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  1. Contents of the Radiant Skin one (ordered back in January): foil of Lumene serum, foil of Garnier Moisture Rescue w/coupon on back, foil of L'Oreal Magic Skin Beautifier BB Cream, 16.50 in Walgreens coupons, 5 off $25 at beauty.com, 1 oz Burt's Bees Milk & Honey Lotion, 1 oz Curel Intensive Healing lotion, 1.7 oz simple face wash gel
  2. Um, she's a spouse, therefore, she is not bound to not "bad-mouth" a "former superior officer". There is NO rank among spouses.
  3. And with the way that a lot of gals on here are so concerned about giving the "right answer" to get an item that they want, that could as easily backfire, since many people would not answer honestly, for fear that it would get them a "lesser" box, on the whole. From a terminology standpoint, if it said, "One size fits most", would people have been more pleased? I dunno. I've BEEN plus sized, and I've been a size Zero. Currently, I am neither, but just as I know that I am likely to wind up getting chocolates in Birchbox (even though I can't eat sugar), if someone IS outside the "currently accepted as standard size continuum" (for lack of a way to express this that won't offend someone), then, yeah, there will be times when items come that are not going to suit and if they are subscribed to a box that does not cater to their specific build, they need to expect that. Didn't one of the gals earlier say that her bracelet (an item that would generally not be sold in varying sizes) didn't fit? I can understand the frustration when a company says, "We won't be sending out sized items", but if a company offers a "one size fits all" (even though we've established that it really should be worded differently), then they are, technically, following that statement. And, yeah, if their "target market" is folks who THEY PERCEIVE as fitting within the "currently accepted as standard size continuum", then this will happen again.
  4. You mean like the gals who are trying to qualify for L'Oreal product studies and ask folks "What's the RIGHT answer that they're looking for?" even though that pollutes the pool, so to speak on what the company is researching? Seriously, if there were a perfume-free option under the guise of allergens, then they would be opening up a thousand cans of worms.
  5. And the same can be said for those of us who can't have certain food items, or who are allergic to sunscreen, etc. The thing that surprises me, however, is if someone has severe perfume allergies, then wouldn't they also need to specify that the items in their box be unscented, as well? Seems as if they would be the same triggers, since Lord KNOWS some of the products BB has sampled have very strong scents, even if they weren't perfumes (Juice Beauty CC Cream being the first one that springs to mind. And, yes, SOME perfumes trigger my migraines; some don't. That actually PLEASES me about getting perfume in my BB, as it allows me to know before I've purchased something if I happen to be sensitive to it or not.
  6. Frankly, in this type of discussion, pro prices are irrelevant, since most general-use consumers do not have access to those discounts. Perhaps the most accurate way of "pricing" a bag would be to quote the "MSRP" and then, if there is a huge discrepancy (such as how Color Club is generally available for much less cost via TJ Maxx) that isn't based on an unusual sale, it could be noted, just as one would note a subjective valuation (such as "self-tanners are of zero value to me").
  7. This is why I'm pretty sure the Shu IS NOT compensatory for any surveys. I've done informational surveys before and it's always been something GOOD after 5(always full-sized), never anything for ones where you don't qualify for a survey (which has happened to me bunches of times now). I'm standing by thinking it's definitely a freebie, not a compensation.

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