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  1. http://www.youtube.com/user/GlossyBoxUSA Just found out they have their own YouTube channel.
  2. I am currently signed up for Birchbox, Myglam and Sample Society. I'm thinking of only trying Sample Society for about one month. I'm waiting for Glossybox to start so I can get subscribed to that. I only want to subscribe to two subscriptions at a time so I hope two of these subscriptions step up their game.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by tawnyanshawn I have tried Dermiclogica (sp) it did not work for me. I went back to my Origins and my skin is so happy i have. my skin it back to normal now . I have heard it does work for many people. If I get any of it i am so willing to trade mine away to anyone that want to try it or just want to have a back up. I know it can cost a lot for the products. I've been hearing a lot of good things about Origins. I might try it.
  4. I added my e-mail to the list as well. Looking forward to this one.
  5. I honestly hope they do not send out Violent Lips.
  6. I got this in my e-mail today. So it looks like it's not an actual subscription to Allure but a mini-magazine instead.
  7. You only get deluxe sized samples and no full size products?
  8. ahkae

    My Glam

    They do give out full products and make up sometimes. January's box included a full size of stila's smudge stick water-proof eyeliner.
  9. ahkae

    My Glam

    Quote: Originally Posted by itssofluffy Okay, I think that's seriously it for me. One thing is the lousy communication - Finally got a response back, with an extremely cryptic message: The January Glam Bags started shipping Wednesday the 11th. There were some shipping and tracking number issues this time around, so you may or may not have gotten a tracking number, or you may have gotten two tracking numbers, but the tracking number may or may not work or may display incorrect information. Inconvenient! I know! We are so sorry! The good news is I've looked up your order and you are getting a Glam Bag. We are shipping via UPS Mail Innovations to speed up delivery. The eta for you to get your Glam Bag is anytime between now and Wednesday the 25th. Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding! Love, Mira at MyGlam Of course I never got notified about the delay or anything like that. 2. Got double billed for January. (was solved, but still, should never have happened in the first place). 3. The shipping label issues -- Seriously, that's just not safe and considering how I received two shipping notifications, it seems to only make sense that I had two shipped, but they caught them in time. If they then just slapped someone else's address on over top, with my information still there... You cannot compromise people's safety like that. 4. Went to check my account today to cancel after all of this... lo and behold, my subscription is listed as suspended, despite me not actually having done anything of the sort. Status:Suspended This subscription is not active. If you want activate it... Oh and 5. Still haven't actually received my bag, despite getting shipping notifications on the 13th & 14th... Don't want to be a negative Nancy, but I really don't want to be subscribed to a service that does this sort of thing to their customers. UPS MI is NOT speedy whatsoever. I live directly 30 minutes away from San Leandro and my package has yet to be updated since it has been stuck in Oakland(10 minutes drive) for about 3-4 days now. I would rather drive to pick mines up than have it delivered. I agree, I would not want my address disclosed. That is just creepy. Didn't some of us get more than one bag but they took it back before it was eventually sent to us? Maybe that's why there is another address under?
  10. I like it. It's very sheer and more liquidy than matte like UDPP Eden. I only wear eyeliner however. Can't say for eyeshadow. It's only a dollar or something at Target right? I say try it. Can't hurt!
  11. I received my birchbox today! Box #4!
  12. They send out a different bag everytime around the 10th of each month.
  13. Where are you from if you don't mind me asking?
  14. 01/09/2012 05:31 PM Streamlite - MOONACHIE, NJ Enroute to Destination Processing Center Is anyone else's shipping info saying the same? I just wish it would change so I at least know when I should receive it by.
  15. My tracking info still says my box is in Moonachie, NJ. Edit: didn't notice my phone didn't add a reply.
  16. https://www.birchbox.com/shop/customer/account/edit/
  17. Quote: Originally Posted by Hanita Could you please tell me what shade is the eyeliner? Box #4 is waiting for me at my dorm and I'm not getting back until the end of the week and I'm just too curious. I've seen a few videos and posts that people with Box #4 gets the Stila eyeliner in Purple Tang. Same here. Mine's still says it's in Moonachie, NJ since 1/07/12.
  18. I couldn't wait any longer since I live in the west coast and apparently it takes forever to ship here. I really wanted to be surprised since this will be my first Birchbox but I peeked at the box page and I'm receiving box 4. I am so excited!! It will be worth the wait.
  19. This looks really unique and cute but it's kind of on the pricey side. Especially since it ships from the UK. =/ I'll watch out for it though. (: Thanks for sharing.
  20. How long did it take for your shipment to arrive?
  21. Just received my shipping info today as well. It weighs 0.5665 lbs. I hope streamlite doesn't actually take 10 days to ship to California. =/
  22. I signed up on 1/1/12 but mines have not shipped yet. Hopefully this week it will.
  23. So if you're SKU is BB-01, then your box is Box 1 right? Or is it your first shipment? Just making sure. I ordered a box on 1/01 and my first shipment date is 1/15. (: Can't wait!
  24. Is it too late to sign up for January's Birchbox now?

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