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  1. Keep your eyes open for an SK-II campaign. It contains: One trial-size bottle of SK-II Facial Treatment Essence One SK-II Facial Treatment Mask One trial-size jar of SK-II Essential Power Cream I'm really excited about this one. I haven't gotten anything in ages and this looks great!
  2. I've been unsubscribed to Birchbox since November, but the $1 box deal was too good to pass up. I now have two boxes and even if they're terrible, I only spent $2!
  3. I'm seriously considering resubscribing just to get that box. I don't even care what's inside.
  4. Yeah, it was the little ketchup packet. I hate complaining, because it seems like every time I order something there's an issue, but this was more than a little lame.
  5. I got a 100% Pure Honey Cream wash and a Davines Love conditioner packet. Would you consider these either of these deluxe samples? I'm not thrilled...
  6. I ordered the Modern Mermaid box yesterday, with a pick two, the total came to about $5 with tax after my points and the Black Friday discount. I've wanted that box since it came out, but couldn't justify the price. I hope I get a good pick 2, it seems like every time I order something I get the crappy leftovers.
  7. Well, no email for me. I have an aces account, but didn't reach that status until about a week ago- I thought that the perks were supposed to kick in in a day or so? AND I don't have an older PYS email because I didn't re-open my account until the beginning of this month. ETA: BB on Facebook is saying they still haven't sent it, so disregard that angry face.
  8. OMG, just send the email Birchbox. I have a meeting at 10, but I will sit there checking my phone every two minutes if I have to.
  9. I'm getting this on the account that I resubscribed on and I. Am. Pissed. I have gotten everything from this before on my other account (and yes, I know that that has nothing to do with what I get here), but I didn't reopen that account because no matter what I do, I never, ever get any emails from them when I use it- not even shipping. And I wanted to keep the account active for the December PYS, so I used this account where I should be getting an email, and now I get this POS. And the best part? I never got a shipping email. FFS.
  10. After a six month hiatus, I decided to resubscribe since all of the boxes look pretty good! I'm really hoping for the box with the Eyeko and Tocca perfume.
  11. I'm on a beauty box break and I'm kind of glad for it. I never got emails on my original account, so I know I'd be annoyed at not getting what I wanted.
  12. They really shouldn't do things like pick your own sample or the add-ons unless they are equipped to handle it properly. I understand that they want to grow and change, but they should have realized that there are people out there who have prepaid for their box and wouldn't have been charged on July 1st. Basing their sample distribution on that one variable alone was asinine. They're going to have a ton of pissed off people who don't get the item they picked. I cancelled my account and am debating re-subscribing. I'll see tomorrow after the pages fully update.
  13. One of the Instagram posts mentions that the store is opening soon. I know it's in SoHo, but does anyone know where? And when it will open?

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