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  1. @KristineWalker, I just saw this. I am sorry your husband is having such health problems, and I hope he makes a quick recovery. I am thinking of you and your family, and wishing you all the best.
  2. Not too many empties for me this month, but something is better than nothing! On to a better February. Essence 24 hour hand protection lotion in raspberry chocolate cookie (full size, 75mL) Bulgari Bath Tea Bag in Eau Parfumee au the blanc (full size, 15g) Le Labo Vanille 44 (sample, appx 2 mL) YSL Touch Eclat (sample, appx 2 ml) Comme des Garcons, Zagorsk (decant, appx. 10mL
  3. @@EggyBread, when you are ready to come back, we're happy to have you! In the meantime, all my best thoughts and wishes for you.
  4. No new goals, just a continuation of old ones: polish fingernails once in the 10 days, polish toenails once in the 10 days, wear eyeshadow at least 5 days out of 10, continue to use up project pan items. I am seeing progress on all my project pan stuff, but I've only finished 3 things. I keep telling myself they do not have to be done by the end of these 10 days, just as long as I keep working on them and finish them up by the end of the no-buy in April. I like having these 10 day increments, because they make the time go so fast, but I also feel pressured to accomplish a lot every 10 days.
  5. @@tulosai, you DO NOT need another palette! You've done great with the no-buy so far, keep up your great streak. @@chibimorph, well done on finishing the full sized primer! I feel OK about the goals for this period. I painted nails. Wore eyeshadow 4 days out of 10 (I was hoping for 5, but the last few days have been crazy). And I bought the correct razors today, so tomorrow night I commence shaving. And my project pan lip liner is getting so small! It is noticeably shorter than my pinky. Can't wait to start using other lip products.
  6. I bought something today--it felt so weird. I did not break my no buy. I bought round pads for taking off makeup, etc since I was completely out, and picked up a makeup remover, since I am about one week away from finishing my only one. I figured going to the store once would be less tempting than two trips. After not buying for a while though, it felt odd to do it, even though they were allowed items. Of course, I realized that I still have to go to the store a second time because they were out of the kind of razors I use. No razors means no shaving. And no shaving means I can't use up that silly after shave gel! I need razors to complete my no-buy.
  7. Like all of y'all, I just DQ'd from 6, count 'em, 6, hair studies. In the space of abut 10 minutes. At the exact same place every time. SO FRUSTRATING!!!! I've had no studies for so long, and then to DQ from so many at once--argh! Also DQ'd from one study for a completely different product AT THE SAME TIME as I DQ'd from all the hair studies. OMG!
  8. @@kawaiimeows and all the mods--thanks for all your hard work. Computers: Can't live with them, can't slather them with kibble and throw them to the dogs! That's totally a proverb, right?!
  9. Hmm, yeah I have some samples as well, and was thinking of trying to use those up first, as they wouldn't take as long, and it would be a nice bit of progress. I think I'd ultimately like to have about 10 or so lip products. I usually forget to apply several times per day, and just do it once. However, since starting the project pan, I've been carrying around that one lip liner and reapplying 2-3 times per day, and it is helping to get through it. Thanks, ladies, for your input. I think my plan will be to use up the lipliner in my project pan, and then to cycle through my stash following the Monday Club (or something similar). If I hate something, I'll try to make myself toss it , rather than force myself to use it and ignore other things I like better. But I want to try to use as many as possible--I did buy them after all.
  10. Wow, that's very impressive! Keep up the great work.
  11. Too bad the original thread got messed up... Anyway, from what I can remember of my goals, I am still on track--I've polished toenails and fingernails. I used up my bath sachet (part of my project pan)! I've only worn eyeshadow two days (and today would be three if I manage to get some paint on my face...) So I still have to work on that. I can't remember the other mini goals for this section. I am struggling with how to use up the various lipsticks I have. What works for all of you? Use one at a time until it's gone--I think that would get boring. Use 2-3 at a time to prevent boredom--but then do the others go bad in a drawer somewhere? Focus on using up lipsticks or lip glosses first? I just don't know.
  12. Oh, and forgot to [email protected]@PA Anna (and anyone else who had a rough year or two and turned to retail therapy), may 2015 be far, far better. I hope you (we) all find support and community and hope, and do not have to try to get these things through shopping.
  13. Feeling really good about this section of the no-buy. I've painted my fingernails, and worn eyeshadow the past 2 days, bringing my total to 5 days of eyeshadow in a row! I'm not sure when the last time I did that was... So now I've finished the goals for the section, and I'm going to try to continue wearing eyeshadow over the next few days. I'm trying to think about how best to go through my eye and lip stash. I went to Sephora tonight to get my birthday gift. I thought about my inventory, and opted for the skincare, which I don't have so much of and will actually USE, rather than the lipsticks, which are pretty, but which I already have way too much of. It was a little frightening just how enticing that store is. It was hard to stop myself from looking at all the goodies. But I felt good for being strong, and not looking, just getting the gift. Stay strong for the next few days, everyone! We can do this!

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