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  1. I am so glad you finally got the 2nd gift. Haha! I was so nervous something would happen to that too. Glad you liked it!
  2. Ok, so @ spoiled me rotten! I love everything so much. She had little notes on every gift and she paid so much attention to what I would like. Thank you so much chicka!!! Again, I love it all so much! Thank you thank you thank you *EDIT: All of my pictures came out sideways...annoying. Sorry!!!! Hopefully ya'll enjoy anyway!*
  3. My gift is here!! Woohoo!!!! @ you spoiled me rotten! I love everything. Thank you so much! I will post in the reveal thread soon!
  4. Definitley not a big deal, as long as it isn't used. If it IS used, just a "swatched" warning would be nice
  5. Box is shipped off to Lolo22!! I PMd her tracking!
  6. So this Pop Beauty Bronzer..or eyeshadow, or whatever it was broke pretty badly. I don't know that it could be fixed, so I tossed it. It kind of made a little mess in one of the boxes. Tried to clean it a little, but it's still a little dirty. I didn't have any extra Birchbox boxes to use: This is what I took out: (I took the Revealed 2 Palette, I was told to! ) This is what I put in:
  7. I got the box today! It might take me a day or so to go through the goodies/add. Will post pics tomorrow or Wednesday? Is it going to @@Lolo22 next? Can you PM me your address?
  8. Awesome! So excited The package is being delivered to my work, so I probably won't receive it until Monday (since we're closed on weekends). But I will update when I get it!
  9. Mine's also SUPER bright and loud! That's just what I prefer, so hopefully my Santee doesn't mind!
  10. Hahaha! Ok that sounds like a plan. You convinced me. You're the best!!! I will PM you my address now. (but I can't keep up with who's next or what's going on (though I promise I will know who to send it to when it's my turn to send it out )
  11. I love love love candles...just saying BUT I do NOT want you to send it out on my behalf, just something to keep in mind for future swaps? I cannot explain my odd love of candles. I always have one burning. I just love how they look and obviously how they smell
  12. I have to say, this is the CUTEST most creative, coolest thing I have ever seen. Kyuu's Secret Santa is amazing...just AMAZING! (Let me be clear, everyone is amazing, but I hardly have an ounce of creativity in me, so I'm just jealous of this talent!)
  13. I'm so so so eager to wrap and ship out my gift. I know people are already sending it out, but as a general consensus, would you rather get your gift closer to the holiday? Or does it not matter? I wouldn't care, cause really, who DOESNT want a gift? Who cares when it comes? BUT some people may love the whole holiday feel to it. Thoughts? PS. I'm super nervous to wrap. I LOVE wrapping, but I'm awful at it
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