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  1. I guess you are referring to me when you say idiot. considering the circumstances I guess that is deserved since my friends and I opened the war monk account at work for fun making fun of religious people. I tried opening the Cassandra12 account because I had a blemish issue. Look to be honest with you, I'm a little put off with the notion of being forced to "come out" or not to. I think that is a private matter for the individual. I think it's rude for people to even ask if I am gay and presume my sexuality is open for discussion. I think we are obviously going through a transition in our society and trying to create rules for something that has never been opened for everyone to talk about politically. I am not afraid of who I am, my real name is Rayleigh, I have been "out" for 3 and a half years now. So despite what many of you think, I am not in the closet but that doesn't mean I don't enjoy my privacy like everyone else does. I just don't feel it necessary to tell everyone I meet this sort of thing as though I have a brand name on my forehead. My sex life is not a cause I stand for, its just what I do in that area of my life. Next I would like to repeat, the fact that this topic was not addressing MY personal life. I was just asking a political question for this political discussion topic.
  2. Yes, I know, but it seems like people aregetting greedy. Honestly I would love to have everything in favor of us. Affirmitive action and what ever else we can get but at some point we need to relize when we are going too far with the whole PC thing. I mean nudists are born nude but that doesn't stop us from telling them to put clothes on in public areas, or seperate them from other beaches. I am gay, Its my buisness. I don't need others even knowing what I do and like. I am a person like anyone else, I just like something else....something different. I don't go around telling everyone what I do in the bedroom. People are not going to all of a sudden think "wow, gay sex is cool after all" just because you sue them and make everything a legal issue. if anything it will turn people off because you are forcing your views on others. No one likes pushers. I remember a time when sex was a private thing, now its a political issue? As far as my intentions for writing a trhead why not focus on the political aspects of it instead. Weather I am out of the closet or not is beside the point. I'm just trying to understand how my world is crashing down all around me. People have been gay forever, Its nothing knew, the kind of people that attack will do that when you put it out there. I'm neverdiscriminated because I'm gay because no one comes up to me in a resturant and says "sorry maam no gays allowed" the only way they could if I starting having sex and they found out that way. They can only discriminate against my actions. a black person has no choice you see them not by their actions but by who they are. the whole don't ask don't tell worked out fine if you kept whatshould be private, private. If everyone knew I was gay would they still permit me to strip them? would you let a male cop strip you? for the same reasons men are not allowed to do that with women would prevent me from being able to do my job, because sometimes you can accomadate everyone. the math just doesn't work out. How can you give equal rights for me as a gay cop and also give rights to a person I am asking to remove their clothing?
  3. we strip out everyone who gets arrested. I don't choose to be attracted to female anatomy. I'm not stripping people out for the purpose of jolies. How am I abusing my position?
  4. Its not that easy. I am all for having the same rights for a union that is for us. I just don't want people hating on me because they throw me in the same pot as those who want to have the same name heteros use for their union. I don't care so long as I have the same benifits. and Second, I don't oggle women. I do my job as I am told. third most of my coworkers swing the same way. Personally I don't care, but its been hard enough trying to have people accept us as a community, why throw everything away. There has been so much hatred lately like we are some invading alien race or something. before it was just" oh, you're gay?" and no biggie. I think most churches are starting to come around and accept us. People who hate will always do that, itjustseems thatnow the other kind of people who didn'thate before are now put off as well.
  5. My forehead breaks out and I don't know why because I wash up pretty well and put on sunscreen to prevent the blemishes from permanently tanning any scars , but I don't know what to do to stop them. I'm 25 years old and shouldn't still have such a big problem with this. I have been using birth control even though I'm not into men but it doesn't seem to be working. I was told that dairy products could be the culprit but I don't see why if so many women have dairy but don't have acne like I do. Is it weird if it's only on my forehead? that should suggest hormones right? I don't have bangs. I change pillow cases daily (which is really annoying), I wash with hot water to stimulate the pores using neutrogena. Its not real bad acne but enough to feel a bit depressed. Any advice?
  6. Look I am gay but even I know you can't force people to agree with what you do in the bed room or make what majority believes to belong in the bed room a political topic issue. Seems like the gay community tries to make off like a person is a bigot if they disagree with how someone else has sex. Its a person's right to disagree just as much as for another person to practice what they want. Being feminine doesn't’t mean you are gay. So unless you perform a homosexual act or tell someone you are homosexual, no one knows you are nor can they treat you any different than anyone else. a black person is black, he doesn't have to tell you he is black to be mistreated, a woman is a woman, she doesn't have to tell you she is a woman to be mistreated, but a gay person is discriminated against by their actions. If anything, gays are not discriminated against, but the acts of homosexuality are or men who are feminine are. Black and white couples were more easily accepted because the hurdle for people to accept was their disapproval for ethnic mingling. Homosexuality is anatomically incorrect, I get that but I suppose I can always say who cares? right? but forcing people to say its correct is annoying for them. Just do what you want to do. People know you are driving the wrong side of the freeway, you should be happy they have tried to accommodate you by swerving out of your path. Don't make everyone else change because you're wrong. Don't ask don't tell is another political issue. But think about it. I am a gay cop who works in a female jail. I can order women to remove their clothing and do so all the time. sometimes I admit I do get turned on but I try not to abuse this. The person arrested doesn't know I am gay, but if the don't ask don't tell policy is taken away, will I still be able to strip search women if I am known to be attracted to them? I mean guys cops are not allowed to strip search women even in the company of another woman cop, because of their sexual orientation. does that mean I would lose the privilege? or even the job? I can't help what turns me on, I don't touch the women I work with. As for the “gay marriage†issue, why do people keep talking about civil rights? If marriage is defined as a heterosexual union, gay people are not being denied this, because legally a gay man could marry a woman if he wanted to but gay people don’t want a heterosexual union. Gay people want a gay union but want it to be called the same name as a heterosexual union in order to destroy the heterosexual meaning of the word marriage. That’s like saying a vegetarian is not being treated fairly because when they asked for steak, you didn't’t give them a salad instead, even though salad was already offered on the menu. Homosexuals already have “domestic partnership†gays just want to change the definition of marriage. So who are the victims? the Gays? or heterosexuality which is losing it's only celebration? I just think more of us are getting hated because of the pressure our community puts on others. I don't wan't everyone thinking I'm stiring the pot just because I am gay.
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