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  1. I actually really liked Cravebox. There were a few duds, but not many for me. Their website is still up, I wonder if they are leaving it up to state they are out of business or if they may come back?? Who knows.
  2. Yeah, I actually just found that it's in Cranbury - about 85 miles north of Atlantic City. So, while these $10 boxes may be fun and sometimes more important to us than they should be, we certainly need to keep in mind what is going on right now when we are about to start witching about samples and shipping "snafus", etc. Believe me, I am saying this as much to myself as anyone out there in MuT land!!!!
  3. That is an important point. Also, this is on their blog: "As many of you know, Birchbox HQ is based in Manhattan. Last night, as Hurricane Sandy barreled over us, record-breaking floods and power outages took over much of the city, leaving all of lower Manhattan and parts of the outer boroughs without electricity. This morning, we’re still taking stock of the damage. Currently, our office is closed and many of our staffers are without power. We’ll be updating our Facebook and Twitter with service updates, but in the meantime we all appreciate your thoughts and patience." Also, isn't the warehouse in New Jersey? This could be an interesting month.
  4. I totally agree with you about people getting upset over not getting a mascara. It' GOING to happen though. I'd prefer the mascara, but I'd actually be fine with either. I also believe they keep the "either/or" items within a very close price range. (That is one of my biggest complaints about BB...the outrageous value differences in the boxes that they pretend do not exist.)
  5. They really need to change something (well it is becoming a lot of things, but I'll save that for another time, haha..). Mainly they need to not send emails saying our boxes have shipped, when no matter what spin you put on it, they HAVE NOT. Plain and simple. If that means they need to institute a new system for sending emails when boxes DO ship, well that is their issue. If that means using a different shipping service, or simply just saying "hey your box will ship out 5 days from now"...I don't know what the answer is. I do know that I really don't appreciate feeling lied to. And that is happening more and more with this company. This might not be a so big a deal to me if it wasn't sitting on top of a pile of a bunch of other nagging little things. I don't care what time of the month I get my box. I do care that it actually ships when I am told it ships. I get to the point where I think "Oh well, I know this happens now, so whatever." But then I think of all the little white lies and "misinformation" that has been fed to me personally BB employees over the past 6 months specifically and I just get so mad. And before anyone says it, I don't want to cancel, and I am still going to witch about the things I do not like. I still like Birchbox. And I am hoping they'll go back to being awesome. Not looking good, but I am still hoping!
  6. I am really having a problem with the shipping issues. I know other people are complaining about this (as they should be because this is CRAP) so I am sorry if this is a bit of a repeat. I didn't have time to read the entire thread. The past few months I keep getting emails that say "Your blah blah Birchbox has shipped." YAY YAY YAY...except for the fact that it HAS NOT shipped. One of my boxes FINALLY updated, and it was not shipped until yesteday Monday 10/15/12. The email telling me it was shipped was sent 10/10/12. I know last month a lot were complaining about this, and some were saying it could certainly be UPS's fault. Whatever. It is Birchbox's responsibility to tell us when the box ships. If it is going to ship 5 days after you send me an email saying it shipped, then don't send me the first friggin email in the first place!!!!!! This has been going on for longer than most have been complaining about it. This irritates me to no end. And I think a lot of the irritation is they are just going to keep doing it and there's nothing we can do about it.
  7. I also get 2 BB, Cravebox, and influenster (when selected). I hated myglam. But I felt they were catering to a much younger demo (I'm 33) when I canceled. I can certainly deal with the MAKEUP they are sampling now. I am still "suspicious" haha. They are still on probation with me, but they are really changing their game and I am liking it!
  8. Ughhhh...I got the email from ipsy inviting me to sign up again and skip the waiting list. I deleted it. My myglam experience SUCKED. Then Zadidoll's post on her blog drew me in. I totally signed up again. I got my bag today (after no shipping notice, etc., which does actually annoy me.) I. Love. It. I said goodbye to myglam/ipsy in March, and I can't believe that the quality of the bag (the actually little fabric bag minus the contents) this month is better for me than the entire February bag combined! If they can please me, they can please anyone, hahaha!!!......
  9. For those of you that did not receive the goop email, this is the statement at the bottom of the email: "Please note: The goop Birchbox would take the place of your regular October Birchbox, at no additional cost. Selecting yes indicates preference for a goop box but does not guarantee receipt, as suppliesarelimited. Ifyou do not indicate a preference, it is possible that you will receive a goop Birchbox in October."
  10. Seems like this months shipping issues are getting kind of ridiculous. Memories of Streamlite! I did receive one of my boxes, the other one has finally updated. The email saying it was shipped was sent 9/10 at 538am. The tracking info says the package wasn't even received until 9/14. I am with a lot of you in that don't care if it takes an extra few days to get here, but let me know! Generally, if someone receives an email that says "your item/BB/whatever has shipped", you think it has shipped! I hate feeling like I am being lied to. I got the Wei to Go and I am happy with the sample even though it is in foil packets. It's a generous sample and the plastic top on Perfect Finish is very nice. Wei did a good job with this even though it's a foil packet!
  11. Same here. I just bought some stuff online from 2 different places. Each updated within a day or so. I wouldn't be so worried about it if what happened to me last month hadn't happened. I think the "we've run out of replacement boxes" is a bunch of crap. How many boxes are getting lost each month?? Seems like a lot. And I wonder if the Sample Stop will have an impact on the supply of replacements this month?
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