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  1. Same! Although I had two others and once I qualified I couldn't do the other two because of the "are you scheduled for an upcoming survey" Mine is for two mousses, which I am super excited about, mousse my newest obsession and I think it makes a big difference!
  2. Woo I'm back on MUT after a "ermygerd i got a full time job where did my freetime go" absence. I've been hoarding Birchbox points and finally decided to spring for this baby as a new carry on for my trip to Paris in March. It was still $40 out of pocket, but I haven't been buying makeup and body stuff the past 7 months to try and make a dent in my stash (and in anticipation of stocking up on french skincare and potentially a cheeky chanel item in paris) I haven't got shipping info yet and there were no real pictures of this one, but a nice review of the blue one to give me confidence I will like it as a whole, just a little nervous about the neon pink, those colors hardly ever photograph properly.
  3. I cancelled for this month. Still happy to have gotten the box with the melted and oribe, but even last month ws meh, restorsea reminds me of the mall kiosk dead sea minerals so I wasn't at all excited.
  4. yes! i am so impressed with anybody who can consume that font every day. I would go insane.
  5. wow. now that i am working full time the months are just flying by, i will say its a little less fun not to be able to actively participate in the lead up to reveals, but i have been enjoying the surprise factor when looking through instagram at boxes.
  6. I ended up loving my random boxes the last two months way more than i loved the sample picked boxes so I decided to leave both up to chance and hopefully double my chances for awesomeness.
  7. I hope the perfume sample is this size: the alterna sounds awesome, I hope its also a good size.
  8. a couple of the BB girls are rocking some major bling! I feel like their office must be so fun to work at.
  9. eeek I think there are only 5 sets of goodies this time rather than 10, but I will send you one if I have an extra. that twitter party actually helped me get a job ;P
  10. Turns out I had a total of 3 samples of body wash out of 1000+ samples in my stash not sure why so few, I have about 100 shampoo/conditioners but I had to empty the contents of three mostly empty bottles into one to take to Germany. I have 1 from Birchbox last month and I think thats it.. send me moarrr
  11. Yay! I had so much fun last year with the ipsy one, can't wait to do it again! (I hope they send along the remover as well, i had a devil of a time getting my push up liner off) also i hope it gets here before the 20th, I am moving that week, thankfully our building is 3 blocks from where we are now, so I can definitely go pick it up, but I am totally forgetting when the ipsy one showed up in relation to the actual day of the lash bash. Now that I think of it, I think mine was late, meaning they were probably supposed to come earlier.
  12. Yoga Pants Update. I think this is where we discussed this topic. (If not I will come back and spoiler this) But I finally ordered some from Gap after trying them on in store yesterday, they are exactly the thickness I like, plus they had a band with black and white designs which I much prefer over colored. I was able to stack a 25% off coupon for signing up for their newsletter, a 10% off coupon for a mistake old navy order, plus the Labor Day sale... $114.90 in merchandise > $50.67 with free shipping. I was only going to get the one pair I tried on in store ($50 sale price in store), but it was $42.00 with $7 shipping for one. More shit for not much more monies! yay!
  13. IE Is also trending down in terms of browser marketshare. They know exactly what browser we all use, and they no doubt determined it was more cost effective to field extra CS calls at $12/hr than have to hire additional engineers at $90/hr each

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