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  1. Man, I can't believe that this whole thing for me started with BPAL.
  2. Heh. So was what I told you it smelled like remotely correct? Because I have weird synesthesia that runs how I describe scent, and I have *no clue* whether it makes sense to anyone else. (And the catch is that what I sent you is four and a half years old. Aging does *magical* things to certain scents, and Dorian happens to be one of them. If you order a bottle today, it's not going to smell quite the same.) ETA: Dorian was created for the perfumer's then-boyfriend/now-husband, Ted. Although it was created for a guy, it is unisex, but not unisex like CK One. It's more unisex like "everyone smells *amazing* in this stuff."
  3. I think Christine had a helper for the past couple of months but is now flying completely solo, so she's cut the number of slots back. I cannot believe my luck in getting into the indie subs. I'm up to... Five? GDE, HW, NM, i+ta, and Ephemera. I think that's it. There may be one more in there I can't remember, not counting the upcoming Espionage Cosmetics boxes that I have prepaid through December. I'm super excited for April! I am seriously looking forward to seeing what goes into them. Their stated value is $50 or more, and their nail wraps are $10 a pop, and they're sending four wraps a month, so they must be sending at least one other thing each month.
  4. Did you see the preview for the i+ta sub? It's a gorgeous peachy-coral. *Love*. Linda tends to overload colors like this with sparkle, so I can't wait to see it in real life!
  5. I have this weird problem with peach stuff going buttery on me. It's usually just perfume oil, but this Coffin Kisser did the same thing. I had chalked it up to the fact that it's supposed to be peach *cobbler*, and I figured that buttery note represented the pastry. And my open tube is bumpy, too, but the oval shape sits nicely on my keyboard at work (I *have* to have a lip balm sitting there at all times!), so I continue to use it since it's not *gritty* (I've had that happen with other brands). I think it's just something that happens with a particular ingredient (shea butter, maybe?) in the current formulation, which is why the Coffin Kissers are currently unavailable: They're reformulating to remove that ingredient. I still have an unopened Feeling Alive as well as an unopened Impala Peach (plus one of the Santa Kissers on order), though, and I'm going to be interested to see how lumpy those are. My Grisly Grimoire one seems fine, though, and it's past the age that FA started being bumpy, so maybe it's just an issue with the FAs?
  6. I do have to hand it to him for knowing how to apologize when he accidentally uses outdated terms that are now considered to be racist. "I'm sorry if you were offended" = NO. "I make no excuse for my being an idiot and know the damage is done" = Pretty much everyone seems to have forgiven him. He knows not only when to stop digging but how to sit in the hole he created and wear the Cone of Shame. (It does help that he used to word while trying to explain that more racial diversity is needed. It's one of those situations where the *intent* was good, but the execution was *ahem* problematic.) ETA: And he didn't pull a Piers Morgan and go all HOW DARE YOU CRITICIZE ME! I WAS TRYING TO *HELP* YOU UNGRATEFUL PEOPLE!
  7. I think I've figured out their shipping emails: You get one from Stamps.com when they generate the shipping label, and then you get another one from SquareHue themselves *without* the tracking number when it's actually picked up.
  8. Oh, man, their shirts. I must have a couple dozen. My Teefury collection must be bigger than my Glarkware collection! It does help that Teefury does at least one design -- and usually two nowadays -- every day, and they use actual artists and not just graphic designers. Back to Neverwhere: Once we start on it, wanna split a bottle of BPAL? http://blackphoenixalchemylab.com/product-category/neil-gaiman/neverwhere/ I need to read reviews, but I'm currently contemplating Night's Bridge, the Floating Market, and the Velvets. Mostly the Velvets. Beth's dark musks are *gorgeous*, and her red sandalwood isn't shabby.
  9. Oh, how I dearly love it when a manager (not *my* manager) demands that I do something because *he knows* it should be done this way, I refuse, he gets pissed and storms off while telling me that *he knows* he's right, and then he comes back four hours later telling me that he owes me an apology because what he was demanding I do is all wrong. There's a reason this is on my wall at work:
  10. I missed this post earlier! About the fanfic thing: It is literally _Twilight_ fanfic. Seriously. I think the original title when it was still about that bullshit was _Master of the Universe_.
  11. @@Shalott Did you see the Chris vs. Chris Super Bowl bet? If the Patriots win, Pratt has to go to Christopher's Haven in Boston (a place for kids with cancer) in a Patriots jersey. If the Seahawks win, Evans has to go to Seattle Children's Hospital in the full Captain America costume. There's even a commemorative t-shirt -- proceeds go to both places -- that I ordered tonight: Chris vs. Chris. (I get a *lot* of t-shirts from Teefury.) (And I vote that regardless of who wins, Evans goes to *both* places in costume. *Everyone* wins with that move.)
  12. I would LAUGH MY ASS OFF if it was Hank Hiddleston. It would be appropriate, but it would be such a weird reference that I think there would probably only be about five subscribers who would really appreciate it. Because I just find it difficult to believe that there is a significant portion of their customer base who are fans of both the Marvel film universe *and* classic country.
  13. I just ordered an I Still Believe t-shirt from Teefury in preparation for the shadows and marathon viewing binges sure to follow! We totally need a Media Room around here where we coordinate group viewings/readings. (@@ohsailor Have you started _Neverwhere_ yet? Because I haven't since there's no one to drag me along and basically force me to read it!)
  14. And now we have the answer with spoiler number two: Captivating Cumberbatch. (28 Days Later creepy guy = Cillian Murphy? He was also Dr. Jonathan Crane aka Scarecrow in the Nolan Batman films, and he was in _Inception_.) If they stick with British guys, I would not be surprised to see Handsome Hardy or Hiddleston (although "Handsome" doesn't quite fit with "Enticing" and "Captivating") or Tempting Tennant. (I'm finding myself kind of disappointed in the heartthrob theme. It's just not working for me for some reason.)
  15. Yay, they made it! A tip I forgot to mention: If you can handle it, let them sit overnight before trying them. Shipping can do weird things to scents, but letting them settle will fix that right up.

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