Kcrowebird for shipping it so quickly!! This was everything in there: This is what I took out: My mom walked in while I was sorting stuff and was completely fascinated by the whole swap thing. She took these and felt really excited This is what I put back in: I received a bunch of Covergirl coupons from Bzzagent so I threw them in there There were also 2 items that arrived shattered so I removed them from the box Once I receive the address for the next person I'll have it shipped out asap!!!
  3. I definitely feel like there is relevance in giving both positive and negative feedback to any company when SERIOUS issues arise because many times that feedback helps the company move forward as seen with the recent changes in Myglam/Ipsy. But I swear to you half these women pay the $10 every month just to have something to complain about....... If you don't like nail polish, don't sub to Julep....If you don't like products geared towards a younger demographic don't sub to Mygalm/Ipsy....and if you don't like Beauty and lifestyle items of all sorts don't sub to BB.....easy as that. If your not someone who likes receiving a variety of products knowing some are going to be hit or miss then sub services probably aren't for you. If you went to a sushi place for the first time and discovered you hate sushi you wouldn't keep going back complaining that they don't serve food you like...you just wouldn't go there again and would instead eat somewhere with food you like. Why do so many people feel the need to spend their time complaining about something they don't like month after month....just move on and do something more productive with your time and money
  4. Yesterday was my 4 year anniversary with my boyfriend.... since I've been doing so well sticking to my diet I decided to buy myself a nice dress to wear for the occasion. I can't remember the last time I felt so pretty in something I wore
  5. I have a few suede polishes and I have to say I notice a big difference between them and matte polishes. When you apply them to the nail they really do dry down to an almost fuzzy/suede feeling and still have a tiny bit of shine/metallic sparkle to them.... not at all chalky feeling and completely flat like mattes. The staying power is also drastically different as most of my matte polishes chip almost immediately, while the suedes can get almost a week. Personally I think a matte topcoat paired with these is an odd choice because applying it defeats the purpose of wearing suede polish at all.

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