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  1. I've recently lost my desire to run and have become a studio addict instead, but I'm tempted to order this. Maybe it will reignite my running passion? Its a little pricey, but I don't have any adidas items, it'd be a good way to try them out....right? Does anyone know how long we have to subscribe?
  2. Many years ago my economics teacher was telling us how cosmetics are the most shoplifted item, thus the mark up. That is SUCh a shame. Those people should be embarrassed, not bragging.
  3. Meh not a big deal. Thats what a free market does. Of course they'll charge as much as they can, they are a business not a charity. Consumers are free to spend their money on other brands, but until UD sees a dip in sales from the price, why not jack it up?
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by utgal2004 I sent Le Metier an email about a week and a half ago because both the concealer and powder were too dark for me. I never got a response. Just for the hell of it, today I sent them the same email again and within half an hour got a response: Absolutely not an issue. We knew that some of our clients might receive the wrong shade and had hoped that they would gift it and then request the proper shade as you have. We will send out the correct concealer and PV Pressed Powder to you with your May box shipment. We are happy to hear that you have enjoyed the VIP Program. They must be reading our thread.
  5. Just curious, what were you guys expecting from this program? Besides this event, I've received a free full size Dior lipstick, a NARS illuminator, special codes to use, etc...and I would've spent the same amount at Sephora even if rouge didn't exist. I can see disappointment if you spent 1000 to be a rouge, but I don't think that is the point of the tiers. I spent 1000 because I buy a moisturizer that is $100, and bumble and bumble hair products, and all my make up at sephora. IDK, I just don't think its that big of a deal, because you spent $1000 on items you wanted (hopefully), not to receive some bonus.
  6. Wow, that is awful. I won't be resubscribing, mostly because I really have zero use for any more make up, but also I think my money will be better spent at sephora (or in a savings account but that is another story! ). My disappointment, as I think a lot of people's, stems from them saying there would be no skin color necessary items, and now they've sent more than one. I am super pale, I don't think they even make colors that work for my skin, lol. Oh well, live and learn! Too bad because I was pretty happy with the box, but wow, that response rubs me totally the wrong way. I've received wrong skin color items in other boxes, but it never bothered me because they never said they wouldn't and I expect 99% of foundations to be too dark. I guess like @bellatrix42 this program may not be in my best interest!
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by SaraP Yes! This Exactly!! But I have a tip/problem: I decided early this early this year to just do multi vib accounts, because Rouge seemed so lack luster. I was not receiving points/credit for two purchases I had made at JCP Sephora and contacted FaceBook customer service to get them added to my account. They did some "research" and found the problem...My multiple accounts!! They so "nicely" merged the accounts and wanted to know what email address I would like to use =( So now I just have my rouge account and although I received some of the missing points, my amount to reach Rouge for 2015 is $926. I've spent over $250 this year but only show $74 =( I have all my receipts but not sure it's worth the headache! Yikes just had a earthquake in CA.... I'd just email them and tell them that you ended up with multiple accounts and they were merged but it isn't showing right. One time my in store purchases weren't adding in, and they fixed it within minutes. That said, it s actually against beauty insider terms to have more than one account, so I'd be cautious making more than one to use to essentially game the system.
  8. Fwiw, mine is in shade one. Not sure if they randomized or what. I will probably use this, but I'm going to save it for a bit, I just bought a pressed powder this weekend. That said, I think its kind of boring, again. I'm still holding out hope for a moisturizer and a mascara. Value is definitely not lacking though and this item will certainly get used. Shade 1 seems a little dark for my extreme palenss though.
  9. I'm not the best at these things, but the brush sticks out as fake to me.
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Shauna999 On the bright side- you gals are going to get 2 boxes this month I'd say notify them of your move on the 12th & put the ball in their court DUH. don't know why I didn't think of that. That is what I did!
  11. Yes, that is very suspect! I also can't tell if its just the picture, but the colors of the shadows along the bottom look off compared to the real box.
  12. Can you post some more pictures? Back of the palette, closer up, etc? There are articles everywhere if you google for it here is one I found: http://www.dollupmari.com/2013/12/FakeNaked3Palette.html But most importantly, where did you buy it from?
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by BSquared I swatched it in store yesterday!! It's almost borderline TOO light for me, but my biggest issue is that I feel like all of the nars foundations were too yellow for me. I'm pretty cool toned (the color iq girl did me twice with the comment the first time of "let's try it again, that's pulling a lot of pink") and I feel like everything is just so yellow I'm bummed because I really want that NARS foundation Maybe I"ll go back and have them put it on my face to see if I can make it work. I was set on getting the NARS sheerglow, and she started with a darker color that was way too yellow. Siberia pulled super neutral on me, I hope you have the same luck!
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by BSquared Oh side note I finally did color iq. The rep that helped me was SO NICE....but apparently there are a whopping FOUR foundations that match me, one being bare minerals which a breaks me out horribly, and the other one an online only shiseido one. She did give me samples of the 2 they sell in store though so that was nice. Pale girl problems Have you tried NARS in Siberia? Pale girl too, and I was shocked by how well it matched.

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