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  1. Any recommendations for green eye-shadows that won't look harsh/dark on pale skin? Thanks!
  2. The Tarte palette looks great. Too bad the Too Faced palettes have gone downhill.
  3. LOL. But Obama said it's not a Christian nation so why do you want their culture? If gays can marry, why shouldn't people be able to marry multiple women/men?
  4. So you want them to release them from GITMO onto the public? Maybe the US should send the prisoners to your home so you can find out how sweet they are. They believe they're allowed by their god to rape/kill/rob you but don't let that stop your bleeding heart.
  5. I don't like this bill. With the current administration and nobody in it willing to define what the enemy is, terrorist could be applied to anyone the government dislikes. With that said, if the bill means scumbags like Nidad Hasan Malik/Faisal Shahzed will be treated as combatants, than good. America has let in way too much enemy trash and no nation can survive traitors.
  6. I don't understand why gay people want to get married. If you don't agree with the major religions that condone homosexuality, why would you want to adopt their religious culture of marriage?
  7. Hi. I've got brownish dark circles which look horrific on my pale NW15 skin. There's not one concealer I've tried that works. It either makes it look green/blue/grey or doesn't cover it at all. Would layering different products help? Can anyone recommend some products for me? Thanks x These were the results with what I tried; YSL touche eclat - made it look ashy/grey Benefit it stick made it look green Laura Mercier Secret camouflage 2 - was ok but dried my skin & made me look old Lancome Teint Miracle - made it look blue Mac Select Moisturecover - looked grey No7 Radiance Concealer - made it look olive green Elizabeth Arden - Ceramide Concealer not much difference/way too thin Max Factor Mastertouch Concealer fair - awful
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