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  1. I got a reply this morning with the same info as jay, regarding weight. That still doesn't give me any clues as to why I can only do Royal Mail when I'm not logged into my acct. oh well, I'm just glad I was able to order. I got nervous for a minute, because I'm so used to the uk site and prices now. The North American prices look crazy to me anymore.
  2. Okay, I was able to figure out a way around this shipping problem. I logged out of my acct. and placed an order as a "guest". Shipping was minimal using Royal Mail. I can't wait for my bath products! I ordered an assortment of bombs, melts, and bars.
  3. I've been ordering from lush uk all yr. my last order was a month ago, and shipping was via Royal Mail at a low cost. Today, I go to place an order of 13 items and shipping was more than the products! I no longer have Royal Mail as an option, and "courier" delivery is defaulted as my choice. I messed with the cart to no avail and wound up emailing customer care. If they only offer that shipping option, the us option is MUCH cheaper. I'm not paying $55 for shipping.
  4. Those meals look delicious! Now I want to make a roast in my slow cooker. I like the Alfredo idea- will definitely have to try that.
  5. My husband and I are 18 yrs apart. My older kids just recently started asking questions about how that happened. I just feel bad that he may not get to see some of our future grandchildren. That part does worry me. He's been mistaken on more than one occasion as grandpa, when we are out with our younger girls. Poor, he felt so sad about that lol.
  6. Yup, I've been dying my hair platinum for several yrs now. I love it but hate the upkeep
  7. Yes, you are attractive. My only suggestions (this typically is for any woman who wants to look prettier) are to wax brows & fake eyelashes. These two things change any woman's face into amazing.
  8. My mom and just practicing on my face. I don't remember my mom actually sitting down to show me, but I do know she gave me tips and I watched her. Her fave shades are ones I still think of as favorites of mine- blue liner w/ gold eyeshadow. She gave that look up long ago, but I think it is a beautiful combo
  9. I've been purchasing old scents I used to wear back in the day, the past few mos. I have: exclamation, electric youth, love's baby soft, and ea sunflowers. I still need Jessica McClintock to complete my collection.
  10. This was posted last month: Red Carpet Box will not be taking orders while it restructure its business. Patrick Martin Admin There is also a woman from ca. Who is posting as "Katie" the new page admin. Patty might be gifting her a box or something to administrate the fb page, because she doesn't seem to be a legitimate employee.
  11. Shower gel would be me. I go thru lotion like crazy- I am constantly applying it to my legs. I live in a very dry climate, so it is essential!
  12. Some of the posts are so ridiculous, it is funny. I missed out on the last one, but I didn't have a meltdown abt it. Did you see the one woman who said, "you never said in the e-mail to refresh the page"!? I swear, some people do not use common sense. I'm still in disbelief I was one of the first ones- I was not expecting to get it at all. I probably would have been even closer to one of the first ones if I hadn't reviewed my order and hesitated at the end. I am a very fast typer, which definitely helped.
  13. I used Firefox, and thank goodness there were no issues. I didn't even consider the browser being an issue. My desktop mouse has been coming in and out too, and I didn't consider that either- glad it was connected throughout the process. I haven't gotten one of these since last yr.
  14. Number 87, Ladies!! I got it, and the maximum allowed to purchase is now 2, which I'm thrilled to see. Hopefully more people can get it this time.
  15. I got mine yesterday. Gloss was in "hot mess" which I already have from another sub. Everything else is new to me.

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