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    Just a woman, trying to navigate the world of make up. A bit of a late bloomer. :)
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    SCA, sewing, weaving, scribal arts
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    Financial Analyst
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    Dodge Ram 1500, Kia Soul
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    A Few Good Men
    Marley and Me
    A Perfect Storm
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    All of it!
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    I am an avid reader so it would be very hard for me to list just a few.
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    Urban Decay (I am sad to say given their current decision)
    Wet N Wild
    Cover Girl
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    6 years ago, I started down a wonderful path that has seen me losing over 200 pounds and discovering who I am as a person and as a woman. :)
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  1. That's my thought process as well. It doesn't make sense.
  2. One pharmacy chain is making it harder for customers to buy one type of beauty product. CVS says it will require people to show their ID to purchase nail polish remover. Under a brand new company policy, you'll have to hand over your driver's license to buy it. That's because acetone is a common ingredient used in the meth-making process, and CVS says it's doing its part to cut down on the use of meth across the country. CVS says the new tracking system will let them flag suspicious purchases made by people who buy these common meth-making materials. There is no age restriction. Showing the ID simply allows the stores to track the purchases of items used to make meth. Source here
  3. UPDATE: Above the Game author Ken Hoinsky apologies and says he'll write a book that promotes consent (Monday, 1:18 pm) While our petition received 61,095 signatures in two days, our goal isn’t lots of clicks or even an apology from Kickstarter. Our goal was and always is, impact. So we reached out to Above the Game author Ken Hoinsky. He agreed to a coffee. On Saturday, our petition writer Ben Kassoy sat down with Ken (we kind of love the idea of two straight guys sitting down to chat about sex, sexuality, and violence). Today, Hoinsky said in a statement that he “wholeheartedly apologizes to everyone I offended†and is committed to writing a book that promotes consent, respect, and healthy relationships. “Ben Kassoy of DoSomething.Org, a non-profit that encourages social change, reached out to me,†he says, “...to provide alternate opinions and insights to help remove all of the potentially harmful advice.†Hoinsky realizes he needed to “seriously evaluate every last word of my writing to make sure I wasn't encouraging sexual assault in any way, shape, or form.†“I am proud to say that his was the first of many meetings I will be having with anti-rape and anti-abuse organizations and experts to make sure that the advice I am offering is free of any tinge of sexual assault or rape vibes,†he added. “I will be rewriting Above The Game under their guidance and insight.†You did this. Because so many of you signed that petition and tweeted and commented all over Facebook, Kickstarter and the author listened and righted their wrongs. Let’s not stop. Tell us what else you want to change. We'll help you make it happen...with the same commitment to transparency and impact we demonstrated here. It’s time to do something.
  4. Kickstarter speaks out http://www.kickstarter.com/blog/we-were-wrong
  5. CNN now has it. http://www.cnn.com/2013/06/19/us/kickstarter-pickup-book/index.html?c&page=0
  6. The link takes you to a petition to try and get Kickstarter to not fund the project. Get the word out there and maybe we can stop this.
  7. I have been having a few discussions about this today and thought to bring it here as well. http://www.dosomething.org/petition/kickstarter Quote: “Pull out your c**k and put her hand on it. Remember, she is letting you do this because you have established yourself as a LEADER. Don’t ask for permission, GRAB HER HAND, and put it right on your d**k.†That’s from Ken Hoinsky’s proposed book on “dating advice.†“Disgusting†doesn’t even begin to describe it: basically, it’s a how-to guide on sexually assaulting women. (Read more excerpts here.) But, get this: Hoinsky’s book, Above the Game: A Guide to Getting Awesome with Women has raised $15,929 on Kickstarter, the world's largest funding platform for creative projects. That means that at 11:56 am EST today (6/19), Hoinsky may actually receive nearly $16,000 to publish a book that advises men to “Physically pick her up and sit her on your lap. Don’t ask for permission. Be dominant. Force her to rebuff your advances.†Kickstarter’s Terms of Use prohibit content that is “threatening, abusive†or “offensive.†It also “reserves the right to suspend a campaign at any time and for any reason.†That’s why we’re demanding Kickstarter take down the project and refuse to fund Hoinksy a single dime for this sexual assault handbook. We also want Kickstarter CEO Perry Chen to issue a statement apologizing this project was approved in the first place and vowing not to support projects of this nature in the future. Tweet @kickstarter or report it on the bottom of this page. Hoinsky has taken these excerpts off Reddit (where they were originally posted), but you can read them here. And, of course SIGN and SHARE this petition! Tell Kickstarter to pull this offensive, abusive, and misogynistic project and prohibit others like it. When we reach 10,000 signatures, we’ll personally deliver the names to the Kickstarter offices in New York City.
  8. So it turns out that Merida, the rebellious redhead star of Disney’s Pixar film “Brave,†is true princess material after all, and Disney is coronating her as its 11th official princess on Saturday at Walt Disney World to prove it. But wait, there’s a catch. Turns out that Merida’s only joining the royal lineup after a corporate makeover that’s rendered her skinnier, sexier, and more glamorous than her original spunky, tomboyish self—stripping her, at least in some images, of her trusty bow and arrow, and putting her into the very dress that her character detested in “Brave.†It’s sparked outrage among thousands of mothers for whom Merida offered, finally, an empowering Disney role model for their girls. Full article here
  9. ETWazHere95 is quite excited for this challenge and I have to admit, I am as well! So ladies, get your glitter on! Beautiful or wild, we want to see it! Challenge closes on 05/31/13
  10. Very pretty! I love the colors! As the only entrant for this challenge, you win! Send me an PM with your suggestion for the next DTB challenge.
  11. To make one, you will need the following supplies: 1 12" 22mm black ribbon 2 22mm ribbon clamps 1 22mm x 18mm frame charms 1 Charm Jewelry Resin Photo Mod Podge Print whatever picture you want 1mm smaller than the frame (in this case 21 x 17) Using the Mod Podge, glue the picture into the frame and let it dry. Once it is dry, cover with the resin slowly (following the mixture directions, it's very important to be precise) and then let it cure for 48 hours.
  12. I wanted an excuse to play with jewelry resin so I made some bookmarks that also had miniature portraits as one of the charms. So I came up with these: I'm quite pleased with them and they were well received by the recipients

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