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    And then I love Queen, Meschiya Lake, Ida Maria, Dirt Daubers, Dick Dynamite and the Doppelgangers, Demented are Go!, Delaney Davidson, Beat Circus.. soo many to list
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  1. I'm going to be cancelling Ipsy because of their customer service and point system. When they first started the point system I racked alot of points up by referrals. It wasn't until many months later that they actually had products to redeem them on, and I didn't find them worthwhile or wasn't able to get to the good ones before they ran out. I had been waiting for something to show up to redeem my points on, but in the last 2 months about 500 of my points expired. I was able to get 300 of them back last month by contacting customer service, but when i tried to do it this month they said they couldn't give me my points back. I wrote a comment on their facebook wall saying this and stating the above, and that it is understandable that birchbox points expire since you can buy whatever from their shop at any time, and how their system isn't comparable. They wrote to me saying they deleted it for "profanity". I didn't say anything profane. I'm so done with Ipsy. I redeemed my points on some crap product that i have no interest in, and as soon as it arrives, I'm cancelling and going to encourage all my friends to do the same. I feel like I worked hard to get those points and they are of no value.
  2. Nm, have dinner plans for the 30th now. Maybe if it is early evening I could come- but I too am off til the 2nd. I have soo much stuff to trade and I would love to participate!!
  3. I guess whatever that CS rep did last weekend fixed that weird fraud error because I was able to place an order online to use my $20 off gift card. I picked up: Also, my BF orders came in! I wish I can order another fixit kit, the one that came was pretty rad. It was stuffed! Also I used the Monoiff code to get the Carols Daughter hair Mask and I was pretty impressed with the sample size.
  4. I ordered 3 items (not doubles, unless the bliss body wash is a double - despite different scents) and had no issues Is there something about the CC that everyone is using? Could the CC company be the one flagging it? I don't know - this just seems so strange to me. I had the same throught!  My credit card company's frozen my account when someone else tried to place 2 $29 orders of some software and they thought it was odd.  Rigthly so, I didn't make those orders. They did follow-up with a call within 28 to alert me of possible CC fraud.  Could also try calling CC to see if they ARE indeed flagging the transactions? I didn't think it was the item quantity being an issue, but I liked that response compared to being banned! I don't know if it is a credit card issue. The initial card (that now had 7 pending charges...) wasn't used when I called the CSR and she put the order in and still got the message with her. She was able to see everything in my cart, promo and samples included, so I guess if I can't place orders myself- I'll fill up my cart and call it in to place it. Won't get ebates, but whatever.
  5. Is this the message people that are banned is getting? I called sephora twice since this morning because of it. Both ladies were super nice. The First Lady said the error was because they were limiting Black Friday shopping to 2 items per transaction ( I had 3 items, not doubles, just 3 items) so I removed an item and still had the error. I called again and asked the girl to put the order through for me, she did, and I think she saw the error when she was processing it. She said she fixed it, and the order went through. I haven't tried to do another order and likely won't until the $20 off of $50 promo gets in. I hope she did fix whatever was wrong. I never make returns, I don't make orders under $25 (except for *once* a couple months ago), and I don't order multiples. Well I ordered 2 of the cat eye brush sets, but one was for me and the other was for my sister- her 2 year old got poop all over her brushes and I was just trying to do a kindness. They are being really unreasonable, and seems like they are targeting a shopping base they shouldn't be. I'm VIB with flash (but will be making rouge this year), so they aren't just targeting rouge members.
  6. I'm now getting some weird fraud message and I can't place an order. I can't tell if I am banned or if it is because I'm in a backwoods farm town that has no internet reception. I am not amused.. Sorry in advance to the customer service rep that I will be talking to tomorrow!

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